“Sound and letter “B”. Summary of a lesson on teaching literacy in the preparatory group

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Don't be afraid, it's a goose, I'm afraid of it myself... (I'm afraid).

My father had a strange boy, Unusual - wooden. But the father loved his son. What a strange little wooden man, on the ground and under the water, looking for a golden key. He pokes his long nose everywhere, Who is this?... (Pinocchio.)

It’s easy to go on a hike with me, it’s fun on the road with me. And I’m a screamer, and I’m a brawler, I’m loud, round... (drum).

There is not a bird on the branch - a small animal, fur as warm as a hot water bottle. Who is this? … (Squirrel.)

A bushy tail sticks out from the top. What is this strange animal? He cracks the nuts finely, Well. Of course, this is... (Squirrel).

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