Message from work experience on the topic: “Educational game “Fold the pattern” as one of the types of planar modeling”
Contents: Features of educational games for children according to the Nikitin method. What kind of game according to the Nikitin method
Modeling for children from 3 to 4 years old. Lesson Notes (3 pages)
Didactic modeling games for preschool children
Didactic modeling games for preschool children “Candy for dolls” Purpose: to reinforce techniques
Game for children: cook compote according to the recipe
Game - dramatization "Let's make a delicious soup from vegetables" entertaining facts on speech development (junior group) on the topic
Didactic game “Let’s make soup and compote” Getting to know the world around us, its diverse vegetation and, in
Child plays fireman
Card index of games on fire safety rules card index (preparatory group) on the topic
It is no secret that fires most often occur due to the carelessness of people, and the most careless
Illustrated album “Mnemotables of algorithms for conducting experiments” for primary preschool age. Part 3
“Mnemonics. Schemes - algorithms" Hello, dear colleagues! I would like to present to your attention mnemonic tables, or how
Didactic game for children 5-7 years old. Funny nesting dolls
Didactic game "Matryoshka" in the younger group The purpose of the didactic game "Matryoshka" is to teach work skills
Didactic manual “Miracle Tree” for kindergarten
Didactic manual “Miracle Tree” for kindergarten Didactic manual “Miracle Tree” for preschool children Didactic
Summary of the lesson on FEMP “Comparison of two groups of objects, different in shape and height”
How to play: We bring cubes of the same size by car. An adult builds two identical in height
Mathematics classes with children 3-4 years old at home and in kindergarten
The emphasis in modern education of preschool children is on developmental education. Math classes are not
Organizing a role-playing game using a technological map
Collection of technological maps for role-playing games (senior age)
Collection of technological maps for plot-role-playing games (older age) Technological map of plot-role-playing games
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