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It is no secret that fires most often occur due to the carelessness of people, and the most careless of us are children. This is why it is so important to introduce fire safety games for children from a very early age. Through play, kids learn to understand what objects can catch fire and what to do in a life-threatening situation.

Child plays fireman

At what age should fire safety rules be taught?

Dangers await people everywhere. At any moment an accident, fire, animal bite, etc. can happen. An adult has a certain model of behavior in this case, but a child does not. Therefore, it is so important to give him knowledge about possible threatening situations and objects. Children receive their first lessons in the family: “you can’t touch matches,” “it’s dangerous to approach the stove.” In the garden they deepen this knowledge.

It is recommended that children be introduced to fire safety rules from the age of 3 years. First, a series of introductory lessons are conducted to help you learn what is dangerous and what is not. Children learn to recognize fire hazards and handle them correctly. Later, starting from 4–5 years old, they learn to understand the interconnection of events: “a lit match can lead to a fire in the house, an unextinguished fire can burn a forest.”

Questions and answers on fire safety

Goal : to consolidate knowledge about the correct actions in the event of a fire.

Progress of the game:

Questions and answers are presented in the form of pictures (questions on one tray, answers on the other). For each situation it is necessary to choose the right answer.


  • There was a fire.
  • There is a lot of smoke in the room.
  • Your clothes are on fire.
  • The TV started smoking.
  • The old grass is burning.
  • I smelled gas.
  • It is difficult to breathe from the acrid smoke.


  • Call "01".
  • Crawl your way to the exit.
  • Get on the floor and roll.
  • Turn it off, cover with a blanket.
  • Cover it with soil and fill it with water.
  • Open the window, call “04”.
  • Breathe through the wet rag.

How to behave in case of fire?

At a young age, a child is not able to put out a fire and follow the rules that exist for adults.

Up to 6 years of age, children must know and follow only 3 points:

  1. Do not touch flammable objects.
  2. In case of fire, notify parents, neighbors, and teacher as soon as possible.
  3. Remain in the sight of adults, obey them in everything and try to behave calmly.

At 7–8 years old, when the child begins to be left unattended, he is told about the first fire safety rules:

  1. If the fire is small, try to extinguish it by throwing a thick cloth, pouring a pan of water or covering it with sand.
  2. If this does not help or the fire is large, immediately leave the dangerous place.
  3. Don't hide under the bed or in the closet, but if possible, get out of the house.
  4. If you are locked inside, close the windows and doors in the room where the fire occurred. Take your phone and lock yourself in the bathroom. Plug all the cracks and the hood.
  5. Call the fire department on 101 as soon as possible or ask adults to do this: neighbors, passers-by.
  6. Smoke is more dangerous than fire. If you feel like you're starting to choke, lie down on the floor. There is always less smoke at the bottom.
  7. Do not use the elevator during a fire - it may shut down. Just go down the stairs.
  8. Stay calm and don't try to leave the house through the window.
  9. When the firefighters arrive, obey them in everything and do not be afraid. They will help you.

Mom and child play firefighters

How to properly tell your child about fire safety rules?

You can tell your child as much as you like about safe behavior, but he is unlikely to remember and learn the instructions well. The main activity of children is play. It is easier to convey any information to children through play. In the game process, the child sees a clear example, acts out actions, and better understands cause-and-effect relationships.

There are several types of fire safety games for children:

  • Didactic. They include games with objects and cards, board games and word games with riddles. For example, you need to cover a card with fire with a picture of water or continue the phrase: “I saw smoke - don’t yawn and call the firefighters... (call). “Don’t touch the stove with your hand if there’s a fire in it... (fire).”

    Cards for educational games on fire safety

  • Movable. They help develop attentiveness, dexterity, and form a model of behavior in a life-threatening situation.
  • Role-playing. Children take on the roles of firefighters, parents, children and solve the task.

    Fire safety quiz for kids

It is recommended to support the oral material presented with a clear example. It is best to prepare a presentation with picture slides for the lesson. Instead of a dry presentation, you can use poetry:

“Mom-mouse ironed a suit for her daughter in the dark night. She got distracted and suddenly Forgot about the iron. This is no joke, it broke out in three minutes. Everything is in smoke, there is fumes all around, That’s how a fire happens!”

“Children were playing by the fire, Petya’s jacket caught fire, he rushed about in fright, But Nikita helped his friend: he knocked Petya onto his side and doused him with water... They had to throw earth on him so that the flames would subside. It is forbidden to run in burning clothes; the wind makes the fire flare up stronger!”

Poem for a fire safety game

To consolidate the material, it is useful to make crafts and applications. In the kindergarten, teachers instruct parents to draw warning posters together with their children. You can make crafts from plasticine, colored cardboard and other materials. Example:

Examples of role-playing games

Role-playing games are carried out in the middle and senior groups of kindergarten. Recommended age: 4–5 and 6–7 years.

  • “Everyone is leaving.” Players line up along the wall. At the opposite end of the room there are chairs with equipment: a helmet, gloves, a belt, a hose, a toy ladder and a fire extinguisher. When the whistle blows, the children run to the chairs and put on their equipment. Whoever does it faster wins.
  • "Teamwork". Children are divided into 2 groups and lined up. A basin with water and a ladle is placed at the beginning of the line, and an empty basin is placed at the end. You need to scoop up the water and pass it to the player standing next to you. Children pass a ladle of water along a chain and pour it into an empty basin. The last player runs with an empty scoop to the beginning of the line, draws water and passes it to the team. The game continues until the first bowl is empty. The winner is the team that transfers all the water before the other. The amount of water transferred is also taken into account (whether it was spilled too much).
  • “Is fire good or evil?” Each child is given a card. All cards have different pictures: cooking dinner over a fire, lighting a house, fireworks, a rocket flying. And also a fire in the forest, a burning house, a person coughing from the smoke, frightened children. In front of the children there is a stand with 2 drawn lights - good and evil. The child needs to approach the fire in accordance with his card and explain in his own words why the fire is good or evil. At the end of the game, the adult sums it up: “Fire is both good and evil. It all depends on how you handle it.”

    Good and Evil Fire

  • "Brave firefighters." Children are divided into boy-girl pairs. The girls sit on a chair and play the role of fire victims. The boys are rescue firefighters who must overcome an obstacle course and lead the girl by the hand to a safe place. The couple that runs back first wins.
  • "Extinguishing the fire." The game involves 2 players. In front of each person, 6 red scraps (lights) and 10 pictures with objects that can be used to put out the fire are scattered on the floor. Among them are 4 incorrect ones: paper, firewood, doll, inflatable ball. When the whistle blows, you need to cover the “lights” with the correct pictures. Whoever completes the task first wins.

For role-playing games on the topic of fire safety, it will be useful to equip a corner with household items: an iron, stove, matches, as well as toys, an album and everything that is at home. Children act out a given scenario: “The parents left, and you were left alone at home. What will you play with? Or: “You are playing in the room and suddenly you smell smoke. What will you do?". You can distribute roles among children and divide them into parents, firefighters, children, neighbors, etc.

Children aged 3–6 years copy the actions of adults in their games. And all “adult” activities and subjects arouse strong interest. Do not tempt fate and keep matches, flammable liquids, candles, electric stoves and other fire hazards in a visible place. Do not use them in games and regularly have preventive conversations with your child. It is recommended to conduct a full-fledged fire safety lesson 1-2 times a year, starting from 3 years of age. In kindergarten, firefighters are invited, they show presentations and play games. Then life safety lessons are held at school. Children are given in-depth knowledge and taught how to properly handle fire-hazardous objects, and not avoid them.

Sports entertainment “Young firefighters” in the preparatory group

Scenario of sports entertainment in kindergarten “Young firefighters in training.”
Preparatory group Age: 6-7 years, preparatory group Purpose: To develop in children a conscious and responsible attitude to fire safety rules. Objectives: 1. To form the concept of “fire safety” in children, to consolidate knowledge about the causes of fire. 2. Develop speed of reaction of movements, logical thinking. 3. Foster a sense of mutual assistance, friendly attitude towards each other, pride in people of this profession; Preliminary work: 1. Conversations with children about fire, about fire, about the profession of firefighters; 2. Reading works about fire: S.Ya. Marshak “Cat’s House”, “Fire”, “The Story of an Unknown Hero” by L. Tolstoy “Fire”, “Fire Dogs” by K.I. Chukovsky “Confusion” Equipment and materials: tape recorder, music by G.V.
Sviridov from the film “Taming the Fire” firemen’s march; for relay races: hummocks 6 pcs., obstacles for climbing and climbing 2 pcs., visual landmarks 2 pcs., telephone 2 pcs., bell 2 pcs., 2 benches, toys - forest animals according to the number of children, 4 hoops, disposable cups according to the number of children number of children, two 5-liter buckets of water, 2 transparent containers with divisions, 2 cones, skittles according to the number of children, the Young Firefighter medal. Progress
Presenter: Dear guys, today we gathered to hold a sports entertainment “Young firefighters in exercises” and a senior fire inspector came to visit us. Guys! You are almost adults, next year you will already be students and you need to become independent. Therefore, you should know that there are objects in your home that you need to be very careful with: gas and electric stoves, ovens, and various electrical appliances. If these items are not handled carefully, a fire may occur. Tell me, please, do you sometimes stay at home alone, without mom and dad, without adults? Fire inspector: Yes, there are times when you need to stay home alone, not for long, of course. I think that in such cases you find something interesting to do and don’t get bored. And I also know for sure that every mother, every time she leaves, reminds you of fire safety rules. Child 1: If you are alone in the apartment, be careful with fire, you better not touch matches, then your house will not burn down. Child 2: An electric iron is not always a friend. Although he irons the children's shirts and pants, But remember, friends, that you cannot play with him! 3rd child: Very brothers, it’s not simple, a gas-electric stove. Be careful with her, she can cause a fire! 4 child: And at the dacha, near the stove, don’t play with fire. The coal fell on the rug and then the whole house burned. Presenter: Today our meeting is dedicated to unusual people, listen and answer correctly: Fire is brave, they are bolder He is strong, they are stronger They cannot be scared by fire, they are not used to fire! The insidious fire will be defeated by the one whose name is……… (firefighter) Inspector & security What do you think firefighters are for? What qualities should they have to cope with fires? Today you, too, must show your courage, strength, agility, speed and, of course, friendship and prove your readiness to join the ranks of the “young firefighters”. 1 child: I will become a fireman, a brave fireman, and I will save people from the fire. In a car with a signal, I will rush to the fire, call for help and wait for me! Child 2: The fire will be hot, the fire will be strong, even if it’s hard for me to breathe in a cloud of smoke. But I will do everything to defeat him. I will be able not to be afraid and contain the flame! 3 child: The fire will choke and turn into steam, the last ember will go out. The fireman will smile tiredly at you all. And he will say: “It’s not an easy day today!” Presenter: Teams of young firefighters - Line up! Greetings from the teams: Team - “Torch”: Our motto is “Don’t touch the matches, there’s fire in the matches!” Team – “Iskra”: Our motto is “To prevent trouble from coming to our home, always be careful with fire!” 1 Relay race “Call the Firemen” (6 hummocks, obstacles for climbing - 2, visual landmarks - 2, improvised telephones - 2)
Team members first run over the hummocks, then crawl under the obstacle, reach a visual landmark, pronounce and press improvised telephone buttons of the Rescue Service 01, ring the bell and go back, passing the turn to the next player.
The first team to finish the relay wins. Presenter: You can make a thousand matches from one tree, and with one match you can destroy a forest! (A frightened Naughty Brownie runs into the hall in the hands of a match.) Naughty Brownie: Oh, what have I done, Why did I play with matches, Why did I light a fire. Now the fire will burn the entire forest, There the smoke rose to the skies. (Naughty Brownie runs around the hall and speaks to the children) Naughty Brownie: Children need to save the animals, they will die in the fire, please help! 2 Relay race “Young Rescuer” (2 benches, 2 obstacles for climbing, 12 animal toys, 2 hoops)
Children do pull-ups while lying on a bench, climb over the obstacle, run to the hoop in which toys lie according to the number of participants, take the toy and They return running, pass the baton and stand at the end of the column.
The team that moves all the toys first wins. Brownie-Naughty: Well done guys, you are very brave, dexterous and fast, you saved the animals, now you need to put out the fire. You are ready? 3 Relay race “Firefighting” (Disposable cups according to the number of children, 2 buckets of water, 2 transparent containers)
Children stand in 2 columns, each with a disposable cup in their hand.
Near each column there is a bucket of water, and at the finish line there is a transparent container into which you will need to carry water in a glass. The winner is the team that transfers all the water into the container faster and more accurately. Fire inspector security: You did the job well, well done guys! Do you know what else can be used to put out a fire? Would you like me to give you a little hint…..? Full of foam, always angry at fire. As soon as he sees it, try to spill it on him (fire extinguisher) Host: And now I suggest you not just put out the fire with a fire extinguisher, but also go in a fire truck. 4 Relay race “Firemen on the road” (2 flags, 2 hoops, 10 pins)
Children stand in a column one after another, the 1st child has a hoop
(fire truck)
, the next have 1 pin.
Children 1 and 2 run to a visual landmark (the source of the fire)
, child 2 puts a pin
(fire extinguisher)
and return, then the next one does the same.
When all the pins are at the source of the fire, the relay race is over. The winner is the team that completes the task faster and all the pins (fire extinguishers)
will be inside the hoop.
Fire inspector security: Well done guys, here you showed your speed and dexterity. And now I suggest you rest a little. Guys, I will ask questions, and you should all answer together: “This is me, this is me, these are all my friends!” But be careful... - Who, upon hearing the smell of burning, reports a fire? - Which of you, seeing smoke, say: “Fire! We're on fire!" - Which of you plays tricks with fire in the morning, evening and afternoon? — Who, sensing gas in an apartment, opens windows and doors? - Who hides matches from their little sister? Children at home? - Tell me, which one of you is playing with fire? - Who doesn’t light fires and doesn’t allow others to? Host: You did a very good job, guys! Well done! You were very attentive, and now we are starting the next competition. To become a real young firefighter you need to go through an obstacle course, we will carry out this relay race in turns, for a while. To complete the relay, the “Torch” team will first prepare, and then the “Iskra” team 5 Relay “Obstacle Course” (6 bumps, 1 stand with a hoop, 2 horizontal obstacles, a tunnel, a board for attaching to the stairs, a wall bars)
Children run over bumps, climb through a hoop, climb over an obstacle, crawl through a tunnel, climb over an obstacle, run up a wall bars on an inclined board, move from one flight to another, go down and pass the baton to the next participant. Little Brownie-Naughty: How great you can do everything! Now guys, help me solve the riddles . A piece of coal from the “skok” stove, And... the arson of the rugs. Don’t stand there as an observer Fill the coal with... (with water)
The stove is burning - don’t touch it, Because in it...
If smoke billows, flames beat in tongues, and fire is everywhere, and heat is a disaster -...
A red car is in a hurry , Without turning off the headlights, On dangerous duty, In a hurry to put out the fire!
(Fire truck) Fire inspector: You are very good at solving riddles, thank you for your help! Presenter: Little Brownie-Naughty, and now the guys have prepared very instructive poems for you, listen! Children read poems: 1. Everyone knows: a man without fire does not live a single day! In the fire, as in the sun, it is light! It's warm during the fire and in winter! 2. Look, guys, fire is our everyday friend! But when we are careless with fire, He becomes our enemy. 3. Fire is a man’s friend, Just don’t touch him in vain! If you play around, then troubles will not be avoided - You will get sick from the fire 4. Don’t play, my friend with a match! Remember, it is small, But a small match can burn the house to the ground! All together: Morning, evening and afternoon, Be careful with fire! Brownie-Naughty: Today I learned a lot of new things and understood everything, now I will never play with fire! Thank you very much for helping me put out the fire, saving the animals and telling me about fire safety rules. Fire inspector: I can say with confidence that both teams won today, and what helped them in this was friendship, courage, unity, courage, responsiveness, tolerance, dedication and endurance in carrying out a common cause. I think that you all deserve to bear the title of “Young Firefighter” of the “Swallow” kindergarten and, therefore, I present you with the “Brave Firefighter” medals for your courage during the exercises! Rescuers of the Ministry of Emergency Situations Above the fire, a thick curtain of smoke flies carefree, But people live in hope - Help will arrive on time! The Ministry of Emergency Situations is always on guard and saves citizens in trouble. In special suits and durable helmets, here the fighters easily and accurately carry out all commands, After all, everyone knows perfectly well: Their duty is always sacred - to save the living to the end! With a stream of water and foam Firefighters will certainly destroy the flames of heat Brave firefighters We will tell you about those who save people, And when called to a fire, they are the first to arrive. To extinguish the evil flame is their concern. Fearlessly extinguish the heat - That's their job. These people are the best! Strong and brave, Skillful masters are not afraid of anything! And the resulting fire.

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