Healthy lifestyle of a preschool child. Basic aspects of a healthy lifestyle for a preschooler

Healthy lifestyle rules for children

It is better to teach a child from childhood to live, observing the principles of a healthy lifestyle, but you need to try to make them seem natural and not imposed from the outside. Pay attention to the following aspects of your child's life:

  • Daily regime
    . It’s good if you managed to establish a certain routine in the house, and the child knows exactly when he should go to bed, get up, have breakfast or lunch, when there is time for games, and when he needs to complete some tasks around the house or school, but do not forget that the regime needs to be reviewed. The child grows, and his needs change, therefore, the daily routine must also change. Also, don't forget to take biological rhythms into account. If your child is a night owl, then you shouldn’t torture him with getting up early unless absolutely necessary; some tasks, including sports, can be moved to the evening.
  • Full sleep
    . Many adults remember their childhood and “quiet hours” with nostalgia. The need for sleep also changes with age; small children under 5-6 years old are recommended to sleep about 10 hours a day; schoolchildren need 8-9 hours. You should try to provide your child with the opportunity to rest peacefully, but you should not force him to sleep.
  • Fresh air
    . Children should breathe fresh air not only from the window. Walking is useful, and even if the weather is not pleasant, there is no need to cancel the walking promenade. If possible, you should walk in green areas, and not on noisy and dirty streets. Owners of country houses and summer cottages should think about arranging a sleeping area in the fresh air. where the child can rest.
  • Sports
    . Setting sports records is given to a select few, but physical activity is beneficial for everyone; playing sports develops endurance, strengthens bones and muscles, helps control weight and burn extra calories. Perhaps in childhood the child will not realize the benefits of training, but the habit of playing sports will definitely be useful in the future.
  • Proper nutrition
    . It can be very difficult to feed a child healthy food; when preparing a child’s diet, you can use the “smart plate” method. About half of the serving should be non-starchy vegetables: cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, spinach, broccoli, etc. Another quarter is given to starch-containing products, this can be bread, porridge, corn, etc. The remaining quarter of the plate will be taken up by lean meat or fish. As a dessert, children will benefit from fruits and dairy products. This approach to feeding a child will help him receive the necessary vitamins and microelements for normal growth.
  • Control over mental and emotional state
    . The emotional state of a child is strongly influenced by the situation in his family. If a child has to see parents quarrel and experience stress due to too strict rules, then he will grow up withdrawn and unsociable. Stress can also cause some childhood illnesses. In order for a child to grow and develop harmoniously, a friendly atmosphere must be maintained in the family, the child must feel love and support from adults. And remember that live communication cannot be replaced even by the most modern gadgets.
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