Fun in the pool of the kindergarten “FUN PHYSICAL ACTIVITY ON THE WATER”

Water. Entertainment scenarios - Leisure “Don’t drive, drivers - you’re parents too”

Publication “Leisure” “Don’t drive, drivers - you too. » “Don’t drive, drivers, you are also parents” Goals of the master class: • joining efforts in teaching children the rules of safe behavior on the roads, and preventing accidents involving children. • Consolidate knowledge of traffic rules, the ability to consciously implement and comply with them. •.

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Summary of summer physical education and recreational entertainment for preschoolers 5–7 years old “Water Fun” Goal: Formation of a harmoniously developed personality through an integrated approach to the organization of motor activity. Objectives: 1. Expand children’s understanding of various bodies of water in our city. 2. Create a positive - emotional atmosphere, evoke joy from joint activities.

Scenario of the competition on ecology “Eternal glory to water” MUNICIPAL BUDGET PRESCHOOL EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTION “NOVOSELKOVSKY KINDERGARTEN” Kashira Characters: Droplets, Rodnichok, River, Moidodyr, Samovar Music. head Soshkina O.V. Objectives: • To develop an environmental culture in children, respect for water, etc.

Summer holiday in kindergarten “Water Day”

Purpose of the holiday: To expand and consolidate children’s knowledge about the different states of water and its importance. Objectives: -to cultivate a friendly attitude towards peers, respect for nature; - create a cheerful, sporty mood in children, cultivate a desire to exercise.

Water. Entertainment scenarios – Sports festival for Neptune Day “Health in a drop of water”

Article “Sports festival for Neptune Day “Health in a drop. » Goal: To develop children’s interest in a healthy lifestyle through sports entertainment. Objectives: 1. Educational: to form a healthy lifestyle for children, teach them to support their friends. 2. Developmental: continue to develop motor skills and abilities, the desire to play in a team.

Ecological leisure scenario “Priceless and necessary water for everyone” for children of senior preschool age

Ecological leisure scenario “Invaluable and necessary water for everyone”, for children of senior preschool age. Author: Elena Edgarovna Markusova - Musical director of MDOBU No. 15 “Friendship”, Novokubansk, Krasnodar region. Goal: Creating a festive atmosphere, formation.

Scenario of thematic entertainment for older preschoolers “Water Day” Scenario of thematic entertainment for older preschoolers “Water Day” Purpose: to create a joyful mood, a desire to play in a team. Children stand in a large circle Leader: If it weren’t for her, Mom wouldn’t do the laundry, Dad wouldn’t wash the floor, And the boat wouldn’t sail. (Water) Dance “Blue.

Cognitive and speech entertainment for children of senior preschool age with disabilities “Holiday of the Sorceress of Water” Goal: to create conditions for the cognitive and speech development of children. Objectives: expand and consolidate children’s knowledge about water; activate your child’s vocabulary; create a joyful, cheerful mood for children. Progress of the entertainment: Presenter: Guys, today we have an unusual holiday - a holiday.


Summary of the holiday on the water “Across the seas, waves and oceans”

Goal: To promote the development and popularization of physical education and health work, the promotion of a healthy lifestyle, the involvement of preschool children in systematic swimming lessons, the preservation and strengthening of their health. Objectives: • To evoke positive emotions in children, joy from water relay races, and to develop communication skills. • To develop the ability to control one’s body in an unusual environment, to train children in immersing themselves in water with their heads. • Develop motor ability in water. Improve children's ability to play ball on the water.

Water. Entertainment scenarios

Contained in sections:
Leisure “Wonderful transformations of water” Do not wash or drink without water. A leaf cannot bloom without water. Birds, animals and people cannot live without water! And that’s why EVERYONE EVERYWHERE ALWAYS NEEDS WATER ! Water is a miracle of nature . Why? Thanks to its magical properties. Not a single creature on earth can do without water. How are you.

Water entertainment for children 4–7 years old. Photo report

entertainment for children 4-7 years old . Photo report. At the height of summer, water entertainment . The holiday began with a special sea exercise. Pupils from the senior groups recalled the rules of behavior on the water in poetry. Each group had its own personal pond.

Pool games for children

First you need to consider the benefits that can be obtained from regular visits to a swimming club. Having fun in the water promotes physical development by improving fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. The vocabulary of young athletes is expanded and enriched. Playing in the pool with children develops tactile sensations, forms ideas about size, depth, and so on. Water helps cope with nervous tension and aggression. This is a small list of benefits that can be obtained from regular swimming.

The pool is 30 years old!

Birthday Scenario

The pool is decorated with all kinds of balls, inflatable stars and other toys. Light and music performance.


Good afternoon, dear ladies and gentlemen. We are pleased to welcome you to our celebration dedicated to the thirtieth anniversary of the Orgsintez swimming pool! Thirty years is a date that deserves great respect. If you imagine how many water sports enthusiasts have visited the pool in thirty years.

A solemn melody sounds and the Sea King, accompanied by mermaids, enters the pool. Balloons are flying from the ceiling.


And I wonder who this is? Also fans of water sports?

Sea king

Rather, dear dear, these are lovers of underwater pastimes. Allow me to introduce myself: - I am the King of the Sea, the ruler of the seas and oceans. And this is my retinue, simply put, mermaids.


Mermaids? Do they exist? We really didn’t expect to see the King of the Sea at our holiday, and even with real mermaids.

Sea king

But in vain. The king should always be expected to visit. As a liquid element, it is not indifferent to me that this small body of water has never in thirty years invited the Sea King to stay in its arms. But if the pool does not go to Magomed, Magomed himself goes to the pool. From now on and forever I will settle in this reservoir! And so that you are very happy about my arrival, I want to give you a lot of sweets and... - a wonderful underwater dance.

Chak-chak (Tatar national sweet dish) floated across the pool.
Music plays and the mermaids dive into the water.
Synchronized swimming begins. Presenter

Bravo, bravo. Oh, King of the Sea, your mermaids dance magnificently. But this pool was built not only for them, but also for children...

Music is playing. The Old Man appears.

Sea king

For children, you say? For kids like this? I wonder what this old man was going to do in my pond?

It sounds like “There lived an old man with his old woman.” Grandfather throws a net into the pool. The old woman runs out.

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