"Happy birthday!" Birthday corner in kindergarten

A birthday is not just another reason to receive gifts, but a significant event that brings a child closer to his cherished dream - to become an adult and independent. How to spend this holiday in kindergarten so that it is remembered by the birthday boy himself, his friends, the teaching staff, and parents? We offer you the most interesting options for consideration.

A children's holiday is the brightest and most memorable event in the life of every child. But in order for the celebration not only to give positive emotions for one day, but also to be remembered for a long time, it is very important to prepare for it competently and thoroughly. Especially when it comes to a holiday like a birthday.

After all, a birthday is not just another reason to receive gifts, but a significant event that brings a child closer to his cherished dream - to become an adult and independent. How to spend this holiday in kindergarten so that it is remembered by the birthday boy himself, his friends, the teaching staff, and parents? We offer you the most interesting options for consideration.

Master class for educators “Decorating the Birthday Boy’s Corner”

Maria Ershova
Master class for teachers “Decorating the Birthday Boy's Corner”

I would like to present to your attention Birthday Boy’s Corner


In our preschool educational institution, the Innovative educational program of preschool education “From birth to school”

edited by N. E. Veraksa, T. S. Komarova, M. A. Vasilyeva, developed on the basis of the Federal State Educational Standard for Education, in which special attention is paid to the organization of the educational space.

This program recommends: “Group space organized in the form of well-demarcated zones ( corners

equipped with a large number of educational materials (books, toys, creative materials, educational equipment, etc.).
All items are available to children. Such organization of space allows preschoolers to choose interesting activities for themselves, alternate them during the day, and gives the teacher the opportunity to effectively organize the educational process, taking into account the individual characteristics of children. The equipment of
corners changes in accordance with the thematic planning of the educational process.”

Thus, the function of " corners "

, conditionally – stimulation of the educational process.

In the modern world, much attention is paid to the intellectual development of children, in connection with this, early development, all kinds of sections and additional education services are gaining popularity. Children receive a colossal mental load, and personal and social-communicative development fades into the background.

The most effective way, in my opinion, is to implement this through individualization and differentiation in training. Let me remind you that individualization takes into account the characteristics of each student, and differentiation takes into account groups of students.

A child is, first of all, an individual, and my main task as a teacher is to reveal his uniqueness in a child, to emphasize his importance in the team and at the same time his involvement in the group, and I realized this in birthday corner


How does this work in practice? Through idea-context. My group is called "Titmouse"

, therefore, an association of a group-nest arose, in the center
( stand-corner ) there is a teacher - a tit , which “warms with warmth”
the unhatched chicks -
the birthday people of the month (differentiation of a large group into subgroups, a common feature is the month of birth, which, of course, endows a person with certain traits character, and each egg is covered with a feather of the corresponding color (individualization - each child is assigned a personal place in
corner - unique, but at the same time in the overall

To create a corner we will need :

• Thick cardboard (I used a box)

• Colored cardboard to create a tit symbol

• Colored paper for eggs and feathers

• Manual lamination paper (increases strength and service life, but can be omitted)

• Paints for outlining the nest (you can use wax crayons or felt-tip pens )

1. Create a base screen from the box

2. Create a background from paper (in this case it was packaging paper)

3. Glue the tit and testicles. Inscriptions inside the eggs - the character of the child born in each month (taken from the Internet)

The mistake I made was that I glued it with double-sided tape, which caused the base to deform, so I recommend PVA glue.

4. Draw the outlines of the nest and branches with paints. We laminate.

5. Glue feathers with the names and dates of birth of the children.

The stand turned out to be bright and informative! Thank you for attention!

Consultation for educators “Organization of a music corner for the development of independent musical activity” The main forms of organizing the musical activity of preschoolers in kindergarten, within the framework of artistic and aesthetic development, are:

Master class for teachers “Designing a book corner” Authors: Chernyavskaya Nadezhda Fedorovna Barinova Valentina Pavlovna A house in which there is no book is like a body without a soul. With this statement.


How birthdays are traditionally celebrated in the garden

There are a lot of children in the garden, so sometimes it happens that all those born in the current month are congratulated on the same day - the so-called “October”, “December”. But, fortunately, this approach is already becoming a thing of the past, giving way to individual congratulations. Teacher of GBOU No. 1561 Oksana Kopylova told how children’s birthdays in their group are celebrated.

A classic birthday in the garden is based on traditions that have been preserved since Soviet times. At the entrance, in the locker room there is usually a poster “The Four Seasons”, where photographs of children are distributed by date of birth. Next to it is a postcard for a specific birthday person every day, so that the children can immediately see who needs to be congratulated today.

The congratulations are accompanied by the “Loaf” chant, familiar to everyone from childhood, with the birthday boy in the center. After several rounds of the round dance, the kids clap their hands and shout “Congratulations!” three times, wishing for something: for example, good friends or never quarrel with their mother. The birthday boy is given a gift. Usually parents bring it in advance, but the kids can add a drawing or toy of their own.

“Despite the fact that congratulations are repeated time after time, birthdays are always special holidays filled with kindness and comfort. The children's eyes light up, because in the garden they are almost in a family circle. But, of course, sometimes you want to diversify traditions,” says Oksana.

For preschool age

Preschool children will be interested in the following sections: children's songs and children's karaoke.

Songs about momSongs about kindergartenSongs from Soviet cartoonsInteractive fairy talesStudying geometric shapes

In addition, parents can download for kids:

— coloring pages and copybooks for printing;

— computer games and programs for installation on a computer;

— information about the upbringing and health of the child, as well as safety at home and on the street;

— preschool employees will find auxiliary material for teaching children mathematics, writing, reading, visual aids for learning and developing perception of the world around them, as well as material for organizing groups in kindergarten.

What do mothers treat?

As a rule, mothers bring different sweets to kindergarten , but they do not contain dyes, synthetic substances or artificial flavors. What you can bring to the sweet table:

  • high-quality chocolate or sweets, fruits;
  • cookies, juice or fruit drink;
  • cake or pastries, juice;
  • shortbread pretzel with condensed milk, juice;
  • muffins, rolls, fruit, juice;
  • corn sticks, fruits;
  • children's cheese, fortified chocolate (buy at the pharmacy and read the ingredients);
  • fruit pizza;
  • meringue, gingerbread, fruit drink.

In some kindergartens, each child is given a small gift, purchased with money from the parental fund, or it is made by the teaching staff together with the children (postcards with wishes, drawings, a congratulatory poster, a medal and other homemade items). Of course, no one forgets about traditional round dances and ear twitching.

For primary school age

Older children will be attracted by the sections: online tests, online scanwords.

What kind of mother are you?How sociable are you?Do I want to go to school?Are you in love?Crosswords with pictures

For school it is suggested to download:

— electronic publications and audiobooks for the school curriculum and for extracurricular reading;

— training programs for installation on a computer;

— auxiliary material (musical, for printing) for the design of classes and events;

— forms of diplomas, inserts, diplomas, lesson schedules.

Stand “Our birthday people”

Nina Chelnik

Stand “Our birthday people”

Dear colleagues!

I and Nebolsina Kristina Leonidovna, we work in the Rainbow group of different ages, decided to please our preschoolers . In our group we have children of different ages and not all of them can read yet, but they know the seasons well. So we posted photos of winter birthday people in snowflakes , spring ones in flowers, summer ones in apples and autumn ones in leaves.

They brought us the remains of a sandwich panel; the sandwich panel did not look very attractive.

But when we processed it: we removed the top film, cut off unnecessary parts, and decorated the edges. The edging for the future stand was made of plastic and glued with glue. It turned out to be a good stand .

We drew a template of the necessary elements.

Snowflakes, flowers, apples, and leaves were cut out from foam plastic ceiling tiles. The edges were sanded with fine sandpaper.

Painted with acrylic paints in accordance with the colors of each season. You can also use gouache.

We pasted photographs of the birthday people according to the seasons .

Photos of children were attached to the branches. You can use double-sided tape or glue.

This is such a miracle tree in our group. Now children know who's birthday is and what time of year. The kids really enjoyed it.

DIY information stand Information stand for parents, made of ceiling tiles, self-adhesive and ceiling plinth. Expanded polystyrene ceiling tiles. Educational stand “Hooks and clasps” Compiled by: teacher of the Orenburg region. Buzuluksky district - Marina Egorovna Yakimova Purpose: To introduce children to different types of locks. Information stand Stand for parents and children. Since the group has not been repaired for a long time, we decided to update it on our own. And one of our updates is this. Stand for parents Hello, dear colleagues! I would like to share with you the idea of ​​​​creating a stand for parents. The well-known ceiling system comes to our aid. Stand for the 70th anniversary of the Victory over Germany Our most favorite holiday is approaching. Victory Day. This is our stand in the group dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War. Stand for Children's Day I hung a stand in the locker room of my group. The theme of the stand changes for each holiday. For Children's Day, I made it out of yellow colored paper. Stand “They gave us peace” The war years are getting further and further from us, fewer and fewer participants and witnesses of those terrible events remain alive. But those who will live after them...

Scenario of the holiday “Spring Birthdays” Purpose: organizing children's recreation, team building. Objectives: Creating a favorable psychological climate in the team. Development.


We spend the holiday ourselves

When organizing independently, it is advisable that you act together with teachers and the music director (games to music will be much more fun). Choose an outfit that matches the theme (fairy, princess, fox). Entertainment should be simple and fun. For example, you can play “hot and cold”, dance, write a fairy tale together, putting paper sketches of animals on your fingers (they need to be printed in advance), paint a finger tree (print out a drawing of a large tree with branches, and the children will form leaves by pressing their finger) .

hold a children's birthday party yourself, following, for example, the following algorithm:

  • presenter exit, greeting;
  • the birthday boy distributes birthday caps;
  • children lead a round dance and sing a song, the leader blows soap bubbles;
  • games (during the game, children can be given pipes and balloons);
  • If desired, children can have their faces painted followed by a photo session;
  • sweet table;
  • drawing greeting cards for the birthday boy.

Dress the hero of the occasion so that he stands out from the crowd (for example, make a hero's cloak or dress him in a costume of a fairy-tale hero).

Making a decorative panel “Our Birthday People” for a kindergarten

I want to share a piece of my creativity and offer you a master class on making panels to remember the birthdays of all those you care about. Such a panel can decorate not only a kindergarten group, but also your baby’s nursery. It will remind you of the birthdays of your family, friends and acquaintances.

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