What to read to a 3-4 year old child? List of books for children 3-4 years old

At different ages, children love to listen and watch different fairy tales. Kids prefer short stories from picture books that help them better understand the meaning. Children 3-4 years old are happy to choose longer fairy tales, with different characters. Older preschoolers prefer adventures and unusual heroes.

Sometimes children refuse to listen to fairy tales and say: “I’m not interested!” Perhaps you simply chose a fairy tale that is not appropriate for your age. On our website you will learn how to choose the right story to read before bed and you will find a whole online selection of fairy tales for children 3-4 years old and other ages.

What is the difference between fairy tales for children 3-4 years old?

  • Most often, the main characters of fairy tales are animals or objects, less often people. At the same time, it is immediately clear who is a positive and who is a negative hero.
  • The characters' actions are simple and easily explainable. If a child generally loves fairy tales and listens to them often, it will not be difficult for him to predict how it will end, even if he himself is hearing this particular fairy tale for the first time.
  • Simple sentences, an abundance of action verbs and adjectives related to color or one, main characteristic - red, kind, big, strong. At the same time, words and images may appear that were previously unfamiliar to the child, especially in folk tales.
  • In children's fairy tales for this age, good always triumphs over evil, and therefore they can also be read to older children if they are sensitive to injustice or take everything to heart.

You can listen to fairy tales for children 3-4 years old in the form of audio online, 2-3 short tales at a time without a break, or one long one. Most of the classic stories are presented in good quality in the form of audio tales and performances performed by the best professional artists.

When reading aloud, long bedtime stories can be divided into 2 evenings, although this depends on how tired the child is and how long the parent can read aloud. Out of habit, this activity can be tedious.

For your convenience, we have collected the best fairy tales for children 3-4 years old online so you can start reading today!

Fairy tales play a vital role during this period! Why is this so?

  • Development of fantasy. Young children do not yet know how to create from scratch; for creativity they need a basis, a foundation, something that they have seen, heard or read before. Fairy-tale characters, their actions and decisions provide the basis for rethinking and awaken their own creative motives.
  • Speech development. The language of fairy tales is rich in descriptions and images, although simple. Children quickly and quietly learn new words and the context in which these words are used.
  • Knowledge about the world and the rules of behavior in it. Fairy tales teach children safety rules (“Little Red Riding Hood”, “The Wolf and the Seven Little Goats”), talk about feelings and emotions (“Fear has Big Eyes”), friendship, envy and other human qualities (“The Fox and the Crane”, “Bubble” , straw and bast shoe", "Goby-tar barrel").
  • Training, behavior correction, fighting fears. Fairy tales have a psychotherapeutic effect and can be used to help a child overcome difficult situations and feelings. Read more about fairy tale therapy in our separate article.
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