What to do with your baby at home: games and entertainment for children from one to five years old

What to do with a year old child

- “Where is the fish?..” We are learning new subjects. You can hang large pictures of animals and various objects on the walls. The baby looks for the desired image to answer his mother’s question “Where...?”

Massage with a ball. The massage with a special ball with pimples goes off with a bang. They cost pennies, but there are tons of pleasures! Baby in panties or diapers. We lie on our back or tummy. Mom rolls the ball from her heels to the top of her head. Zhenya laughs boisterously. After this, he squeezes such a ball in his palms for a long time and gnaws it. All you need is a ball with pimples!

- Hide and seek with a diaper. We throw a diaper on Lala and ask: “Where is Zhenya?” The baby pulls the diaper off his head, and mom and dad rejoice: “Here he is, Zhenya!” The child is delighted.

- Dancing. To your favorite music: we take the baby in our arms and spin around the room.

- Bubble. If you don’t have ready-made bubbles at home, make the solution yourself from any shampoo and a small amount of water. You can blow bubbles from a thick cocktail straw, half a plastic pen, or similar items. Playing with soap bubbles, however, pleases children of any age.

What should I do if there are no interesting entertainments for kids in my locality?

The ideas of children and adults about interesting entertainment are slightly different - a one-year-old baby will be delighted with even the simplest fun. When your child grows up and learns to handle the road well, start traveling with him to neighboring big cities from time to time. And then go to Moscow or St. Petersburg! We are serious: take a vacation and go with the whole family to one of the capitals for a week - this trip can become one of the most memorable experiences in your child’s preschool life!

Games for the development of children from 2 years old

- Drawing. Let's try to paint the gray bad weather with bright colors! Subjects for drawing are suggested by Yulia Kasparova.

Fun Train. Draw a train on a piece of paper. Now let’s start drawing carriages to the train, and take turns with the baby in the windows to depict passengers. Maybe your whole family is traveling on the train (and don’t forget about your cat, hamster or parrot), or are they characters from your favorite fairy tales and cartoons? The main thing is that they all have fun, and around, in the green meadows, bright flowers bloom and colorful butterflies flutter.

We are building a city. If you have a large sheet of Whatman paper or other white paper, it will become the place where “the city will be founded.” Spread it right on the floor, grab pencils and markers and start “building” your own city with your child. What kind of houses, shops, cars, trees will there be here? Who will live here? Perhaps everything will be the most ordinary and familiar, or vice versa - amazing and fabulous? But in any city, be sure to draw a candy store, a zoo and a circus. What would we do without them? This “drawing” game is also good because you can play it for more than one day. Tired of drawing, we rolled up the paper and put it away. But after a while, the baby’s interest will flare up with renewed vigor. And you can draw not only the city, but also the seabed, space, a bird market, a kindergarten, a prehistoric land with ancient lizards, Africa or Antarctica, in general, everything that excites and interests the little artist at the moment. And on a large sheet of paper and with his mother’s participation, his imagination and artistic abilities will be fully revealed!

Bright window. You can also draw on window glass with regular gouache. This is also a great mood lifter. After all, you can paint a dull day in bright colors and admire your creation from the window...”

How to prepare for a visit to the children's entertainment center?

Try to plan your trip so as not to disrupt your baby's daily routine. He may get tired of new impressions or, conversely, become overexcited. If this is coupled with a missed nap or coming home later than usual, it may take a few days for your baby's schedule to return to normal.

Read reviews of the baby center and find out all the important details, such as parking or how well equipped the mother and baby room is. Gather yourself and collect everything you need for it:

  • Snack. You can feed a preschooler in a cafe right in the entertainment center, but treating a two-year-old to hamburgers and popcorn is not a good idea. Bring fruit, cereal bars, or other nutritious snacks your child likes. Bring a snack, even if you're only going for a short time—entertainment uses a lot of energy, and your baby may want to eat faster than usual.
  • Beverages. A bottle of water or juice won’t hurt, even if there is a store or cafe nearby, to quench your child’s thirst without distracting him from playing or leaving him alone. If we are talking about entertainment for the little ones, and your baby is bottle-fed, take with you some dry formula and hot water in a thermos.
  • Diapers. If your little one is not yet potty trained, take a supply of diapers, calculating the amount based on the total time spent outside the house. Bring an extra diaper or two so you don't have to worry if you're late.
  • Disposable diapers. This recommendation also applies if your child is still wearing diapers. Don't forget to bring diapers so that you and your baby will be comfortable when changing clothes.
  • Wet wipes. Napkins will come in handy when changing your baby's clothes, but even if he no longer wears diapers, they will not be superfluous. Whether you need to freshen your baby's hands or wipe his mouth because he got dirty during a snack, they can help here too.
  • Swim diapers. When looking for where to go with your baby, did you choose a water park or other water activities? If he's not potty yet, bring swim diapers; otherwise, bring a swimsuit or swimsuit.

Games for children from 3 years old

- Magic bag. In a small bag (or pillowcase) put several children's toys that differ greatly in shape, say, a cube, a rubber bear and a pyramid ring. The baby, without looking into the bag, puts his hand into it and determines by touch which of the toys he took. Only after this can you pull out your hand with the toy. Toys can be replaced with vegetables, fruits, and geometric figures.

Collage . Let's find some old unnecessary magazines or catalogs. Let's cut out the pictures we like and make up a story with them. We will paste the pictures in story order into a thin notebook, and mom will write captions for the pictures in large letters.

Drawing on paper plates . They can be painted with ornaments or even depict landscapes and still lifes. Why not make a gallery of “plate” portraits? At the same time, you can tell how in past centuries the walls of noble houses were decorated with family portraits. Or introduce your child to the concept of a family tree. Then we place the portraits of the parents under the portraits of the grandparents, brothers and sisters - on the same line, etc.

- Hide and seek . Of course, the mother will have to play along with the children, “not finding” them for some time. And don’t forget to learn the sentence: “One, two, three, four, five! I'm going to look! Ready or not, here I come!"

Cheerful palm . We place our hand on the paper. Draw along the outline with a pencil. Cut out and paint with colorful patterns. You can depict a face with hair sticking up.

- Rope walker . With arms outstretched to the sides, we walk, like tightrope walkers, along the edge of the carpet, along a jump rope or a bright ribbon stretched out on the floor.

Where to go with your baby?

There is a huge amount of entertainment around - some are a little further, and some are literally around the corner. We are unlikely to be able to create a complete guide to such places, but we will give several interesting and unusual points in the largest cities of Russia. Then you do it yourself - search on the Internet and ask moms you know.


Automobile History Museum

There are no ordinary cars in this museum. Everything is much better: children's pedal cars are lovingly assembled here. Mini-cars evoke delight among young visitors and a great desire to get behind the wheel, and after viewing the exhibition, the child will have the opportunity to drive a rare car on a track specially prepared for him.

st. Koptevskaya, 71


Space Museum

Near the VDNH metro station there is a monument to the Conquerors of Space. Did you know that right below it there is a huge museum of eight exhibition halls, where unique exhibits related to the history of space exploration are collected? Children of any age will find it interesting here, and for preschoolers there are special excursions in the form of an interactive game.

Mira Ave., 111


Interactive Baby Theater

Here you will find entertainment for the youngest theatergoers. The performances last only 40–50 minutes so that the child does not get tired, the stage is very close to the audience, and there are no chairs in the hall - only warm blankets and comfortable pillows. Funny characters play out stories that kids can understand and offer educational games to play.

2nd Vysheslavtsev lane, 17, building 2

st. Bakhrushina, 31/12, building 3

Bolshoy Patriarshiy Lane, 10

Sredny Kislovsky lane, 5/6, building 3

st. Bolshaya Serpukhovskaya, 44


Museum of Tricks and Illusions

This is entertainment for older kids who have already seen magicians perform and now want to become illusionists themselves. Here you can touch objects that are an important part of any magic show, try to figure out how famous illusions are created, and, most importantly, learn the secret of the tricks!

5th Luchevoy Prosek, 5A, building 4, Sokolniki Park, pavilion 2, entrance 1


Saint Petersburg

Museum of Records and Facts "Titicaca"

This incredible museum contains amazing exhibits - from the smallest car in the world to the jaws of the largest shark. Most importantly, there are no fences here, and every exhibit can be touched. It will be very interesting for older children, and their parents will learn a lot of new things for themselves.

st. Kazanskaya, 7


Forest Hut Farm

In the “Forest Hut” live Nenets Laikas, Akhal-Teke horses, ponies and real reindeer! The animals do not sit in cages, but walk freely, but willingly communicate with small and adult visitors. This is a place where you can go with both a one-year-old baby and an older child.

Leningrad region, Mendsary, st. Lesnaya, forester's house


Museum "LabyrinthUm"

Laser harp, drainpipe organ, gyroscope ride, chance to touch lightning, science magic lessons and much more. “LabyrinthUm” is a space for physical and chemical experiments that children of any age will delight in. You can come here in the morning and not notice how the whole day has flown by.

st. Lev Tolstoy, 9a

Kosmonavtov Ave., 14, shopping and entertainment complex "Peter Raduga"


Confectionery factory named after Samoilova

What kid doesn't dream of going to a chocolate factory? It turns out that it is possible! At the oldest confectionery enterprise in the city, you can see how waffles, marshmallows, marmalade, and candies are made and enjoy them straight from the assembly line. And you will also be given a hefty bag of sweets to take with you!

English Ave., 16



Toy railway

This is a very popular place in the city, and deservedly so. If you haven't been here with your baby yet, go now! You can ride the train even with a newborn, but older children will find it more interesting here - they will be able to learn a lot of interesting things about railways. By the way, the train drivers here are high school children.

Zaeltsovsky Park, 2


Family space “Koza-Egoza”

offers entertainment for babies from 9 months. All events are sensory and interactive, which means that the child is assigned the role of not a spectator, but an active participant in the performance. The classes are useful not only for kids, but also for parents: many of the games you see here can be repeated at home.

St. Galushchaka, 11



"Wow!" — an entertaining and educational science museum where no one will be bored! Amazing experiments, interactive exhibits, optical illusions, communication with a robot, many places where you can take great photos, and even a real cockpit of a TU-134 aircraft!

st. Dusi Kovalchuk, 1/1, shopping center "Malinka", 2nd floor

Museum of Fairy Tales “Far Far Away Kingdom”

Visitors to this place find themselves in a fairy tale, literally! Interactive performances in the museum are performed with the participation of young guests - they are dressed up in the clothes of fairy-tale characters and immersed in the atmosphere of antiquity. Come and meet Baba Yaga, heroes and other heroes from children's books.

st. Gogolya, 51




The only aquarium in the Urals is home to more than 300 thousand inhabitants - stingrays, sharks, turtles, crocodiles, fur seals, whales, fish of various species and, of course, dolphins. This amazing entertainment for children aged one year and older will introduce your child to the inhabitants of the deep sea.

st. Shcherbakova, 2B


Museum of Dolls and Children's Books "Wonderland"

Does your baby love to play with dolls? Visit this museum - you will be delighted! Traditional Russian toys, designer dolls, figurines of literary characters, dolls that participated in theatrical productions - and all this in an old wooden house where the famous writer Dmitry Mamin-Sibiryak lived.

st. Proletarskaya, 16


Drum House

The exhibition of this museum features more than 200 drums from all over the world. In fact, this is not really a museum - no one will tell you not to touch the exhibits, you can play on any of them! Visit the “Drum House” once, and if your child likes it, you can sign up for classes.

st. Bolshakova, 71


Butterfly Park

Butterfly Park is a tropical corner in Yekaterinburg. This entertainment will be interesting for both the youngest visitors and preschoolers. Children enjoy watching huge, bright butterflies, the likes of which cannot be found in the city and its environs. There is also a small zoo with exotic animals.

st. Lenina, 49


What to do with a child while mom is cooking? Kitchen games for children from two years old

Get creative in the kitchen! After all, the most ordinary things can captivate a child longer than fashionable educational toys!

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- Blot . Spray paint on paper. Fold the paper with the blot inward, then unfold it again. What does the resulting print look like? Complete the picture.

Properties of a magnet . Place a magnet under the paper and a coin on the paper. Use a magnet to move the coin along the paper. At the same time, we’ll tell you about its properties.

Running with an “egg” . We place a ping pong ball or a Kinder container on a teaspoon and run around the entire apartment, trying to keep the ball on the spoon.

Album with photographs . Kids are very interested in the question: “What happened when I wasn’t there yet?” So tell your child about this with the help of photographs taken before his birth: “Here I am in kindergarten (What, Mom, did you also go to kindergarten?), Here I am with my school friends. This is me studying at the institute. Here's my dad and I's wedding. And here we are at the sea, and you are in your mother’s tummy, still very small.” For the baby, this will be the most interesting story - the history of his family. Much more exciting than the most magical fairy tales...

- In which hand? Take some small object, candy or small toy and hide it behind your back. Ask the child which hand the toy is in. If the kid guessed right, it’s his turn to hide. This game will help reinforce the concepts of “right and left.” To do this, it is necessary for the baby not just to point to his hand, but to call it: “in the right hand”, “in the left hand”..."

Developmental activities at home with mom, exercises for every day

The task of parents is to spend as much time as possible with the child and organize his leisure time. First of all, you need to start classes with hand motor skills. It is necessary to get your child interested in building houses from cubes. You should start with the simplest figures, gradually increasing complexity. It is important to constantly talk to the children during the game and explain every action of the owl. There must be praise.

Children aged two to three years show great interest in household chores. Don't discourage yourself from helping your mom. You can invite your baby to sweep or wipe off the dust themselves. You should always invite your child to help their parents. If you don’t do this, you will have to force him at an older age.

Some parents prefer to hire professional nannies to work with their children. This is a big mistake. At an early age, a baby really needs to communicate with his mother. Any exciting game unites and brings parents and children closer together. It is very useful to play with the whole family.

Important! It is recommended not just to select activities, but to focus on the child’s specific abilities. It is best to alternate creative games with active ones. It is important to observe the time of the classes; they should be no more than twenty minutes. It is still very difficult for children to concentrate on one subject for a long time.

Games for children 4-5 years old

- Swamp . Take some old newspapers or “turns”, attach a child’s pile to them and trace. Cut out several traces along the contour. Now place the footprints around the room to create a path. What is outside the path is a “swamp”. The baby must walk exactly in the footsteps so as not to fall into the “swamp.”

Headquarters . As children, my brother and I never got tired of playing in a house made from improvised means: pillows from our parents’ sofa, a table with a hanging tablecloth, chairs placed back to back at some distance and covered with a large blanket... Don’t forget about the Headquarters. You can act out the fairy tale “Teremok”.

- “Hot and cold” . Children of any age enjoy playing this game. The rules are simple: you hide some toy in the room, and the baby must find it. Prompt him with the words “cold”, “very cold”, “warmer”, “warm”, “hot”, “very hot”, etc. The closer he gets to the toy, the “hotter”. When it is found, change places with the baby. Now the mother is looking and the child is hiding.

Toy money . We put the coins under the paper. Using a soft pencil, rub over the coin. We cut out paper money.

- Jumping gallop . Jump on one leg for as long as possible.

Color guessing game . We wish for some colored thing in the room. We name the color and ask you to guess this item.

Games with parents

Despite the fact that the majority of the guests are children, and the hero of the celebration is the birthday child, adults do not have to stay away from the fun. Parents can also take part in competitions. Moreover, why not compete with the children (of course, giving in to them just a little).

  • Fun games and funny competitions for children at home: 22 ways not to get bored within four walls

"Photo puzzles"

  • Number of participants: unlimited.
  • Props: A4 photographs, cut into several pieces. It is advisable to take different photos of the birthday boy with friends.
  • Children's age: 5+

Participants are divided into two teams – adults and children. Each team receives its own “puzzle”. The team that collects the picture the fastest wins. You can also use a frame from a cartoon rather than a photo. You not only need to assemble the puzzle, but also guess which cartoon the image is from.

"Papa Races"

  • Number of participants: teams “father + child”.
  • Props: none.
  • Children's age: 3+

Competitions for dads and children. Dads get on all fours, children sit on their backs. The goal of the competition is simple - to ride your dad to the end of the room and back faster than the other participants.

"Following Animal Tracks"

  • Number of participants: unlimited.
  • Props: cardboard footprints of various animals.
  • Children's age: 6+

Participants are divided into teams “parent + child”. The goal of the competition is to reach the finish line as quickly as possible. Parents receive two animal tracks. The child should only step on these footprints. The player puts all his weight on one leg while his parent rearranges the cardboard - a trace for the next step.

"Little Red Riding Hood's Path"

  • Number of participants: unlimited.
  • Props: two ropes at least 5 meters long.
  • Children's age: 4+

Not only children and parents, but also grandmothers can take part in this task. Participants are divided into two teams – children and parents. In front of the children's team, the rope is placed in a straight path, in front of the parents' team - in a winding path. The goal of the game is to quickly walk along your path to your grandmother, who is waiting at the finish line. You can take a real “grandmother” from the invited guests. If there is none, then any of the participants can replace it.

Joint games with parents are not just entertainment, but also an opportunity to communicate with your child, bond more with him, and also get to know his friends better.

How to captivate a child without expensive toys? Simple and interesting ideas!

We make games and toys from scrap materials!

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Guessing the animals . Each one depicts an animal. Others must guess which one.

- Ball, fly ! Throw a balloon into the air. You need to push it up with your index finger, preventing it from falling. Inflate the balloon without tying it and release it. We watch him rush around the room.

Safe volleyball . Stretch a rope between the backs of two chairs located at a distance from each other. Play volleyball with a balloon.

- What's missing ? Place five items on the tray. The child looks at them carefully and remembers them. Then he closes his eyes, and at this time you hide one of them. The kid must determine which item is missing. Gradually add new things to the tray. And when the child masters the game, remove several objects at once.

Outdoor games

Children of all ages love various activities. Outdoor games for children at birthday parties, as a rule, are liked most by guests. The main thing is that all entertainment is safe.

Adults need to carefully monitor the participants: children who are naughty can accidentally injure themselves or others (push, fall, hit a bump, etc.). The room should have enough space for movement; it is also better to remove all breakable and fragile objects from there, and move furniture with sharp corners.

"Who am I?"

  • Number of participants: unlimited.
  • Props: blindfold.
  • Children's age: 5+

A presenter is selected. He is blindfolded. The guests scatter, and the host must catch one of them and, with his eyes closed, determine who exactly he caught. If the host guesses correctly, the caught guest takes his place. The game will be more interesting if the presenter asks the person who falls into his hands to perform some task that will help establish his identity (sing a song, imitate an animal, for example, grunt, etc.).

  • Outdoor games for children at home

"Water Carriers"

  • Number of participants: not limited, but even so that children can split into two teams.
  • Props: two toy buckets of the same volume.
  • Children's age: 4+

Teams line up in two lines. The first participants are given a bucket of water. Their task is to run with the bucket to the start, then go back and pass the container to the next participant, who will repeat the race. When all participants have completed the relay, the leader will compare the amount of water in the buckets. The winner is the team that not only overtook their opponents, but also spilled as little liquid as possible.

"War of the Balloons"

  • Number of participants: unlimited.
  • Props: chairs and as many balloons as possible.
  • Children's age: 2+

A partition is made from chairs in the room. The teams are located on opposite sides of the barricade. At the leader’s command, both teams begin to throw balloons to the enemy’s side. When the “Stop!” command sounds, the game ends and the balls are counted. The team with the fewest balls on its side wins.

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