Information for parents and teachers “We educate children in the rules of personal safety on the street and road”

girl doll, policeman doll and traffic lightPhoto: UGC Traffic rules for children are very important as we live in a world filled with cars and public transport. According to data, significantly more children die in road accidents than from fires and diseases. That is why it is important to explain traffic rules to children from an early age in order to avoid tragedy on the road. Let's figure out when to start telling children about traffic rules and how to present the information.

Methods for developing road safety skills in children and adolescents

There are several ways to learn. Safe traffic skills are developed from childhood in educational institutions and in the family. Teachers and parents explain to preschoolers, schoolchildren, and students the importance of following traffic rules.

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Correct behavior on the roads is formed with the help of:

  • lectures given in classes;
  • publishing literature, newspapers, magazines;
  • conducting joint social projects with children and parents;
  • invitations to traffic police officers, medical workers, psychologists;
  • organizing thematic competitions, holidays, quizzes for children and teenagers.

At the first stage, students are introduced to general concepts: road traffic - what it is, how it is carried out, who is considered to be participants. Subsequently, the child has the right to independently choose the form of initiation into the study of traffic rules.

Major violations of pedestrians and passengers

Everyone is obliged to follow the rules, since this allows them to avoid emergency situations, however, violations do happen quite often. As an example, let's look at the most common violations.

Major violations by pedestriansFailure to comply with rules by passengers
  1. Failure to comply with markings and ignoring signs. Here you can highlight a designation such as a pedestrian crossing.
  2. Ignorance of traffic rules. The pedestrian is often not familiar with the rules and this leads to a violation of the “Give way” requirement.
  1. The passenger distracts the driver from driving the vehicle, which leads to an accident.
  2. Citizens are not very familiar with the obligation to wear a seat belt.

Even if a violation has occurred, the guilt of the passenger, pedestrian or driver must be proven. Before the law, these traffic participants have equal rights, and also, each assumes certain responsibilities.


At unregulated crossings, pedestrians are allowed to enter the road only after they have assessed the distance to the approaching vehicle and the speed of the vehicles. It is necessary to make sure that crossing the roadway will not pose a threat to their life and health. When crossing the road outside the marking zone, pedestrians should not interfere with the movement of vehicles. It is prohibited to step out from behind a static vehicle or other object that limits visibility without first making sure that there are no approaching vehicles. Upon entering the roadway area, a person should not linger or stop unless it concerns safety. If a vehicle approaches with blue signals or red and blue beacons on, as well as equipped with special sound, people crossing the area must stop and allow these vehicles to pass. Those planning to cross the roadway should refrain from driving. Waiting for a minibus or other regular vehicle is carried out at special stopping points. Such places are equipped with landing platforms raised above the roadway. If there are no such points, you can wait for transport on the side of the road or on the sidewalk.

What can you count on in the roadway area?

While on the track, you need to be prepared for any development of events. For example:

  1. There are often traffic workers on the highway, which will require you to avoid obstacles.
  2. A person or animal may suddenly jump out, and you need to be prepared to take safety measures.
  3. When in a residential area, you should be especially careful. If the person is a driver, then reduce the speed. A pedestrian must take into account that the driver will not always have time to react to the sudden appearance of people on the road.
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