Games and competitions for the New Year for children and adults—entertainment at the New Year's party in kindergarten

Any matinee will become more fun and interesting if the New Year's performance is accompanied by competitions and interesting active games. In kindergarten, it is important to select games according to the age of the children and their level of development. For children in the nursery and junior kindergarten groups, it will be difficult to understand the conditions of difficult competitions. And children from the older group will have more fun if they receive small prizes for participating in the games.

Every year, parents and preschool teachers look for and prepare a large amount of entertainment, decorating the hall with snowflakes to create a festive mood and joyful emotions. And there is always a shortage of ideas to make magic and fairy tales happen. Take it and use it - let matinees or performances at home bring sincere joy and be remembered for a lifetime.

New Year's competitions and outdoor games for kindergarten with parents

Parents are often invited to the kindergarten’s matinee. Adults watch the kids with affection and record what is happening on video. If you prepare competitions in which parents can participate, this will primarily please the kids. And serious adults will remember their childhood.

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  1. New Year's competitions and outdoor games for kindergarten with parents
  2. New Year's party games for kids
  3. New Year competitions for kindergarten in the preparatory group
  4. Fun and funny competitions from Santa Claus for children at home


What you will need:

  • Hat,
  • Prepare several riddles for the presenter.

To the accompaniment of rhythmic, cheerful music, children and adults stand on stage or in the center of the circle. The hat is put on one of the participants, and he must put the hat on the head of his neighbor. The music stops abruptly. The participant who is wearing the hat at that moment must recite a poem about winter or New Year, or guess the presenter’s riddle.

Portrait of Santa Claus

What you will need:

  • Large Whatman paper,
  • Markers of different colors,
  • Head scarf or blindfold.

Whatman paper is mounted on a stand. Two teams: a team of parents and a team of children. Each participant in turn from each team, blindfolded, draws Santa Claus on whatman paper with a colored felt-tip pen. Moreover, each subsequent person is not told which parts of Santa Claus are already in the picture.

Bag of surprises

What you will need:

  • Two small bags with drawstrings,
  • blindfolds,
  • Various toys of approximately the same size: cubes, fox, bunny, matryoshka, rattle, etc.

Two children and an adult competing. In turn, each person, blindfolded, takes out a toy. Describes what he felt. The participant who guessed more objects that he described wins. Who has the better imagination?

Dress up the Christmas tree

What you will need:

  • Two small artificial Christmas trees of the same size,
  • Two boxes with unbreakable Christmas tree decorations.

Two teams of three people. Parents and children. On command, they decorate their Christmas tree to the music. The one whose Christmas tree is the most beautiful and neat wins.

New Year's auction

Parents and children sit in the hall or stand in a circle. The presenter asks to name the attributes of the New Year's holiday. For example, a Christmas tree, garlands, rain, and so on. The participant who stammers and cannot say anything sings a song or reads a poem as punishment.


Two teams play. Team of parents and team of children. Each team in turn, without words, must depict a scene from a cartoon about the New Year or about the symbols of the year. The rest of the matinee participants must guess what kind of cartoon it is. The team that scores the most points wins.

Senior group. Senior preschool age. Children 5-6 years old

Scenario of a recitation competition for children of senior preschool age with the participation of younger preschoolers “Poetry Album” Municipal autonomous preschool educational institution “Kindergarten No. 277”

Vodopyanova 9a, Krasnoyarsk, 660125, tel. (8-391)
255-89-80, e-mail
Scenario of a reading competition for children of senior preschool age with the participation of younger preschoolers...
Scenario of an intellectual competition for children of senior preschool age

Intellectual competition "Umka"

. The purpose of the game: to create conditions for generalizing and systematizing the knowledge of children of senior preschool age with pronounced abilities and identifying the level of development of intellectual abilities. Educational objectives: - increasing the level...

New Year's party games for kids

For children aged 2-3 years, interesting games involve active movements. Run around, scatter objects or pick something up.


What you will need:

  • Artificial snowballs made of cotton wool or foil,
  • Box.

The presenter invites the children to play in the snow. But there are a lot of snowballs scattered on the floor, and the children must collect them in a box.

Help the bunny

What you will need:

  • Plastic vegetables, or crafts in the form of cones or carrots.
  • Basket or bag.

The presenter or the Snow Maiden, or the bunny himself asks to help the children collect the vegetables that he has lost into a basket or box. For example, Bunny had a basket with plastic carrots. Children like to help a positive hero.

Shine Christmas tree

A very simple game, the point is that the children shout in unison: “Christmas tree - burn!” The presenter or a fairy tale character asks the children to shout louder so that the Christmas tree lights up with lights. Alternatively, you can call Grandfather Frost or Snow Maiden.

Happy dancing

Invite the children to dance to fun, rhythmic music. To make the dance an element of a fairy tale, you can offer children tinsel or handkerchiefs.

Train or stream

Line up the children one after another. Let the character of a fairy tale or the Snow Maiden be at the head of the line. Children will happily run around like a train to the sound of cheerful music. For the stream, the children stand in groups of two and hold hands. The one who stands at the end of the line runs into the resulting corridor. Such a stream can be built from parents or characters from a New Year's performance.


Children stand in a circle. Everyone is given a blue or blue balloon in their hands. The children's task is to throw the balls high so that they do not fall to the floor. If the ball falls, the presenter says that it is raining.

Types of games on the theme “May 9”

Based on the fact that gaming activity accompanies all methods of organizing educational activities, the theme “Victory Day” is implemented in the following types of games:

  • didactic (in verbal, board and printed games, games with objects);
  • outdoor activities (in team and individual competitions, attention games);
  • theatrical (in dramatizations, including to illustrate physical education lessons).

Games on the theme "Victory Day" usually have musical accompaniment.

Educational, that is, didactic games, are used mainly in the process of educational activities or when performing routine tasks (for example, verbal games can be played while walking), while active and theatrical games are more focused on organizing leisure activities: matinees, sports festivals.

At the same time, the goals of gaming activities in the context of the “Victory Day” theme will be common:

  • gaining knowledge about the history of the country;
  • development of speech, thinking and basic physical abilities;
  • instilling a sense of pride in the heroism of the people during the Second World War.

These goals are specified in the context of each type of game for all age groups.

Games on the theme “Victory Day” can be held not only indoors, but also outdoors

New Year competitions for kindergarten in the preparatory group

Game "YES or NO"

The children must unanimously approve the items with which they are going to decorate the Christmas tree.

The presenter - Santa Claus or Snow Maiden says:

“The guys and I will play an interesting game: I will tell the kids what we decorate the Christmas tree with. Listen carefully and be sure to answer. If we tell you correctly, say “Yes” in response. Well, if suddenly it’s wrong, boldly say “No!” - Multi-colored firecrackers? — Blankets and pillows? — Folding beds and cribs? — Marmalades, chocolates? — Glass balls? — Are the chairs wooden? - Teddy bears? - Primers and books? - Are the beads multi-colored? — Are the garlands light? - Snow made from white cotton wool? - Satchels and briefcases? - Shoes and boots? — Cups, forks, spoons? — Are the candies shiny? — Are tigers real? — Are the cones golden? — Are the stars radiant?

New Year's box competition

The presenter reads 3 clues to the children, with the help of which they should guess the surprises lying in the elegant box.

The smartest ones receive prizes. Not a Christmas tree, but an elegant one. Not a musician, but loves to play. It’s not the baby, but “mom” who speaks. (Doll)

Not a watermelon, but a round one. Not a hare, but jumping. It's not a bicycle, it's rolling. (Ball)

Not a gnome, but in a cap. It's not a car, it's refueling. Not an artist, but a painter. (Felt pen)

Not a fox, but a red one. Not a waffle, but a crispy one. Not a mole, but sitting underground. (Carrot)

Not a cake, but a sweet one. Not a Negro, but a dark-skinned one. Not an orange, but with slices. (Chocolate)

Not a ladle, but scoops. Not a door, but with a handle. Not a cook, but a feeder. (Spoon)

Not a plate, but a round one. Not a heron, but standing on one leg. Not a wheel, but a spinning one. (Yula)

Not a feather, but light. Not a snowflake, but flying. Not a kidney, but bursting. (Balloon)

Not a ruler, but a thin one. Not a mother, but a caring one. Not a crocodile, but a toothy one. (Comb)

Not cotton wool, but white. Not snow, but cold. Not sugar, but sweet. (Ice cream)

Competition Catch the Snowball

What you will need:

  • Several buckets or boxes,
  • Artificial snowballs (foil, unbreakable Christmas tree decorations, tennis balls).

Several couples participate.

Children stand opposite each other at a distance of approximately 4 meters. One child has an empty bucket, the other has a bag with a certain number of snowballs. At a signal, the child throws snowballs, and the partner tries to catch them with a bucket. The first couple to finish the game and collect the most snowballs wins.

Fun starts

What you will need:

  • Linen bags,
  • Box with unbreakable Christmas tree decorations.

Physical education competitions are interesting and exciting, but they are suitable for a large room in which children can easily run and jump. Examples of competitions for a spacious room for the New Year 2022: Sack running (bunnies jump to the Christmas tree and back).

Running in bags with a complication (you need to jump to the Christmas tree, take a toy from the box and hang it on the Christmas tree)

Relay race to Santa Claus (say hello to Santa Claus - run, shake hands and run back).

Relay race “Hare-Wolf” (jump to the tree like bunnies jump, run back on all fours like a wolf).

New Year's garland

What you will need:

  • Dense balloon of bright color - 2 pieces.

Children are divided into two teams and stand in two columns, one after another. A bright balloon can act as a New Year's light. Participants pass the ball over their heads (the last one runs and stands at the beginning of the column). The team whose ball does not fall to the floor wins.

The twelve Chairs

What you will need:

12 chairs

A classic game of skill. Children will love running around in circles. Twelve chairs are arranged in a circle, with their backs facing each other. Thirteen participants are called and will begin to run around a group of chairs when the music starts. As soon as the music stops, everyone should sit down on their chairs. Whoever doesn't get a chair is eliminated. And one chair is removed. The game continues until there is a winner - the one who occupied the last chair.

Festive disco

Children of all ages love to dance. But preschool children are not able to move independently for a long time to music. To turn an ordinary disco into fun, you need to diversify it. Magic hat.

Santa Claus or the presenter picks up a hat and, to the music, puts it on the children’s heads one by one. When the hat is on a participant’s head, he actively dances, and the rest simply clap their hands.

We dance like...

The host of the matinee loudly announces that now everyone is dancing like bunnies, foxes, bears, and so on. Children jump like hares or limp like bears. Games and competitions on New Year's themes in the senior group of kindergarten

Grabbed - won

What you will need:

  • A large number of toys: dolls, bears, balls, etc.

Toys are scattered in a chaotic manner in the center of the hall. Children walk in a circle while music plays. When the music stops, each participant must grab two toys. The one who manages to take one toy is eliminated from the game.

Ice cream

What you will need:

  • Ice cream cones made of paper (roll the paper),
  • Ice cream - lumps of cotton wool with PVA glue.

Two teams of children. After a dance competition or performance. The Snow Maiden and Father Frost say that they are very hot, and to cool down they need to eat ice cream. They take a paper cone in their hands, and the children apply cotton wool ice cream. The team that does this the fastest will win.

Race in felt boots

What you will need:

  • The felt boots are very large.

Children are divided into two teams. The task of those competing in felt boots is to run to the Christmas tree and back. Pass the boots to the next person. The team that completes the relay the fastest will win.

Musical hat

What you will need:

  • Hat,
  • Notes with New Year's paraphernalia (Christmas tree, snowman, toys, etc.).

Children pull a note out of a hat and will have to read a poem or sing a song with the word that is written.


This game trains memory and attentiveness. Children take turns approaching the Christmas tree and try to remember in 30 seconds what toys and decorations are hanging on it. Then they turn away and try to remember what they saw.

Naughty socks

Children are divided into teams of approximately 5 participants. For each team, you need to prepare sets of socks in advance (5 pairs per team, if there are 5 participants in the team). Each participant on each team is given one sock from the team kit. The second socks are placed in a pile at the same distance from each team. At the command “start”, the participants run one by one to their pile, look for their sock, run back and put two socks on their feet. After the first participant has found his sock, the second participant goes in search, followed by the third, and so on. The team whose children will quickly find their socks and put them on their feet will win.

For compote and salad

The guys are divided into teams with the same number of participants, for example, 5. For each team, piles of fruits are located at the same distance (the sets for all teams are the same, for example, tomato, cucumber, radish, onion, pepper, plum, apricot, strawberry, raspberry , pear. Of course, you can take fake fruits and vegetables, but toy or special fruits for decoration. Near each pile there are 2 baskets with inscriptions and pictures: on one basket there is a picture with a jar of compote, and on the second basket there is a picture with a bowl of salad. At the command “start”, the first team members run to their pile of fruits and choose one fruit for one and the other basket, that is, one fruit for compote and one fruit for salad. As soon as the choice is made, the participants run back to their team and pass the baton to the second participants.The team in which the guys correctly distribute the vegetables and fruits into the appropriate baskets will win.

Games at the table

When the pizza is eaten and the candles on the cake are blown out, you can arrange table games for the children at the birthday party. The peculiarity of these entertainments is that they are held right at the table, without the need to get up and actively move. As a rule, table games include quizzes, riddles, tasks for ingenuity, memory and thinking.

"Remember your neighbor"

  • Number of participants: unlimited.
  • Props: none.
  • Children's age: 7+

A game that perfectly develops memory. Children are asked to look at each other for a few minutes. Then they are blindfolded one by one and asked questions: “What color is the neighbor’s hair on the left?”, “How many buttons does the neighbor on the right have on his jacket?”, “The color of the eyes of the person sitting opposite?” and so on.

"Magic letter"

  • Number of participants: unlimited.
  • Props: none.
  • Children's age: 6+

The presenter offers a letter. All guests must name objects starting with this letter that are in the room. The one who says the last word wins.

  • DIY board games for children


  • Number of participants: unlimited.
  • Props: A4 sheet of paper, several ballpoint pens.
  • Children's age: 8+

The first participant writes a phrase on a piece of paper that will become the beginning of a common story. Then the player wraps the sheet so that what is written is not visible. He moves the last word from his phrase to the beginning of the next line and passes the sheet to the next participant, who must continue the story.

Example: the first player writes: “One day Vaska came to school.” He wraps the piece of paper and writes again the last word: “school,” from which the second participant starts. He continues: “The school was attacked by aliens yesterday.” The phrase is wrapped, the last word is moved to a blank line, etc.

Stages of preparing a children's party

Organizing a children's party is actually not that difficult. To do this you need to perform several steps:

  • Decorate the room. Balloons, flags, banners with inscriptions, funny photographs of the birthday boy or images with his favorite fairy-tale/cartoon characters can be used as decoration.
  • Set the table. There is no need to prepare roasts, mayonnaise salads and numerous snacks. Children will appreciate the sweet table and fruit selections. Of course, the centerpiece of the table is the birthday cake (necessarily with candles, because blowing them out is a fun tradition that every child looks forward to on their birthday). It is recommended to use festive dishes with cheerful designs. Firstly, this will make the table look more elegant. Secondly, children will not be afraid of breaking a plate or glass. Thirdly, this will save parents from having to wash mountains of dirty dishes after the holiday is over.
  • Prepare gifts. You can not just give gifts to the birthday boy, but arrange a real quest to find gifts and even involve all the guests in it. If all invited children will participate in the quest, it is worth preparing a small gift for each of them.
  • Choose games for children for their birthday.

You need to prepare especially carefully for the last point, because children will quickly get bored of sitting at the table, they will quickly want to move around and have fun.

Don't forget about the prizes for the competition winners. These can be various little things (soap bubbles, funny keychains, stickers, children's stationery, etc.) or sweets.

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