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Lesson summary on traffic rules: “Road markings”

Date of____________


Topic: Road markings


Create conditions for students to develop the ability to distinguish between types of road markings in populated areas and outside the city.


1) Introduce students to the types of road markings

2) Create conditions for students to develop the skills to analyze, compare, contrast and generalize; enriching students' vocabulary and expanding children's horizons.

3) Create conditions for nurturing a pedestrian culture.


traffic rules training class, bicycle area.


multimedia equipment, posters, bicycles, helmets, protection.

Progress of the lesson

1. Organizational moment.

Greeting and communicating the topic and purpose of the lesson.

2. Main part.

Theoretical part.

What is markup? These are various signs that signify or point to something. There are also markings on the roads - road markings. In places where vehicles move, you can see horizontal and vertical markings.

Horizontal markings are lines, arrows and inscriptions on the roadway (on asphalt). What are they needed for? Using these lines and other symbols, the order of movement is established.

The boundaries of traffic lanes are indicated by broken (dashed) lines.

Those lanes in which cars drive in different directions (that is, in opposite directions) are separated by a solid line, and if there are 4 or more lanes on the road, then by 2 solid lines.


QUESTIONS FOR THE SLIDES: 1. Explain why these roads do not have the same road markings? 2.How do horizontal markings help drivers?

VERTICAL MARKINGS are black and white stripes on various road structures. You can see this combination of stripes, for example, on bridge supports or wire paths.

This black and white marking also denotes guide posts installed along roads, and in dangerous areas - fencing curbs and roads.

SLIDE: 4 -6.

QUESTIONS: 1. Why do you think vertical markings are necessary on roads? 2. Why are vertical markings made from a combination of black and white stripes? 3. In what places are these markings made?

3.Work in albums

. Invite children to draw a road with vertical and horizontal markings (zebra).


Practical part.
Bicycle classes.

Tasks: 1. drive 5 laps without crossing the solid marking lines on the training ground.

2.ride a bicycle with overtaking rules on a broken line

6. Results.

1) What new did we learn in class?


: Slides 7.

1.What kind of marking is this – horizontal or vertical?

2.How many roadways are there? (one)

3.How many lanes are there? (four)

4.What does the double solid line mean? (separates traffic flows in opposite directions, marks borders where entry is prohibited)

5.What do the broken lines mean? (they separate traffic lanes and indicate the edge of the roadway)

Slide 8.

1.What kind of marking is this – horizontal or vertical?

2.Does this marking mark the edge of the roadway or warn of driving along a dangerous section of the road?

3.How do these road markings help parents?

2) Praise students for their work.

Road signs on the playground

While having fun, children will be able to get acquainted with the meaning of some road signs, “play out” certain situations on the road and understand the importance of attentive and safe behavior

Game road signs will clearly show what real signs look like. These are not paper signs, but real stationary signs, of good quality and made from environmentally friendly materials.

With their help, you can arrange a small section of the roadway with traffic lights, pedestrian crossings, intersections, and various signs. Both “pedestrians” and “vehicles” will be able to play here: children on scooters, bicycles, electric cars. While playing, children can learn to walk on sidewalks, cross the road at pedestrian crossings, follow traffic lights, etc.

Interaction plan for the base site according to traffic rules. Educational and methodological material

Work plan

Regional base site for prevention

child road traffic injuries

on the basis of the municipal budgetary preschool educational institution kindergarten "Teremok" Zelenolugsky

for the 2019-2020 academic year.

Explanatory note

The main goal of the base site in the preschool educational institution is to create a comprehensive system of work for the prevention of child road traffic injuries.

Human life and health are the highest value; the State assumes responsibility for protecting, protecting and ensuring the safety of human life. One of the components of general safety is road safety. Creating a favorable and safe environment for road users is a matter of state concern, which is reflected in the Law on Education of the Russian Federation and the Federal State Educational Standard for Preschool Education (Order No. 1155 of October 17, 2013) aimed at ensuring child safety conditions.

Every day, up to 15 children die under the wheels of cars in Russia. Up to 1.5 thousand children die from injuries received as a result of road accidents, and more than 20 thousand are injured and maimed.

The worsening situation with accidents, road accidents involving children and the presence of the problem of ensuring road safety require educational institutions to develop and implement a set of educational activities to promote safe behavior of road users.

  • MBDOU d/s "Teremok" has been conducting targeted work for many years to prevent children's road traffic injuries; the teaching staff has created all the necessary conditions for the implementation of this area of ​​work. In the educational process, preschool teachers solve problems of transferring to children knowledge about road safety rules as a pedestrian and a passenger in a vehicle. Teachers make efforts to help the child master the rules of the road, prepare him for the school period of life, namely: independently use the rules of safe movement, starting from the territory of his home. The main role is given to teachers and parents. A lot depends on how prepared they themselves are. At the same time, it is necessary to know the possible forms of training for preschool children, taking into account their psychophysiological characteristics.
  • In 2019, the MBDOU d/s "Teremok" in the village of Zelenolugsky was assigned the status of a basic preschool educational institution (Order No. 380 of September 25, 2019).
  • As part of the work of the base site, a system of measures has been created to prevent DDTT and teach children traffic rules, which provides for systematic work with all participants in the educational process and, as a result, solving the problem of developing children's skills of conscious safe behavior on the streets.


1.Organization of a set of measures to prevent child road traffic injuries.

2. Presentation of the experience of the MBDOU d/s "Teremok" in the prevention of children's road traffic injuries.

3. Integration of work with parents and society to prevent child road traffic injuries.

4.Analyze the effectiveness of work in this area.

Special task for 2022 -2020:

is to expand the activities of the base site through the active involvement of the MBDOU Martynovsky district in activities for the prevention of children's road traffic injuries, not only as participants, but also as organizers of such events with children and their parents (legal representatives), teaching staff, traffic police inspectors and other organizations.

Work plan for the base site according to traffic rules

MBDOU d/s "Teremok" Zelenolugsky for the 2019-2020 academic year

The content of the work Deadlines Responsible
1. Organizational arrangements
1.1 Creation of a working group to develop a work plan for the base site for the 2019-2022 academic year September Tregubova M.E.
1.2 Meeting of the working group with the invitation of representatives of preschool educational institutions, traffic police inspectors and specialists on interaction issues in the 2019-2020 academic year October Borzistaya O.A.
1.3 Preparation of the material, technical and methodological base for the operation of the base site During a year Tregubova M.E.

Borzistaya O.A.

MBDOU teachers

1.4 Summing up the work of the base site for the 2019-2022 academic year May Tregubova M.E.

Borzistaya O.A.

2. Public events
2.1 Municipal stage of the regional competition “Best festive event dedicated to the 5th anniversary of the formation of UPID teams” October Borzistaya O.A.

Samylova A.V.

2.2 Consultation with a teacher-psychologist “Psychological characteristics of a child’s behavior on the road” for preschool teachers January Borzistaya O.A.
2.3 Municipal stage of the regional competition “Innovative approach to conducting training classes on traffic rules with pupils of preschool educational institutions” March Borzistaya O.A.

Samylova A.V.

3. Measures to discriminate the work experience of teachers
3.1 Presentation “Developmental subject-spatial environment of a preschool educational institution as an effective means of forming the initial understanding of preschoolers about traffic rules” 10/29/2019 Borzistaya O.A.
3.2 Open lesson for teachers of attached preschool educational institutions “Travel to the country of traffic rules.” January Teachers of MBDOU d/s "Teremok"
4. Propaganda activities
4.1 Carrying out campaigns to prevent DDTT Monthly Preschool teachers
4.2 Distribution of leaflets and leaflets on road safety issues among preschool educational institutions Quarterly Preschool teachers
4.3 Conducting parent meetings on road safety issues Quarterly Preschool teachers
4.4 Performance of YUPID DOU teams Monthly Head of the UPI team
4.5 Posting information materials on teaching traffic rules to preschoolers on the preschool educational institution website Quarterly Preschool teachers

Traffic rules center in kindergarten

Road safety center in kindergarten

I suggest you get acquainted with the road safety center in my group.

Goal: developing skills for safe behavior on the roads in preschool children through familiarization with the rules of the road. Our group’s traffic safety center has everything necessary for children to learn the rules of the road: a model of our area with a roadway, a model of a traffic light, batons, road signs, cars; didactic games, different types of construction sets, visual and didactic material.

Model of the microdistrict in which the kindergarten is located.

There are attributes for role-playing games: buses, trolleybuses, cars and trucks, road signs, a functioning traffic light. Children play with pleasure, wearing car masks, controlling traffic lights, and using a baton.

Lots of board games, children's literature on traffic rules.

Domino "Road Signs"

Domino "Transport"

Lotto "Road Signs"

Lotto "Transport"

For direct educational activities there is demonstration material: Types of transport

Situations “How to avoid trouble?”

Subject paintings according to traffic rules

A card index of observations and conversations, outdoor games, didactic games, poems and riddles on traffic rules.

A large transformable road has been made; there is a “City” construction set for it. For independent activities in the corner, children can take coloring pages on traffic rules.

For older children, there are Lego sets for building cars.

The center has leaflets, brochures, and folders with information on traffic rules, which periodically appear in information corners for parents.

The road safety center is one of the best in our kindergarten.

We recommend watching:

Do-it-yourself equipment for traffic rules. Screen for kindergarten Synopsis of an integrated lesson on traffic rules in the preparatory group Entertainment on traffic rules for children of the senior group “Tour of the city.” Abstract Script of the fairy tale “Teremok” according to traffic rules in a new way for children of the older group

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Platform for teaching safe road traffic

Irina Filippova

Platform for teaching safe road traffic

The state of road safety in the Russian Federation is becoming an increasingly serious socio-economic and legal problem. The level of accidents on the roads remains high. The constant increase in the vehicle fleet, along with other reasons, leads to a sharp increase in the number of road traffic accidents (accidents, the severity of the consequences of which is quite comparable to a national disaster.

The problem of road safety has different aspects. The main one will always be the preservation of human life, especially the lives of children. Today, in the age of rapid growth of traffic flows on our streets, a child from early childhood becomes a participant in traffic , so the problem of teaching the basics of safe behavior on the streets and roads is especially relevant.

The high level of children's road traffic injuries is largely due to insufficient organization of prevention, education, and training of preschool children in the basics of road safety .

If in relation to an adult it can be said in certain cases that he himself caused his own death and injury, then in relation to children this can never be said, even if the child himself violated the traffic . IT'S NOT HIS FAULT! This means that we adults did not teach him the rules of behavior on the roadway. The road safety of children depends only on adults.

Parents and teachers should evaluate their work to prevent child road traffic injuries and answer important questions: do I pay enough attention to children when we walk on the street? Do I interpret traffic ? Is my behavior an example for my child?

To help children navigate traffic and feel safe a playground for teaching safe road traffic on the territory of the kindergarten . Classes on road safety sites are one of the most effective ways to develop children's skills for safe behavior on the streets , roads and transport . Now children have the opportunity to learn the skills of safe road crossing at both regulated and unregulated pedestrian crossings, and become familiar with the rules of behavior on the road .

For a more stable assimilation of theoretical knowledge, we propose to conduct practical classes using the simplest and most accessible markings - an intersection.

Using markings - “crossroads”

You can conduct classes on various topics on the prevention of DDTT. The most relevant topics are: crossing the roadway at a controlled pedestrian crossing, crossing the roadway at an unregulated pedestrian crossing, behavior at a public transport stop, crossing the roadway after leaving public transport, types of
road markings , familiarization with road signs . And also, you can talk in detail about the dangers that lie in wait for young pedestrians on the roads .
The main advantage of intersection markings is that with its help you can create almost any road traffic

situation. Therefore, knowledge and consolidation of the material take place in conditions close to reality.

The playground is equipped with portable road signs , traffic lights with switching signals, children's transport, various buildings, which attracts children and allows almost the whole group to play (service station, gas station, medical aid station, food service, etc.).

The purpose of creating the site : to form in preschoolers the foundations of a culture of safe behavior on the streets and roads .

Educational objectives:

1. Develop skills of confident and safe behavior on the street and in transport;

2. Expand children's understanding of the surrounding road environment and traffic rules .

Developmental tasks:

1. To develop children’s skills to anticipate dangerous situations on the roads .

2. Expand children's vocabulary with words and expressions related to the topic of road safety .

3. Formation in children of the habit of restraining their impulses and desires.

4. Contribute to the acquisition of observation skills (can look around, notice, assess the situation, anticipate, determine the speed, direction of the car, distance to it) of the road and the movement of vehicles.

with rules of behavior on the road .

Motor towns and traffic rules for children

Educational materials for school classes on traffic rules mainly include teaching aids on traffic rules in school and kindergarten, as well as posters and stands illustrating traffic rules for children. However, if you do not practice the acquired knowledge in practice, learning the rules of behavior on the road may end up being a waste of time.

It is not possible to practice traffic rules for children directly in the city, but using special equipment for a motor city, it is possible to simulate conditions that are as close as possible to real ones. PA "Zarnitsa" develops and produces equipment for motor vehicle towns. The equipment usually includes LED traffic lights with stands, a set of road signs, models of buildings, traffic police posts, tunnels and stops, barriers and other elements that may be found on the road. Road markings are applied with special paint, traffic lights are switched using remote controls, and mini-cars with pedal or electric drive are used to simulate various situations. The children's auto town gives schoolchildren the opportunity to feel like real road users; such equipped areas are an excellent place for holding off-site events dedicated to traffic rules at school.

When installing equipment for a motor city, you should take into account the fact that it takes up quite a lot of space. The vast territory allows you to make maximum use of all the elements that the auto town for children includes, and to better handle various traffic situations.

For conducting practical classes in a small area (for example, in a school yard), training grounds that imitate elements of a city road, just like a motor vehicle town, are more suitable. The markings are applied directly to the asphalt surface, and traffic lights are installed on portable stands or attached to anchor bases.

The Zarnitsa Production Association is one of the market leaders among companies offering equipment for the motor vehicle park. We produce a variety of building models, road signs, traffic lights and stands necessary to create full-fledged children's educational areas. The company's product range includes sites of various configurations, as well as mobile motor cities, which are most convenient for placement in small areas. A mobile city is a set of road surface, several signs and road elements. This motor city, made on the basis of vinyl canvas with full-color printing, can be easily and quickly mounted on any hard surface.

Rules for horizontal marking of playgrounds

In the auto town for children, everything is like an adult! Road construction is controlled by SNiP “Highway Roads” standards, therefore, the markings of playgrounds and car parks must be applied with the same quality and technicality as on a real highway.

In children's playgrounds, all turns, junctions and intersections found in real megacities are modeled, and the application of road markings on the playground is under the control of GOST R 52289–2004 standards. In particular, the site must have a roundabout and a cross-shaped intersection with all the marking elements specified in the traffic rules. According to the instructions of the State Program "Children's Autotown", road markings in a children's town include the following elements:

  • crosswalk;
  • division of traffic flows of the opposite direction;
  • stop line;
  • intersection with a bicycle path.

Landscaping of an area for children's games and sports

You can make markings on the asphalt in the garden not only for games, but also for sports! Marked sports areas will allow children to develop a strong spirit, improve their health and splash out huge reserves of their energy before bedtime. Using our custom molds, you can decorate a football or basketball court, mark out the “fun starts” area, and mark out the playing fields for other games.

Particular attention is now paid to studying the Rules of the Road, the safety of drivers, cyclists and pedestrians. It is very important that children understand from a very early age that pedestrians are full participants in the road and therefore must know and follow all the rules. Marking the playground with thermoplastic will allow children in the garden to create a miniature design of a real roadway - with intersections, traffic lights and colored road signs. In this zone, children can feel like both drivers and pedestrians.


Dear teachers!

We are glad to present you a wonderful solution for organizing useful leisure time for children - Road Town ! A useful, aesthetic and multifunctional solution for equipping a preschool educational institution site measuring 10x11 meters. It is possible to design sites of other sizes, as well as implement road signs, traffic lights and other elements separately.

In connection with the increase in child injuries on the road, the issue of developing in children a system of knowledge and conscious skills for safe participation in road traffic comes to the fore. Designing a traffic rules area on the territory of a preschool educational institution contributes to the sustainable formation of a culture of safe behavior on the road among preschoolers. Children learn to navigate the street correctly, react quickly, and solve problems related to road users.

The best traffic rules from the point of view of learning efficiency is an imitation of a real city with roads in the garden.

Please note that our version of the site is a road town, and therefore a wide field for learning many useful skills. The size, number and specificity of the elements make it possible to carry out both large-scale activities and just have a good time while walking, playing out everyday situations - at a gas station, stop, store, hospital, etc.

When purchasing a set for a road camp consisting of a “Hospital”, “Shop”, “School” and “Kindergarten” there is a promotional price for the set .

The price when purchasing goods separately is highlighted in Blue.

With our professional consultant, you can create your own road town, select elements that are ideal for your site.

For example, if you have an asphalt surface, you can save a lot on the field. We can offer you stencils for applying road markings. In addition, an alternative can be a set of vinyl road markings with galvanized metal weighting (length 200 meters, width 100 mm). In addition, you can supplement existing areas with vinyl pedestrian crossings, additional road signs, building models, and so on.

To recreate situations on the road, we can offer you vests for road users, traffic controller batons, signs and other elements for road users.

Please note that this town is intended not only for teaching traffic rules, but also promotes the development of social and communication skills, allows you to role-play various everyday situations, try on various roles and professions. The elements “Shop”, “Kindergarten”, “School” and “Hospital” are double-sided (external and internal parts of the building), so children can use them for their gaming purposes. Thus, the site becomes multifunctional and suitable for spending useful leisure time not related to learning the rules of the road.

Please also pay attention to the sections of our website:

Products for preschool educational institutions on the topic “Life safety”

Stands "Children's safety on the road"

Costumes for role-playing games

Games and toys for outdoor use

Complete your kindergarten with us! We still have a lot of interesting and useful ideas!

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