Consultation for parents “Autumn has come to visit us” (you need to know this!)

Consultation for parents. Theme AUTUMN


1 Consultation for parents Topic AUTUMN

2 1. Talk to your child about what time of year it is. You can ask him questions and offer to give complete answers to them. Explain how your questions should be answered. For example: - What time of year is it? (It's autumn now) - Why do you think so? (It has become cold outside, it often rains) -What happens with the onset of autumn? (In autumn, the leaves turn yellow, red, and fall off.) -What happens to animals and birds in the fall? Birds fly away to warmer regions. Animals are preparing for winter. — Why do birds fly to warmer regions? (It became cold outside) How did people’s clothes change and why? (It became cold outside, so people began to dress warmer) 2. Help your child remember that autumn can be divided into early and late autumn. Tell your child how they differ from each other. In early autumn it is still warm, the sun shines often, and it rarely rains. The leaves on the trees begin to turn red and yellow, which is why early autumn is called golden. Asters, dahlias, marigolds and other autumn flowers are still blooming in parks and gardens. Vegetables and fruits are harvested in the fields and gardens. Lingonberries, cranberries, and mushrooms are collected in the forests. Migratory birds gather in flocks and prepare to fly south. In late autumn it becomes cold, the sun shines less and less often and no longer warms at all, and cold drizzling rains often fall. Trees are falling

3 last leaves. The grass dries up, the flowers wither. The flight of birds to the south ends. 3. Look at the pictures “Early Autumn” and “Late Autumn” with your son or daughter. Invite your child to tell the pictures about early and late autumn. If this is difficult for him, ask him questions, have a conversation comparing pictures. What time of year do we see in the first picture, what season do we see in the second? (In the first picture it is early autumn, and in the second it is late.) What day is shown in the first picture, and which day is shown in the second? (In the first picture it is clear and sunny, and in the second it is snowy and cold.) What leaves do we see on the trees in the first picture? What about the trees in the second picture? (In the first picture there are multi-colored leaves on the trees, and in the second the trees are already bare.) What does the water in the pond look like in the first and second pictures? (In the first picture the water seems light and not very cold, but in the second it is dark and cold.) 5. You can read a poem about the autumn months. Autumn Three months, three brothers On shift every year, September, October, November Unlimited period. Only summer waves its hand September on the threshold It is very warm, hot Like summer, but a little Longer than the nights have become, And the days are a little shorter, Although very hot, Like a summer path And on a wave, on a warm wave, We will meet October, A beautiful month, bright Colors the days crimson. The painted trees are as beautiful as always, When the middle brother came, The cities sparkle. But then November came, He is the eldest brother, He invited the rains with him, Brother is glad of the cold!

4 And there is no more scarlet, And there are no bright flowers, We see that November is already ready for winter. He has friendship with winter, He looks like her, Snow, ice, frost, He is very similar to winter. These are the three brothers, Their change every year, September, October, November, There is no limit on the period. 4. Learn with your child a quatrain that will help him remember the names of the months of autumn: September, October, November, With rain and falling leaves. And the birds fly away, and the children need to go to kindergarten. 5. Invite your child to divide the names of the autumn months into parts (syllables). Remind: there are as many syllables in a word as there are vowel sounds (Sep - September, Ok - October, but - November). 6. On a walk, you can train your child in the ability to recognize maple, oak, birch, rowan, poplar, aspen, and ash. Pay attention to the characteristic features of the trunk, branches, bark, leaves. Talk with your child about the color of autumn leaves, using the adjectives gold, scarlet, crimson, crimson. For example. Scarlet maple leaves, golden birch leaves, crimson aspen leaves, crimson rowan leaves. 7. You can play the game “Autumn Leaves” with your child. You throw a ball to the child and name the tree, the child returns the ball to you, forming a phrase with two adjectives. For example. Birch yellow birch leaves, maple scarlet maple leaves, aspen crimson aspen leaves, rowan orange rowan leaves. 8. Play the game “Give me a word” with your child: The birds are flying away, the flocks have gathered. The leaves fly away, the wind carries them away. All this happens if it’s with us (autumn).

5 9. Learn the following text with your child and do finger exercises. It promotes the development of fine (finger) motor skills, will help you easily remember relative adjectives (oak, maple, rowan), and will be useful during a moment of rest when writing or drawing. Check whether the child himself can form relative adjectives from the nouns birch, aspen (birch, aspen). The wind flew through the forest, Smooth wave-like movements with the palms The wind counted the leaves: Here is a large oak tree. We bend the fingers on both hands. Here's a golden one from a birch tree. Here is a carved maple leaf. We open our palms. Here is the last leaf from the aspen tree The wind threw it onto the path. We lower our hands down.


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  • Qualifying round of the small Spartakiad in MBDOU d/s No. 39

    One of the main tasks of the team of MBDOU No. 39 is to strengthen the physical health and ensure the mental and emotional well-being of preschool children. Competitions and sports days are a very successful form of introducing children to sports.

    In our kindergarten there was a qualifying stage of the competition to participate in the Small Spartakiad among children of senior preschool age. Children competed in relay races with elements of sports (basketball, football, table tennis, hockey, badminton).

    Based on the results of the competition, a team was formed that will represent our kindergarten at city competitions.

    Sports enthusiasm and the desire to achieve victory for their team captured the children so much that they did not notice what was happening around them. Everyone tried their best to reach the finish line first.

    Everyone was happy! And the children’s eyes, happy with delight, are the best reward for all competition organizers.

    Mothers Day

    Mom is the very first word a little person utters. It sounds beautiful and gentle in all languages ​​of the world. The closest person, my mother, constantly takes care of us and protects us, teaches us kindness and wisdom. Mom will always regret, understand and forgive, and will love her child, no matter what. Maternal care and selfless love warm us until old age.

    In our kindergarten on November 23, children from pre-school groups also congratulated their mothers on this wonderful holiday. We prepared poems and songs for them, as well as hand-made memorable gifts.

    Autumn marathon

    November 7, 2022 At MBDOU d/s No. 39, an autumn sports marathon was held in the senior and preparatory groups of the kindergarten together with the parents (legal representatives) of the pupils. Children and parents took part in relay races and games, showing their dexterity, speed and accuracy. Fun competitions gave children and adults a charge of bright emotions and a good mood. The kids were not left without attention either. They actively cheered for the older guys. The MBDOU administration expresses gratitude to the parents who took part in the autumn marathon.

    Golden autumn

    What do children usually expect in kindergarten?

    Even if there is no significant date on the calendar, why not arrange a holiday in honor of another event, for example, the onset of Autumn?

    On October 17, 2022, a festive event dedicated to Autumn was held at MBDOU No. 39. “Autumn Vernissage” - This was the name of our autumn holiday, in which pupils of all age groups took an active part. It was slushy and cold outside, but there was a warm, friendly atmosphere in our hall. The children danced in a circle, sang songs about autumn, played fun games, and read poems. At the festival, children reincarnated as different heroes: a squirrel, a bear, a hedgehog, and a handsome fly agaric. Children's autumn holidays are a sea of ​​smiles and fun, because although they say that autumn is a dull time, children, like no one else, are able to enjoy the golden fallen leaves under their feet and the rain, under which it is so interesting to walk under an umbrella, wearing rubber boots and wearing a raincoat. That's why the autumn holiday in kindergarten is one of the children's favorites! A holiday in kindergarten is always about amazing miracles, magical colors and the ringing laughter of the pupils. The holiday was a great success

    Autumn is a wonderful time! How beautiful it is around, nature shows itself in bright colors.

    Also in our preschool educational institution, it has become a tradition to hold exhibitions of joint works in the fall. Autumn is also a time for creativity. We invited parents and their children to make beautiful and unusual autumn crafts from natural materials. How happy it is that parents did not remain indifferent and took an active part together with their children in the production of such wonderful and amazing works.

    The purpose of holding the exhibition “Gifts of Autumn” was the desire to develop the joint creativity of children and parents, to encourage active participation in the life of the kindergarten. The topics of the work were not discussed with the parents in advance, and everyone decided for themselves what exactly to show at the exhibition.

    As a result, the exposition of the exhibition turned out to be very unusual, colorful and varied, each exhibit was distinguished by originality, unique plots and novelty. The authors of these surprises gave everyone so much joy and delight.

    Dear parents and children! We express our gratitude to you for your active participation in the exhibition “Gifts of Autumn”

    We wish you to be just as active!!

    Health Day for preschool employees

    no secret that the health of a child largely depends on the health of the teacher and his psychological state. In order to promote a healthy lifestyle and healing methods in the preschool educational institution team, to ensure a healthy rhythm of life, in our preschool institution for kindergarten employees on September 30, 2017. A sports festival was held dedicated to Preschool Worker Day “Employee, off to the start!”, in which preschool educational institution employees were participants and fans of the competition.

    Goal: promoting a healthy lifestyle and healing methods in the preschool educational institution team, ensuring a healthy rhythm of life.

    1. To promote the involvement of preschool educational institution employees in physical education and sports.

    2. Develop physical qualities: strength, endurance, speed, courage, agility, confidence.

    3. Contribute to increasing team spirit, mutual assistance, and a sense of camaraderie.

    The participants were divided into 2 teams. All participants happily followed the leader’s commands, actively participated in relay races, performed exercises, and the guests cheered for their favorite team. As a result, the preschool educational institution team spent time with health benefits, and decided to make this health day a good tradition of our preschool educational institution.

    During fun relay races, teachers and other staff competed in agility, speed, endurance, humor and resourcefulness. In addition, we checked whether we, adults, like children, could escape from worries and routine for at least a couple of hours. The test was successful - everyone completed the tasks, no one “shirked” from physical exercise, and they received a great boost of energy!

    As Hippocrates said: “Gymnastics, physical exercise, walking should firmly enter the everyday life of everyone who wants to maintain efficiency, health, a full and joyful life.”
    After all, if you don’t run while you’re healthy, you’ll have to run when you’re sick. And therefore, the main goal of our holiday is to improve the health of all employees. ORDER ON THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE STORE

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