Calendar-thematic plan for the senior group on the topic “Safety in Nature”

Card file of conversations on the formation of safety fundamentals card file on life safety (senior group) on the topic

Card index of conversations on the formation of the fundamentals of safety for children of senior school age

  1. Topic: “Contacts with strangers on the street”

Goal: To warn children against contact with strangers, to promote the development of caution and prudence in communicating with strangers.

  1. Topic: "If you're home alone"

Goal: Continue to teach how to behave correctly at home when you are suddenly left alone, to form the idea that you should not open the door to anyone outside.

  1. Topic: "Electrical appliances"

Goal: To familiarize children with electrical appliances, their purpose and rules of use.

4. Topic: “Hot items in the kitchen”

Goal: to reinforce the idea that you can get burned if you carelessly use hot water or steam from pots.

5. Topic: “Sharp objects”

Purpose: to consolidate the idea of ​​sharp objects, piercing and cutting objects, to warn against accidents in everyday life.

6.Topic: “So that there is no trouble”

Purpose: to provide knowledge about objects that are dangerous to the life and health of a child.

7. Topic: “Dangers around us”

Goal: to teach children to notice dangerous objects around them.

8. Topic: “How sand can become dangerous”

Goal: show the child games with sand and warn him that playing with it is unsafe: you need to be careful and make sure that sand does not get into your eyes, mouth, nose, clothes, or head.

9. Topic: “Dangerous objects”

Goal: to consolidate knowledge of safety rules at home and on the street. Continue to form the basis of correct behavior in critical situations.

10. Topic: “Health is the main wealth”, “So that there is no trouble”

Goal: to cultivate a caring attitude towards health.

11.Topic: “If you are lost”

Goal: To teach children not to leave the place where adults left you. If you are lost, don't be scared and don't cry!

12. Topic: “Matches are not a toy for children!”

Goal: To give children an idea of ​​the dangers that matches pose. Introduce the properties of fire. Make children want to always be careful with fire. To consolidate knowledge about the basic requirements of fire safety, to develop discipline and a sense of responsibility for one’s actions.

13. Topic: “Fire is dangerous”

Purpose: To familiarize children with the basic rules of fire safety, with the primary actions when a fire is detected; Learn how to properly report a fire by phone.

14. Topic: “Electricity”

Goal: To teach children the correct actions during an emergency situation. Expand and deepen children's knowledge of fire safety rules. To develop in children basic knowledge about the dangers of pranks with fire (matches, electrical appliances, the dangerous consequences of a house fire.

15. Topic: “Fire is a friend - fire is an enemy”

Goal: To expand children’s knowledge that fire can be a friend, but it can also be an enemy. Develop safety skills at home and in nature. Teach appropriate actions in fire situations. Develop cognitive activity and curiosity.

16. Topic: “What is the danger of fire”

Goal: Continue to familiarize children with the phenomenon of fire; develop confidence in your actions; enrich children's vocabulary with new concepts and words.

17. Topic: “Travelling on the street: rules for pedestrians”

Goal: Continue to acquaint children with some rules for the movement of pedestrians on the street, with the concepts of “pedestrian”, “ground (overground, underground) crossing.”

18. Topic: “Road Safety”

Goal: To form ideas about road safety rules, to deepen knowledge about traffic rules.

19. Topic: “Happy accident”

(situation: a boy crosses the road in the wrong place, in front of nearby cars).

Goal: consolidation of knowledge about the Rules of the Road, road signs, education of a disciplined pedestrian. Strengthening children's ability to find the right solution in a difficult situation.

20. Topic: “Insects - benefits and harm”

Purpose: to provide knowledge about the rules of behavior when meeting different insects.

21. Topic: “Caution: mushrooms and plants on the site”

Goal: to form a child’s understanding of the existence of poisonous plants and mushrooms;

introduce the plants of our site;

teach to distinguish between poisonous plants and mushrooms, give knowledge that a person can be poisoned by the poisons of these plants;

cultivate a caring attitude towards all mushrooms and plants.

22.Topic: “If you are lost or lost”

Goal: To explain to children, in order to help yourself, you must: be able to ask adults for help, know and say your first and last name, know and say your age, your full home address (street, house, apartment).

23. Topic: “Rules of conduct for children on the water”

Goal: to consolidate knowledge about summer, children’s games in summer, to introduce children to the rules of safe behavior on the water, to cultivate a sense of caution and responsible behavior for their lives. You can only enter the water and swim if accompanied by an adult.

24. Topic: “How to behave in the heat on the site?”

Goal: to teach children to put on a hat (panama hat, headscarf, etc.) without prompting from adults, to reinforce the ability to correctly pour water from a kettle into a cup, and to follow the rules for being in the sun so as not to overheat.

25. Topic: “Caution, poisonous!”

Goal: To teach children to be attentive to plants in nature, to understand that some of them may be poisonous; teach caution and develop curiosity.

26. Topic: “Contact with animals”,

"Don't tease animals."

Goal: To explain to children that contact with animals can sometimes be dangerous, to tell and reinforce the rules of behavior with domestic and homeless animals.

27. Topic: “Look with all your eyes!”

Purpose: To give an idea that the eyes are one of the main human sense organs, to introduce children to the structure of the eye; lead to an understanding that vision must be protected; cultivate a sense of compassion for blind people and a desire to help them.

28. Topic: “Ice”

Goal: know the safety rules in winter - in icy conditions; be able to identify a dangerous situation from pictures; describe it, and the rules that must be followed so as not to get injured or die.

29. Topic: “Safety rules on ice”

Goal: To give children knowledge about the rules of behavior on ice.

30. Topic: “Natural phenomena”

Goal: To form basic ideas about ice, to develop the ability to behave in ice conditions.

31. Topic: “Beware of frost!”

Goal: Teach children to follow safety rules in the cold.

32. Topic: “How the curious tongue was punished”

Objectives: to give children knowledge that iron objects are very dangerous in winter, that they should not be touched with the tongue, lips or bare hands;

teach how to take care of your safety and prevent accidents

33. Topic: “On the hill in winter”

Purpose: to teach children to obey the rules of behavior when sliding downhill; Develop endurance and patience - the ability to wait your turn; develop a desire to avoid traumatic situations.

34. Topic: “Be careful, icicles!”

Goal: To teach children to be careful, not to walk under roofs when the snow is melting, near tall buildings, from where icicles and layers of snow can fall at any moment.

35. Topic: “Don’t eat snow and icicles!”

Objectives: to provide knowledge that snow icicles can be dangerous to humans (if they fall from the roof - injury, if licked or eaten - sore throat)

36. Topic: “Winter roads”

Goal: to expand children’s knowledge about the rules of behavior on the street and the road in winter. Give children knowledge that in winter the roads are slippery and drivers cannot stop the vehicle quickly. On a slippery road, cars and buses slide forward for some time even after braking. Develop the ability to restrain yourself, be attentive, and not play on the road.

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