Poems about numbers card index (junior, middle, senior, preparatory group) on the topic

Poems about the number “0” for preschoolers

The number 0 is an empty space or simply nothing. Zero swelled up in protest, so that he would be noticed.

You learn to write it. Have you already drawn a neat oval? There is nothing simpler: Zero looks like the letter “O”.

Zero, remember, kids, - Only a hole from a donut. The bagel was made from dough. So we ate it. The result is an empty space, nothing left. There is nothing, really. There is no way to count zero. With this bagel that we ate, we will denote zero.

DO-RE-MI-FA-SOL-LA-SOL What kind of number is this zero? If zero, it means empty. Zero candy - we are very sad. But if there are zero problems, we all like it.

And yesterday my girlfriends came, They brought me bagels, Large bagels, dryers - All edible zeros! There are zeros all around. Perhaps there are other numbers too. I prefer the Nulik, you can eat the Nulik donut. And there is also zero, I don’t argue, I saw zero at sea. Ships sail on the sea, And they have a zero-steering wheel. There are “shoes” near the car. I'm glad for these zeros. Zeros - four tires - intact? So, let's go to the garden!

Number 10 poems for children


The number zero is an empty space or simply nothing. Zero swelled up in protest, so that he would be noticed. Nulik! Zero! No need to get angry. Get behind the unit quickly. This is the only way, when you are together, There will be as many as ten at once!


The little mice have TEN books about girls and boys. The boys and girls have TEN little mice.


Add zero to one, - It will be the same unit; Should I put it side by side on the right? - One will be surprised: There will be ten times more - More - immediately, in the same hour. One dreams: Zero is proud of her: Became not just the letter “O”, - But a ten, - “Wow!”


But, comrades, hurry up - We need to save the house quickly! Where is your fire extinguisher? Smoke pours out from under the doors. And the neighbors say: “These pancakes are on fire!” Oh, when it came down to it, our hero was disgraced - Nine pancakes burned, And the tenth was raw! Speech is not difficult to speak - It is difficult to bake pancakes!


The sum of the fingers of two gloves will result in ten.

Poems about the number 2

Her back is arched sharply. “Maybe she’s sick?” The poor fellow's head bowed down, number two.

************ My brother and I drive together, I keep my eyes peeled while driving. Two wheels and two pedals, There are a couple of bumps... Bang! - fell!

************ Mice Proshka and Eroshka are hiding in a hole from a cat. And if they give them sausages, they will immediately stick their noses out. There is only grass in the sausage, the mice have become a number... (two)

************ It barely glides through the water, Like a swan, number two. She arched her neck, driving the waves behind her.

************ And this is the number two: There is both a tail and a head, With a long swan neck, The neck goes into the back. Attach the tail to the back. Two - quite clear. Difficult to write: Training is needed here!

Poems about the number 3

I'll ask you guys: What is this strange snake? Come on, pick up your ponytail, Number Three Curl!

************ Three cheerful pigs were pestering the crucian carp. “Three wishes? My God, I am simple, not golden!”

************ Funtik, Piglet and Piggy Real pigs - They roll around in the mud, Even if you take them to the car wash. Rub their backs with soap, turn them into a number... (three)

************ Two hooks, look, it turns out to be the number three. But you can't put a worm on these two hooks.

************ Before us is the number three. Take a closer look. Draw two flower petals for now. The petals are looking to the right: Don’t hold your hands! Stop the pencil! The result is number three!

************ Number three as a threat Displays three splinters, Three hooks for fishing, Between them two shafts.

************ And behind the Two - look, the number Three appears. Three is the third of the icons, Consists of two hooks.

Poems about the number “3” for preschoolers

poems about numbersNumber three as a threat
Number three as a threat Displays three splinters, Three fishing hooks, Between them are two shafts.

Author: M. Pridvorov


Coloring pages with number 3

We folded half a ring and half a ring, look, And soldered the two ends - The result was the number 3!

Where are the threes? The question is difficult! This is a chair, and a three-legged one at that. The three-legged pianos that stand in the concert hall

A thin ring fell on the porch. It's split! Look - it turned out to be the number three.

Author: V. Chernyaeva


Three is a beautiful month early

Three - a beautiful early month Above the surface of the lake water, As if looking into a mirror, I looked at myself.

Author: A. Sosina


Three funny bugs

Three funny insects were ironing shirts. They have three buttons and three pockets.

Author: K. Zelenaya


Troika doesn't sit idle

The Troika does not sit idle, the Troika starts a construction project. The troika is the chief commander, both the foreman and the foreman! Three cheerful mosquitoes are carrying three buckets of paint, three rooks are sawing boards, a wolf is carrying three bricks. Three kittens carry hammers, Three ducklings carry nails. Three moles are digging a trench, Three bears are covering a roof. Three goats have built a stove, Three sheep are painting the windows. Every animal came and helped: It turned out to be a little mansion!

Author: I. Gurina


Number THREE

The number THREE and the letter “Z” Gemini are sisters. Bunny, Zoya and Zanozka - Repeat loudly!

Author: A. Sidorova


Three candies on the palm

Three candies on the palm. A cat has three kittens. Three lights at the traffic light - red, yellow and green!

Author: M. Dadalova


Everyone only needs three

Everyone only needs a three, she is very playful. Three frisky horses - a symbol of my Motherland! At school, a C is not a flirt - a very modest mark. But full of courage On the tricolor Russian flag!

Author: T. Lavrova


Learning the names of numbers

Many authors have created poems for children about numbers from 1 to 10. The most famous poems: S. Ya. Marshak “Merry Counting”, A. Barto “Arithmetic”, B. Zakhoder “One evening to the bear...”, etc. .

When studying numbers with your child, you can learn each poem as you go through the material. It is not necessary to choose one author. Your child may remember poems about the number one that you didn’t like.

Use your imagination to make learning more interesting. Make applications with your child, color pictures with numbers, watch cartoons about fun counting together. When going for a walk, count steps with your child, birds in the yard, children in the sandbox, recite poems together about the number three, etc.

special puzzles

All children are different; for some, figurative descriptions in poetry or funny songs will help them master numbers; others will prefer practical exercises with counting candies in a vase and birds in the yard. When mastering counting, teach your child to distinguish between ordinal and cardinal numbers: third and three, ninth and nine, ten and ten, etc. When counting, do not allow cardinal numbers to be replaced by words with an uncertain meaning: many, few, very many, very few.

Teaching your child simple arithmetic operations is no less important than learning numbers and counting. Having mastered addition and subtraction within tens, you can safely prepare to enter first grade and start writing numbers in copybooks.

Poems about the number “4” for schoolchildren

The table has four legs, And the closet, and the cat, Four told us, She counted all day long.

The cat explained to Figure: The closet may have legs, You probably forgot, I don’t have legs, just paws.

Take a closer look at the square - It’s healthy, plump, It’s more reliable, like a friend, Than an overly round circle. Everyone can be a witness, That virtue breathes in him. There are four sides to him, And all sides are equal. Without deception in front of us On paper he has angles, Honest in every line, Every angle in him is straight

Four seasons of the year - I am talking about them. Winter is white and cold, She carries fluffy snow. Spring throws grains into the ground, And summer works quickly. Behind the summer, golden autumn carries baskets of harvest.

A very strange foursome. Angular and not nimble. She bent over pretendingly, lifting her leg up.

Here are the four. ’s not difficult to write: On the left is the corner in front, on the right draw a line. There is an even shorter way: You need to turn the chair over. On the left is the leg, on the right is the back. Very accurate picture!

Poem about the number 10 Marshak


A number like the letter O is zero, or nothing. A round zero, so pretty, But it doesn’t mean anything. If we place Unity on the left, next to it, It will begin to weigh more, Because it is ten.


Ten cookbooks I started reading and became depressed. It’s better to let mom cook, it turns out ten times tastier!


Here is one, and next to it is zero - He became as important as a king. He leaned against one and immediately turned into ten.


Like an older sister, the zero one leads. As soon as we walked together, we immediately became the number ten.


One kid, about ten years old, dreamed of retiring. Leave school for rest and have fun all day long.

Poems about the number “6” for preschoolers

Six looks like an apple: Same tail, roundness too. And her sister is a nine. But, let's take it in order.

If the padlock raises its proboscis upward, Then we will see here Not a padlock, but the number six.

There are six cucumbers on the branch; we can’t eat that many at once. Let's make a delicious salad and treat all the kids to it.

The number six has no angles, only an arc with a circle. You start writing with an arc, and wrap it in a circle.

The number six is ​​easy to write: No strokes, no corners! Watch your hand: Draw the line smoothly.

Poems about the number 7

The lady is like a poker, She has one leg. That lady is known to everyone, since it is the number Seven.

************ The rainbow has seven paths, Seven white cats paint them, And in the seventh sky, seven dwarves are dancing!

************ Merchants are coming from the fair - brave fellows: Frol, Stepan, Pankrat, Timoshka, Vanka, Senka and Antoshka. We will shake hands with all of them, Turning them into a number... (seven)

************ I can’t put such a poker in the stove. Everyone knows about her, That she is called “seven”.

************ To write a seven, draw a corner again. The hand draws the line from top to bottom from the corner. Pull it all the way, cross it in the middle. This number - the number seven - is very easy to write.


Poems about the number "7" for preschoolers

poems about numbersI can’t work with this figure.
I can’t work with this figure. Work in the meadow. It looks like a scythe, But it can’t mow the grass - It’s not sharpened at all And the number 7 doesn’t mow.

Author: V. Chernyaeva


Coloring pages with number 7

You know, this is not a question: How many stripes are there in a rainbow? Are you ready to list the seven colors in order? Seven days in any week, We wouldn't want more. Day after day, a series of names. Say it out loud in a row.

Let's turn the number seven over and in the morning we'll go to the meadow. Why is seven not a braid? So mow while there's dew!

Author: V. Chernyaeva


Seven - a dashing Cossack with a mustache

Seven is a dashing Cossack with a mustache, We recognize him with you. Just remember to attach the Saber to its side.

Author: A. Sosina


Number seven is a special case

Number seven is a special case: Melodic and melodious. These are notes for a new song, Seven interesting wonders in it. Seven in proverbs is always a very bright star. There are seven different days in a week, Seven on a rainbow of rays. With this number we are friends, Because we are FAMILY!

Author: T. Lavrova


Mouse Santa Claus

Grandfather Frost brought a fabulous gift to the mouse: Seven balls for the Christmas tree, Seven chocolate cones, and laid out about seven tasteless books on the shelf. Author: V. Roshchina


One day Seven was walking in the forest

One day Seven was walking in the forest: a basket in her hands and glasses on her nose. Beauty blossomed in the magical forest, Emptiness slept in the huge basket! Seven hares galloped to the meeting in a crowd: - Are you picking mushrooms? We are with you too! The hares wandered through the green forest and together with the Seven they found mushrooms! We found seven thick little birds in the swamp, Seven yellow chanterelles grew under the Christmas tree, Seven porcini mushrooms stood in the clearing, And next to a family - seven cheerful mushrooms! Here are seven russulas, seven slippery butterflies, seven glorious saffron milk caps playing pranks in the shade. The mushroom hunt was successful: Seven barely lifted the basket!

Author: I. Gurina


Let's continue! Number SEVEN

Let's continue! Number SEVEN – One falls! We'll nail it to the fence with a crossbar, and after looking carefully, we'll call it SEVEN!

Author: A. Sidorova


I see at seven

I see that the seven is definitely blowing the roof! The balance of the seven would be helped by two supports.

Author: M. Pridvorov


"Merry Count" by Samuil Yakovlevich

Consider a poem called “Merry Counting.”

The poem is quite long, but this does not prevent you from reading it with enthusiasm. Just look at the comparison of a unit with a knitting needle, and even in rhyme! Any child, having remembered this comparison, will quickly associate the writing of a number with its meaning.

Click on the picture to download and print Marshak's poems.

The number three is presented even more figuratively. Three are just two hooks. Surprisingly figurative and simple! Next, an association is made between numbers and any phenomena observed by the child in everyday life. For example, the number three is associated with a traffic light. The traffic light has three colors, they are easy to remember. Thus, the baby will remember not only the number three, but also the rules of the road. The third part of the poem represents how to make thirty from the number three. So “three” goes through a whole cycle of transformations, being remembered by the child in the system of images.

Second version of Marshak's poems.

Other numbers are played in a similar way, for example, “five”, “seven”. “Five” in S. Marshak’s poem is presented as a living being. Five bent the leg and arm: the perky number “five” immediately appears, which is so easy to remember. In the second part, “five” is played out in the form of a riddle. The five fingers of the hand are like brothers who go without clothes, but to go out, the five brothers need clothes.

Black and white version of Marshak's poems.

Next comes an overview of the number five. The same thing happens with the number seven. S. Marshak presented it as the days of the week, of which there are seven, and seven things in the briefcase. The image is quite bright, and it’s really easy to associate the things in the briefcase with the days of the week if the baby is already going to school. Seven is also associated with a poker: indeed, it seems.

Whatever the number is: five, three, seven or nine, it is played out by the author with all the wealth of imagination.

Poems about the number "9" for preschoolers

Number nine, or nine, Circus acrobat: If she stands on her head, Number six will become nine.

Nine, like six, Take a closer look. Only the tail is not up, but down.

Nine - see for yourself, Looks like six Upside down, Looks like a door hook, Like an inverted lock.

The wind blew and blew strong, and Cherry turned over. The number six, pray tell, has turned into the number nine.

No more than this number! Nine balls - planets According to physical laws They circle in bottomless space Near the solar star And on the third, Me and you!

Poems about the number “10” for preschoolers

Ten is five and five, you can count your fingers! We write like this: One ten, Not one. Only a few - not a single one? So we put “zero” on the right!

The little one is drowning in the river. There are rings running through the water. We need to rescue the number, throw a life preserver! The number “zero” looks like a circle, We will help the One! One grabbed zero - “Ten” swam across the waves!

I can’t lose the zero, Without it I will disappear, I will become a skinny unit, I will cry and be angry.

Number 10 for lunch Gobbles up the vinaigrette. It contains a dozen vegetables. List them quickly.

Poem about the number 10 for 1st grade


Ten went to the store with a whole heap of baskets. There I bought ten books, Ten poppy cakes, I bought ten cubes, I didn’t forget ten mugs, Ten pink plates and for some reason ten hot water bottles. Ten ripe juicy pears, stepped into ten puddles, barely dragged them, almost dropped the goodness! She brought her luggage to her tenth floor. And then I asked myself: “Why did I buy everything?”


The windows are open... Bright light... Bird voices... Today Petya is ten years old - Petya was born! Finally it came, the First of June. Everything sang and blossomed - It had rained the day before.


He decided to become a student, to learn a craft. He walks through the village with a wooden chest. And in the chest there is a wagonload of goodness: His sister knitted a scarf for him, He took a notebook with him, His mother baked cakes.

There are ten large flatbreads. He ate one this morning...


Ten. This is the same number! Why did you come here? We studied the numbers here and they didn’t call you at all! There is one and a zero in you - Everything is clear to you and me...


You can count your fingers One, two, three, four, five. And on the other hand again: One, two, three, four, five. Ten fingers, a pair of hands - This is your wealth, friend. We need these ten fingers - brothers - to wash, dress, put on shoes, and tie shoelaces. To sculpt both a penguin and a dolphin from plasticine, to build a cosmodrome in the park, the house in which we live, the sun, to draw flags. To write the word peace.

Poems about numbers

This number is one. A thin nose, like a knitting needle, hung down, sad, After all, she is only one.

Poems about numbers

I probably won’t be able to bend my neck like a deuce. Maybe you can? Barely! A swan with the number 2 can do it.

Poems about numbers

The number three as a threat exposes three splinters, three fishing hooks, and two shafts between them.

Poems about numbers

Someone turned over an old chair at night, its back facing down. And now in our apartment it has become the number 4!

Poems about numbers
Look at the number 5. Taking the five by the handle, you can scoop up water and loose sand like a ladle.

Poems about numbers
If the padlock raises its proboscis upward, Then we will see here Not a padlock, but the number six.

Poems about numbers
I won’t be able to work in the meadow with this figure. It looks like a scythe, But it can’t mow the grass – It’s not sharpened at all And the number 7 doesn’t mow.

Poems about numbers
Let's put two donuts together and the number will come out. This is 8! 8 – two rudders together, Or two zeros together.

Poems about numbers
Is the number nine a bun? Or maybe a ball? This is the cat Barsik sleeping, and his tail lies on a hook.

Poems about numbers

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