Celebration of Tolerance Day in the senior group of kindergarten. Scenario

Celebration of Tolerance Day in the senior group of kindergarten. Scenario

Scenario for the holiday for Tolerance Day “With love for people”
Purpose: to introduce children to the concept of “tolerance”; develop morally significant personality traits; cultivate respect for the traditions of other peoples. Equipment : the hall is decorated with the inscription - Day of Tolerance. On the central wall there are paintings of people of different nationalities. In the corner of the hall there is a satin carpet, on which there are colorful pillows and “mysterious” attributes. Five costumes for girls of different nationalities. Progress of the holiday Host. Hello guys! How different you all are! You know, not only are we different in appearance, but we even greet each other differently. • Place your hands (as in “prayer”) at chest level and bow (Japan); • Rubbing noses - this is how they say hello in New Zealand; • Shake hands while standing at a great distance from each other – Great Britain (English); • Hug tightly and kiss each other on the cheeks three times – Russia; • Show language – Tibet; • Shake hands very firmly while standing close to each other (Germany); • Hug and kiss on the cheeks four times in turn (Paris). Presenter . And we talk, guys, we also speak different languages. The French - in French, the Tatars - in ..., the British - in ..., the Ukrainians - in ..., the Moldovans - in ... How many nationalities - so many languages, customs, different cultures. But aren't people like us bad? Can we not love and respect them just because they are not like us? Of course not, if a person is not like us in skin color or behavior, this is not a reason not to love him. That's why, guys, a holiday appeared, which was called World Tolerance Day. Have you ever heard such a word? Do you know what it means? Let us today try to understand what tolerance is, but first I will tell you a fairy tale... Leading.
Once upon a time there lived a girl named Love on earth.
A girl enters the hall to the music. He walks around the hall, examines everything, greets the children, introduces himself by name and sits down in a corner on a chair. Leading. She was bored living in the world without a girlfriend. So she decided to turn to the old, gray-haired wizard who had lived for 100 years. The wizard enters to the music. He greets the children, tells them who he is, shows them some kind of “trick” and sits down on the carpet with pillows. Girl (approaches the wizard and says sadly)
Help me, grandfather, choose a girlfriend so that I can be friends with her throughout the life God has given me. Wizard.
Come to me tomorrow morning, when the first birds sing and the dew has not yet dried.
Love leaves the room. The wizard begins to “conjure”. To the accompaniment of mysterious music, girls dressed in national costumes enter one by one and sit around the sorcerer. There are the sounds of singing birds, the sounds of the morning. Presenter
. In the morning, when the scarlet sun illuminated the earth, Love came to the appointed place.
She came and saw: five beautiful girls standing, one more beautiful than the other. Wizard.
Here, choose - one is called Joy, the other is Luck, the third is Beauty, the fourth is Generosity, the fifth is Kindness.
Oh, I don’t even know who to choose, they are all so beautiful, so different, so good...
The Wizard.
Yes, Lyubov, you are right, they really are different - and their names are different, and they look different, and all this is because their nationalities are different.
And in order to decide which of them will become your real girlfriend, you need to get to know them better. Here is Joy. She is Moldovan. What do you know about Moldovans? Nothing? What about you guys? Well then you should know that they are excellent dancers. Therefore, Love, invite the children and let’s dance a Moldavian dance, and we will teach you with Joy. Look at us and repeat the movements. Dance based on the Wizard of Love
. Oh, what a good Joy.
Exactly, she is the one who will be my friend, I really love to dance. Leading.
Love, wait a little.
You haven’t met the rest of the girls yet, so there’s no need to rush. Introduce us, good Wizard, to other girls. Wizard.
This is luck.
She is a Hanteika. These are the small peoples of the North. Have you heard of them? Well done! I am glad that you are interested in the life and culture of other peoples. Do you know Hantei games? Then let's play and teach Lyubov to play Khanty games. Game “Lakes - Streams” Children are divided into several teams. At the signal “rivulets”, children, holding each other by the belt, run in different directions. At the “lake” signal, the children take each other’s hands and walk on their tiptoes, in small steps, in a circle. Love.
And the game is wonderful and Luck is very good.
So what should you do, who should you take as your girlfriend, Luck or Joy? Leading.
Maybe we won't rush, let's meet the rest of the girls.
Well, here's a girl named Beauty.
She's Russian. What nationality are you guys? What do you know about Russians? Exactly, Russian people dance and sing beautifully. Dance “Russian quadrille” L
love. Oh, oh, I'm completely confused, and I like this girl.
And that one over there, what's her name? We don't know her yet. Wizard
. This girl is Generosity.
She is Bashkir. Guys, are there any Bashkirs among you? Do you have any Bashkirian friends? The Bashkirs have a very interesting game. Game “Building a Yutra” The participants of the game are divided into 3-4 subgroups and form a circle. There is a handkerchief in a circle on a chair. Children walk in a circle, holding hands, and say the words: We, cheerful guys, will all gather in a circle. Let's play and dance and rush to the meadow. Under the words, they rearrange themselves into a common circle. At the signal “we are standing in the yurt,” they take scarves and pull them over their heads. Wizard. It remains to introduce you to the last girl - Kindness. She is Uzbek. This is an oriental beauty. She dances beautifully and will teach you. Dance "Chicks" Love
. They are all beautiful, I don’t know who to choose... The Wizard.
Yes, they are all good, and you will meet them again in life, and maybe you will become friends, but choose one of them. She will be your friend for the rest of your life. Presenter
. Take your time, Love, think, maybe it’s worth taking them all as girlfriends?
Beauty, Kindness, Luck, Generosity, Joy - is it possible to live without one of them? Love
. _ You're right.
I will take them all as friends, even though they are so different, and I will always treat them very well. Presenter
. Guys, today we wanted to understand what such a strange word means - tolerance.
After watching this fairy tale, what do you think? That's right, tolerance is love, kindness, joy, generosity, luck, beauty towards other people. Let's love each other, people passing by and completely different from us, people of other nationalities, then they will answer us the same, because goodness is always repaid with goodness, love with love, generosity with generosity. Now let's sing a song about our native land. Song "Native Song" Wizard
. Wait, wait, no need to disperse.
I’m a wizard, and now I’ll conjure something for you in memory of Lyubov and me. The wizard casts a spell and pulls out chocolate. The guests treat everyone, say goodbye and leave.

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Tolerance Day in kindergarten.

I do not agree with what you say, but I will sacrifice my life to defend your right to express your own opinion. Voltaire

Tolerance means tolerating other lifestyles, behavior, customs, feelings, opinions, ideas, beliefs. The foundations of tolerance are laid in preschoolers during work in the classroom, during leisure time, in independent play activities, excursions; this is a huge daily work of teachers. Our kindergarten brings up children of different nationalities, and we try to make our home truly kind, warm, and bright for everyone who lives in it. In November, a day of tolerance was held at the Semitsvetik kindergarten. To be tolerant means to “allow” to allow, to show generosity towards others. We are different, completely different from each other, we have different skin colors, we speak different languages, we have different customs and traditions. But we are all united in one thing - we are people, we must treat each other with tolerance, respect, calmness, without hostility, value and value friendship. Man is born and lives on Earth to do good. We must stick together, take care of each other, give smiles, say kind words. As part of the day of tolerance, various events were held in the kindergarten under the motto: “If everyone is tolerant of each other, we will make our world tolerant together!” Teachers of younger groups told children about friendship, using gaming technologies, theatrical performances, and artistic expression. Pupils of senior preschool age during the conversations: “We are different, but we are friends”, “How can we say hello”, became acquainted with the concept of tolerance. Children got an idea about people of different nationalities, got acquainted with the culture and national costumes of different nations, and organized an exhibition “Dolls of different nations.” Analysis of problem situations helped preschoolers consolidate their knowledge about friendship, good and bad deeds. They didn’t forget to help their feathered friends; they poured food into the feeders during the walk. Children enjoyed playing communicative and round dance games: “Call your neighbor affectionately,” “Round dance of friendship,” “Matryoshka dolls,” “Bubble,” “In an even circle,” “Vanya walks,” “Loaf.” We listened to works from the series “Tales of the Peoples of the World”. You created creative works, and in the evening, together with hearts made using the origami technique, you gave your parents the warmth of their hearts. Man is born and lives on Earth to do good. We must stick together, take care of each other, give smiles, say kind words.

Teacher Irina Malacheva

A tale of tolerance

A tale of tolerance.

Author: Chechetkina Margarita Mikhailovna, educational psychologist at the Moscow Regional Administrative Educational Institution No. 9 of the city of Sredneuralsk.

This fairy tale is about how everyone in our world is different. Each has its own characteristics. But everyone also has their own talents. We need to appreciate what we have. And respect others unconditionally. Then there will be peace in the world!

In one wonderful forest, on a mighty oak tree, in a cozy hollow, lived a charming squirrel. And she was beautiful in everything. The fur is smooth, the tail is fluffy, and the tufts on the ears are a sight to behold, and the way it jumps through the trees is breathtaking. Even her name was beautiful Bella. But the squirrel had no friends. And all because she chose and chose, but she couldn’t find anyone better than herself.

She was walking through the forest one day. A cheerful and nimble hare meets you.

- Oh, Bellochka, let’s run together. The animals and I are going to play tag.

-What are you talking about, hare! “You’re slanted, and you have long ears, and a button-shaped tail, and your name is brrrr,” the squirrel snorted and galloped on.

“The name is like the name “Ushastik,” my mother gave it to me and I don’t need another,” the Hare thought cheerfully and ran to his friends.

A squirrel once met a mouse near the house.

- Bellochka, help me, please, the entrance to my hole is blocked with cones, and my paw hurts.

- Here's another. You’re so small, and also kind of sick. No, you can handle it yourself,” and hid in her hollow.

And one day, the bear’s second cousin, the polar bear cub Snowball, came to stay with him.

Squirrel saw them together and let's laugh at Snowball

-Ha-ha-ha, hee-hee-hee. White as snowball, and so is Snowball too. Oh, I’ll tear my bellies, ha-ho-hee, you saw yourself in the mirror,” Bellochka scoffed.

Snowball burst into tears, he felt offended. He was always proud of his white fur coat, but here they laugh and insult him.

The animals did not tolerate it here. And the brown bear says in his deep voice:

- So what now, should we all be squirrels? And live without friends? Just open your eyes and look around: everyone is different, in height, color, and talent. Everyone has their own characteristics. The hare is oblique, so his eyes help him see all his enemies. But he is fast and cheerful.

The mouse is small and remote. Always helps everyone. And the fact that she sprained her paw can happen to anyone. But she's kind. Why are you offending my Snowball? He was born white, and you are red, and I am brown, and the frog is green. So maybe we can laugh at you? My teddy bear will not be visible on the white snow in winter, but your fiery beauty will be visible a kilometer away. Is that better?

The bear growled and the bear asked:

- Can we all be squirrels? How about living without friends? Look around quickly and maybe you will suddenly understand.

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