Holiday of the Russian birch tree in kindergarten in the middle group. Scenario

Holiday of the Russian birch tree in kindergarten in the middle group. Scenario

Scenario for the Russian birch tree holiday in a preschool educational institution. Middle group

Description of material: Methodological development is intended for educators and music directors. Goal: Introducing children to the spiritual values ​​of natural culture, enriching the life experience of preschoolers with familiarity with the traditions and customs of the Russian people. Objectives: Continue acquaintance with ritual holidays, introduce children to the ritual of honoring the Russian birch tree, the holiday of the Trinity, expand children’s knowledge and ideas about birch.
Foster a sense of love for the birch tree and careful handling. To promote the comprehensive development of children’s creative abilities through Russian folklore. Expand children's ideas about the image of a birch through poetry, music, art, and children's visual arts. Progress of the holiday
Educator: Today is a holiday in our kindergarten. And what the holiday is dedicated to, guess from the riddle! Alena is standing with a green scarf. Slim waist White sundress (birch). That's right, it's birch! Today is the holiday of the Russian birch tree - the symbol of our Motherland - Russia. Birch is a tree that is especially dear to the heart of every Russian person. In ancient times, when sowing work in the fields ended, the time came for a cheerful and beautiful ancient Russian holiday - Green Christmastide, in other words, Trinity. The Trinity holiday is a favorite holiday; it is dedicated to the Goddess of Spring, who defeated the evil demons of winter. On Trinity Day, Birch was held in special esteem. People honor the birch tree, curl wreaths for it, dance around the birch tree, and sing songs! Golden fields and birch trees all around, This is our land, here you and I live. They scattered across the lawn in a carefree, light flock, like teenage girls, white-trunked birches. They held hands, and lo and behold, a round dance spun! Come on, guys, let's do a round dance around the birch tree. (Music sounds). Round dance "Birch". We are around a birch tree Let's stand in a round dance, Joyfully and loudly Everyone will sing Oh yes birch tree, White trunk. Greener, greener are you foliage. We will take bright handkerchiefs into our hands. We'll start a harmonious song at the birch tree. Oh yes birch tree, White trunk. Greener, greener are you foliage. Educator: Birch is a joyful, elegant tree. It took into its attire the two main colors of Russian nature: the green of meadows and the white of snow-covered fields. And how these colors suit her! Birch is a symbol of the Motherland, an image of the Russian village, childhood memories, the most revered tree in Rus'. Guys, let's play and tell you what kind of birch it is. Game "Choose the word." The teacher explains that it is necessary to choose a definition (a word that answers the question what). For example: Birch tree – which one? - slender, Berezka - what? – white, Birch – which one? – kind, etc. Educator: You know guys, it turns out that birch trees cry too. Why? How do you think? (Children's answers) Children. Because the birch tree has birch sap, it’s like a tear... Educator: In early spring, with the onset of the first warm days, the birch tree wakes up after a long sleep. During the winter, a birch tree gains a lot of strength from the soil, which is necessary for the swelling of the buds, from which leaves will then appear. This moisture is called birch sap. It is rich in various vitamins that are beneficial to humans. Because of him, people wound the birch tree, and it cries. These wounds do not heal for a long time, the tree begins to weaken, rot, pests attack it, and often the birch dies. Guys, what do you think, is it possible to extract sap without causing harm or pain to the birch tree? (Children's answers). You need to carefully cut a branch from it, tie a jar to this place, and by morning it will contain juice. You can only cut branches from a large birch tree, and then cover this place with garden putty. Birch sap is very useful. – Birch will not only heal, but also give you something to drink. Physical education (All movements are performed smoothly) My birch, little birch (movement with the right hand to the side - up), My curly birch! (The same with your left hand.) You are standing, birch tree (raise your hands up), in the middle of the valley (lower your hands). On you, birch tree (stretch your arms forward, palms up), Green leaves (put your hands down). Silk grass (movement of hands from right to left). Around you, birch tree (raise your torso), Red maidens (move your head to the right - left) Wreaths are twisted and woven (rotate your arms in front of you).

Educator: Guys, what benefits does birch bring to you and me? -Birch is not only beautiful. This tree also finds practical use in everyday life. Its wood is quite dense. It is suitable for making veneer, plywood, and parquet. -Birch is both the most common and unusual tree. The white-trunked beauty is a symbol of goodness and beauty, a symbol of the native land. — Birch is often used in folk medicine, so it must be protected, protected, loved and cared for. — Birch is a medicinal tree. She gives people an infusion of young birch leaves, tar oil, and buds to treat diseases. — People go to the bathhouse with a birch broom. — Tueski and boxes are woven from birch bark — Birch sap is collected in April. People used to call it that - berezozol. — The huts were heated with wood. — In the old days, people wrote on birch bark with sticks. Some writings and drawings have survived to this day. This is how she is, our birch tree. And on the occasion of the Trinity, games were held at the birch tree. And now we will play one of these games. Game “Zarya - Zaryanitsa” Children stand in a circle. The teacher walks in a circle and says: Dawn, Red maiden, Walked across the field, Dropped the keys. The keys are golden, The ribbons are blue, The rings are curled - She went for water... (With the last words, she carefully puts her hands on the shoulders of one of the players. After that, the player runs away in a circle and takes his place. She catches him, if she catches him, then the player becomes Zorenka. The game is repeated several times)

Educator: Now let’s take beautiful ribbons and start a fun dance. Dance "Dance with Ribbons".

Educator: And now I suggest you make a birch tree. Children come to the tables and sculpt a birch tree. Modeling "Birch".

Educator: What beautiful birch trees you got. Well done boys. Educator: It was also believed that the birch tree spirit expels everything bad from the house; it’s not for nothing that in Russia birch branches are hung over the front door on a holiday called Trinity, and the birch tree is decorated with ribbons in gratitude. And today we will play and dress up the birch tree too. Game - attraction "Tie ribbons - bows for a birch tree."

Educator: A living thread has connected us forever: A leaf, a snail, the Earth and a person, They live in the world like one family, The Earth cannot do without an ant, The water, without fish, the forest - without animals, And a person without all of nature, And you are behind this thread hold on, so that nature’s colorful life does not end. Children: We will love and protect the birch tree, We will help adults in everything. We will save rivers, fields and forests, We remember that nature is our home. Dance "Colorful Planet".

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Dyubko Olga Albertovna Sukhotinsky branch of the MBOU "Znamenskaya Secondary School" Biology teacher RUSSIAN BIRCH HOLIDAY Goal: fostering love for the native Russian nature, the birch as a symbol of Russia. Objectives: Cognitive: - Speech development; — Enrichment of vocabulary; — Broadening your horizons. Educational: — Fostering respect for nature; — Nurturing the creative potential of students; — Fostering a respectful attitude towards rural workers and folk traditions; Equipment: exhibition of birch bark products, illustrations of birch trees. 1 presenter Hello to you, my native land! With your warm forests, With your great river And boundless fields! 2 presenter Forests of Russia... The green ocean of forests spreads widely on the map of our Motherland. Gloomy spruce forests, light pine forests, taiga wilds, light white-trunked birches splash in this huge ocean 1 reader I love the Russian birch, Sometimes bright, sometimes sad, In a white sundress, With handkerchiefs in pockets, With beautiful clasps, With green earrings! I love her, elegant, dear, beloved, now clear, ebullient, now sad, weeping! Dance “There was a birch tree in the field” “Birch tree” appears Birch tree The Russian people fell in love with the white-trunked birch tree. They call me a symbol of Russia. There is no tree, perhaps except for rowan and bird cherry, that would be so lucky in folklore and in literature and in music. With what love Sergei Yesenin spoke about me: I forever fell in love with the fog and dew of the birch tree, And her golden braids And her canvas sundress 1 presenter We are glad to meet you, birch! Today you are our main guest. And we invite you to our hall. We dedicate our holiday to the Russian birch tree and its neighbors. 2 reader Tight, loose braids And white dresses to the toes. It’s as if brides and birches are standing everywhere you look. The spring sun with slanting rays touches the braids throughout vast Russia Today it is light from the birches They captivate with their wonderful beauty, They start a forest round dance A broad Russian song starts from here. Song “Birch Sap” 1 presenter Even in ancient times, the birch was called the tree of four things: to illuminate the world, to console the cry, to maintain cleanliness, to heal the sick. Man has always been friends with this tree. 2 presenter In the old days, the Slavs began the year in the spring and greeted it with a birch tree. The Old Russian name for March and April is berezozol. This month was the first until the 15th century. Since then, the calendar has changed a lot, but the name has been preserved in the Ukrainian language, where March is still called berezne. 1 presenter The image of the birch tree is linked to proverbs and signs related to agriculture. - a lot of sap flows from the birch - for a rainy summer; - If the birch tree has opened its leaves in front of the alder, then the summer will be dry, if the alder is in front - wet; - the birch tree is blooming - these are oats; - the earrings of the birch tree burst - it’s time to sow bread; - the birch tree is not a threat - where it stands, it makes noise; - the birch is white, but the tar is black; 2 presenter Birch is not only a beautiful tree, but a useful one. In folk medicine, its leaves are widely used in the form of infusions as a diaphoretic. Infusion and decoction of birch leaves and buds promotes hair growth. 1 presenter A birch broom is an attribute of a Russian health bath. 1 presenter For medical purposes, not only buds and leaves are used, but also juice, tar and coal. These medications are used for bronchitis and liver diseases. Tar is included in the ointments of Vishnevsky and Konkov. What a useful birch tree! (a group of students appears) 1st Rus' is mine! I love your birches! From the first years I lived and grew up with them, That’s why tears come to my eyes, weaned from tears. 2nd I love the smoke of burnt stubble. A convoy train spends the night in the steppe. And on the hills in the middle of a yellow field there are a couple of white birches. 3rd You are so beautiful, little birch tree, And at hot noon, and at the hour of dew, That Russia is unthinkable without you And I cannot imagine without your beauty! 4th In a clearing, on a hillock, Under the window, among the fields, a white-barked birch tree - the symbol of my homeland. 5th You are beautiful at any time And it’s not for nothing that, loving with all my heart, the Bogatyrsky forest was called the beauty of you everywhere! 6th And you won’t find her more beautiful. To our joy she blooms. In her the image of Mother Russia, the Unfading One, lives. Song “Birch Edge” 1 presenter What a sweet, charming tree. So many images and comparisons! All of them were reflected in the poems of Russian poets. Competition of poems about birch (Appendix 1) 2 presenter In the spring, the birch tree treats everyone with birch sap. Its roots, like powerful pumps, drive the sap upward. He's very helpful. But when collecting sap, you need to know how not to harm the tree. Do you guys know? (children's answers) But sometimes it happens like this... 3 reader At dawn, a green birch tree On the edge of a spring village A teenager slashed with his knife In passing, as a joke, not out of malice. Maybe from this morning She wouldn’t get up, knocked down on the spot, Only someone kind and wise would bandage her wound. And he left, remaining nameless, this kind-eyed man. And the jubilant green fire has not gone out in its branches since then. I really wanted to know who saved her from certain death. 1 presenter The birch trees stand quietly near the soldiers’ graves. How much they could tell about the terrible tragedy of the Great Patriotic War! There are no better witnesses. The dying soldiers sent their last greetings to her as a symbol of the Motherland. 4 reader Behind the village, in the distance, at the crossroads of barely noticeable field paths, I recognized the soldiers' birch trees, near which I was digging a trench. And I involuntarily remembered how their branches groaned from explosions and fire... Near those birch trees my comrades picked me up, barely alive. From that time on, soldiers often told me with love about birch trees: “You would not have overcome the evil death, You would not have suffered serious wounds, If we had not given you to drink The bright tears of birch trees...” 2 presenter Many rituals are associated with the birch tree. Here, for example, is one of them. (a group of children in Russian folk costumes appears) 1. The holiday has come to us, the Trinity has come! The ground will be covered with grass and ants. Flowers will decorate it. Red girls will come to the birch trees. They will start a round dance with a ringing song! (they dance around Berezka) 2. In most villages, Trinity festivities began on Wednesday. The girls went into the forest to pick out a birch tree. 3. On Thursday this birch tree was “curled”, i.e. decorated with wreaths made from birch branches, or bent the branches to the ground, braiding them to the grass. 4. And on Trinity Sunday, they went to “untie” the birch tree. Each girl examined her wreath. And if it did not wither or fall apart, then what was planned should have been fulfilled. 5. The birch tree, glorified for several days, was supposed to give all its strength to the field, contribute to the harvest and the well-being of people. 6. And still on Trinity Sunday people decorate their houses with birch branches. 1 presenter There are many neighbors and friends in the birch forest. Now we will find out what you know about them. Quiz - which tree's sap is sweet? (birch, maple) - what forest plants can replace meat? (mushrooms) - what mushrooms grow under a birch tree? (boletus mushrooms) - what kind of wood are matches made from? (from aspen) - what wood is used to make skis? (birch) - which tree in the forest blooms first, and which last? (alder, linden) - which trees have red leaves in autumn? (aspen, maple, rowan) - what kind of wood is a piano made of? (from spruce) - what kind of firewood is the hottest? (oak and birch) - what does the crying of a birch mean in the spring? (sap flow) - why are young birch leaves sticky? (frost protection) 2 presenter Well done guys! Speaking about birch, we cannot help but talk about the merits of birch bark. Birch bark was not nicknamed “Russian papyrus” for nothing. The Novgorod Museum contains a unique birch bark library. Birch bark served the partisans well during the war. Newspapers were published on it behind enemy lines. Birch bark does not get wet and does not rot. 1 presenter Birch has been an image of blessed memory since ancient times. She is a symbol of memory of the fallen heroes. Birches grow on the site of the Battle of Borodino, in the Belarusian burned village of Khatyn, in Treptower Park in Berlin. 2 presenters of Birches of Russia illuminated the creativity of almost every Russian writer. “How many birches have already rustled in Russian poetry! There are at least two poems for every tree,” said Yaroslav Smelyakov. 1 presenter Svetla Russia, of course, not only from birches, but from them too! 2 presenter Our holiday is coming to an end. We thank Berezka for coming to us. White birch, dear sister. You grow up, don't be afraid of the evil ax. White birch is Russian land, And sadness, and joy, and my love! Song “White Birch” APPENDIX Poems for the holiday A. Fet A sad birch tree at my window, And by the whim of the frost it has been dismantled. Like bunches of grapes, the ends of the branches hang, - And the whole mourning outfit is joyful to look at. I love the game of the morning star I notice on it, And I feel sorry if the birds shake off the beauty of the branches. Vsevolod Rozhdestvensky Birch The sun slightly warmed the slopes And it became warmer in the forest, The Birch hung its green braids from its thin branches. All dressed in a white dress, wearing earrings and lacy foliage, she is greeting the hot summer at the edge of the forest. Will a thunderstorm pass over her, Will the swamp darkness cling to her, - Shaking off the rain, Birch will smile - and be cheerful again. Her light outfit is wonderful, There is no tree dearer to the heart, And many thoughtful songs are sung among the people about her. He shares joy and tears with her, And her days are so good, It seems that in the noise of the birch there is something from the Russian soul. A. Prokofiev I love Russian birch, sometimes light, sometimes sad, In a bleached sarafan, with handkerchiefs in pockets, With beautiful clasps, with green earrings, Sometimes clear, ebullient, sometimes sad, weeping. I love her across the river, with elegant mantles. Sometimes clear, ebullient, sometimes sad, weeping. I love the Russian birch, she always dances with her friends Eternally, kisses as usual, Walks where there are no fences, sings where it is not supposed to, Bends and bends in the wind, but does not break. I love her across the river, with elegant mantles. Sometimes clear, ebullient, sometimes sad, weeping. Victor Bokov Don’t cut down the white birch, Don’t destroy the soul of the forest, Don’t destroy and don’t do evil, And especially in the spring, Don’t destroy, don’t touch the birch, Treat it like a human being, Otherwise tears will flow, You yourself will dry up from melancholy. Let the birch tree, like a bride, take care of its beauty, its place is not in a hot oven, its place is always in the forest! A. Zhigulin Birch The ax rang, then the saw. Then - the last effort. The birch slowly moved, showering us with snow dust. It was not in vain that they cut down the tree, - Above the roadbed, at the edge of the forest, The tight winds of December could have knocked it down onto the rails. They cut it down in the morning, It lay behind the embankment And quietly, quietly in the wind, Ringing with icicles, it trembled... Winter still has a hundred years of revenge, Humming in the taiga, breaking pine trees, And we still have to walk our site a hundred times On the frozen sleepers. And, like a deep Siberian forest, Like the distant cry of a steam locomotive, We have become accustomed to the dark cut - A large dead birch tree. Spring came. And, after the blizzards, While going through repairs in April, We all stopped suddenly, Scaredly not believing our eyes: The old birch tree lived, The buds stubbornly blossomed. On the branches of a dead trunk Yellow earrings swayed!.. Someone later explained to us that sap ferments in the woody firmament, That sometimes there is enough strength to come to life with flowers after death... The ice in the lowlands was still turning blue And our fingers ached from the frost, And we watched how it blooms A long-dead birch tree. P. Kudryavtsev White birch, dear sister. You grow up, don't be afraid of the evil ax. White birch - birds on the branches, I won’t let anyone hurt you. White birch, the breeze is blowing, He will look at you in the blue evening. White birch, he will bring a song to you from the heights because of the blue sea. White birch, my bow to you, You are in the fate of Russia and in my destiny. White birch is Russian land, And sadness, and joy, and my love. S. Yesenin White birch tree Under my window Covered with snow, Like silver. On the fluffy branches, like a snowy border, brushes blossomed like a white fringe. And the birch tree stands in sleepy silence, and snowflakes burn in golden fire. And the dawn, lazily going around, sprinkles the branches with new silver. O. Shestinsky I can’t imagine Russia without the birch, - It is so bright in Slavic style, That, perhaps, in other centuries, all of Rus' was born from the birch. They sang and got married under the birches. They chose horses at auction; Dear mothers were buried with birch trees at their feet. Therefore, you know, in the spring birch trees live a human life: Sometimes they laugh with their green leaves, sometimes they shed tears with their earrings. A. Dementiev Birches of Russia Birches in the night are like smiles... This is how Rus' smiles Through its troubles and mistakes, Through May thunderstorms and sadness. Birches are like ancient dates, Which are still sharp in the heart. They look like Russian wartime soldiers Birches. Light, majestic and stern, having become akin to Russia by fate, they stood at every road, seeing off soldiers to battle. They ran after the train, drowning in the snow up to their chests... They ran in winter and summer. And their path was endless. They covered the partisans with themselves, propped up their housing with their shoulders. The fighters at the short rest gave their warmth. Birch trees - separations and meetings, Sadness over the silence of the grass... I love your strong shoulders And your quiet, friendly disposition. Birches, birches of Russia - you have all walked with us. And there is no end to your power Coming from the Russian land. G. Fere The light of Russian birches The military thunderstorms have subsided, The leaden hail does not clatter, But the bitter wounds of the birches are preserved as a memory of the past. Their slanting showers kiss them, The winds caress them, trumpeting: No one, Russia, can ever take them away from you. If the planet were flying in the darkness, And it would be difficult for people to live Without this kind light of the Original Russian birches. Mirvarid Dilbazi White birches White birches, forest beauties, You stand, carved through the foliage. It is impossible to comprehend you without knowing Russia, And I came here, friends. I wanted to comprehend the simple beauty - To see you, curly, in the wind. Like girls who look like they are singing about the gentle sun in the morning. And at night the stars secretly kiss you, And leave dew on the leaves. The jealous month is looking for you, birch trees, And you, laughing, are hiding in the forest. All nations have their own beauties, you, in white fur coats, are Russian beauty. White-trunked forests have stood under the Russian sky for centuries! White birches, forest beauties, Once again I catch your songs in my heart. It is impossible to comprehend you without knowing Russia, And to love you as I love her.
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