Mother's Day in Kindergarten (Mother's Day)

Preparing and giving gifts to mothers

Gifts for mothers are made by hand by children under the strict guidance of teachers. This could be a craft or a drawing.

Drawing for Mother's Day is a tradition of this holiday. Usually such a drawing is a portrait of one’s own mother or grandmother, which symbolizes how the child himself sees her. The portraits turn out funny and cute, looking at them you can’t help but be moved.

Mother's Day takes place in the fall, so there are plenty of beautiful natural materials for crafts. DIY Mother's Day crafts develop a child's creativity and provide a lot of fun during the making process.

How to prepare for the holiday?

Before you get ready for the holiday, decide whether you will organize a concert or whether it will be a music festival with competitions. Of course, the second option will be more interesting, because parents want not only to watch the performance, but also to participate in competitions with their children.

In addition, shortly before the holiday itself or before preparing for it, it is necessary to have a conversation in a group, show some cartoon about the warm relationship between children and parents. It could also be a cartoon about animals and their babies. Then, together with the students, discuss some points.

You can conduct an oral survey by asking children to choose answers from several options. For example, what kind of mother do they think they are, how they help their mother around the house, what they are willing to do to make sure their mother always smiles, how often they kiss their mother. The results of this survey can be posted in the group’s locker room before the party. Parents will be interested to know the average value in the group. Moreover, I think it is very funny to read and discuss.

You also need to prepare some handmade gifts for mothers in advance. These can be small painted pictures or a flower made in one of the modern techniques, or a postcard. I think you can find interesting crafts online.

Next, in the group, you can organize an exhibition of the works that the children completed during the last classes. Again, this is very important for communication between children and parents. They will tell you how they did it, what worked and what didn’t. After all, parents usually bring and pick up their children from kindergarten in a hurry, and they have no time for it. Perhaps you will be able to avoid the rush on the holiday.

You can also organize a photo exhibition for this day. Ask children and parents to bring photos of them together in advance. You can call the photo exhibition “My Beloved Mother.” You can choose other topics: “How I play with my mother on the street”, “How we spend time with my mother”, “One evening in our family” and other topics, play with your imagination.

Stage production

An excellent creative solution for preschool teachers would be to organize the entire event as a stage production. Each participant has his own role, his own text, and costume. Children have the opportunity to gain experience in acting, and teachers have a clear scenario of action. Individual skits for Mother's Day are also a great opportunity to reveal children's talents.

An example of well-thought-out skits is a scenario where many children are involved in the performance, and almost everyone has the opportunity to perform. The production should be filled with background music, songs, dances and poems by the children.

Concert or holiday?

So, of course, the concert also takes place. But in this case it is desirable that several groups can be combined. It is difficult to prepare a full-fledged concert of at least 30-40 minutes with one group. But I know that not every kindergarten has the opportunity to seat parents from two groups as spectators, and in most cases grandmothers also come to see their grandchildren.

Alternatively, in this case, you can show a short skit, give the children not participating in the skit the opportunity to read poetry, as well as sing a song and show a dance. It is quite possible to prepare such a mini-concert for 20 minutes. And then organize a joint tea party. It will be very nice.

If you still decide to prepare a holiday, then I will not give you a specific holiday scenario from start to finish. There are plenty of such scenarios on the Internet. If you want, you can find anything you want. For example, I never use ready-made scripts. Yes, they can be used as a basis, but I have never once approached a single script from start to finish. Either the song is inappropriate, or the competitions are somehow primitive, or something else. Therefore, I give you numerous ideas, and you arrange them depending on what suits you and make candy out of it.

First of all, the scenario needs to be built depending on the age of the children. For the younger ones there are more music competitions and songs. Seniors themselves can participate in the script, playing small and simple roles.

Games for children and their mothers

The entire scenario may have elements of a role-playing game, in which, among other things, there are adult players. To make the game interesting for mothers, the plot is based on famous TV shows. Like what? Where? When?”, “Field of Miracles”, “Guess the Melody” and others.

The team participation of mothers with their children promotes unity, the emergence of a spirit of competition and simply joy from the actions taking place.

You can also use outdoor games. These will cause even greater delight among participants and spectators. A physical education teacher provides children's matinees with festive gaming material.

Examples of sports games:

  • Relay races (running like a snake, climbing under an arc, jumping from hoop to hoop, putting a matryoshka doll on a chair);
  • “Who is faster” (jumping rope - mothers jump);
  • "Caterpillar";
  • “Thin waist” (mothers spin the hula hoop at the same time “Who can do it longer”);
  • “Jumping on balls”, etc.

Conversation for Mother's Day material (senior group) on the topic

Goal: To develop in children a kind, respectful, attentive attitude towards their parents. Objectives: - To consolidate children’s knowledge about the public holiday “Mothers’ Day” - To teach a kind, attentive attitude towards the mother; -Develop children's aesthetic perception, teach them to see beauty; ability to examine works of artists and photographers. -Encourage children to create object compositions and supplement them with details; -To instill in children respect for their mother, the desire to help her, to please her; -Develop the distinctive ability of the eye when examining small drawings. Vocabulary work: librarian, accountant, ballerina. Preliminary work: *Individual conversations with children about mother. *Looking at photographs from family albums. *Reading the story “Mom’s Hands” by B. Emelyanov *Memorizing poems about mother. *Role-playing game “Family”

Progress of the conversationOrganizational moment.

*Guessing riddles: Educator: I will ask you riddles, you must listen carefully to guess. -There is no dirt or trash in the apartment, I cleaned everything clean.... Children: Mom. -Borscht in a plate is the most delicious, Only cooks this way..... Children: Mom. -Before going to bed, putting on pajamas, we ask you to read.... Children: Mom. Educator: Children, listen to folk wisdom:

- “It’s warm in the sun, good in mother’s presence.” - “Mother is like the sun: she will take pity and warm you, and show you the way.” Who are the proverbs talking about? Children: The proverb talks about mother. Educator: Who are they comparing mom to? Children: The sun. Educator: And as you understand, today, guys, who are we going to talk about? Children: About mothers. The children sit at the tables. 1 Conversation: Educator: Every year in Russia, on the last Sunday of November, Mother's Day is celebrated. This holiday unites all people of our country with kindness and respect for women - Mothers. -The word “mama”, “mother” is one of the most ancient on earth and sounds almost the same in the languages ​​of different nations: “mami”, “muti”. This suggests that all people honor and love mothers. -A lot of words have been said about mothers, a lot of unspoken things live in the hearts of each of us. It is important to have time to say kind words when mom can hear them. -How affectionately can you call your mother in Russian? Children: mommy, mommy, mommy. 2 View pictures “Dear tender mothers” The song “The first word is mother” sounds, author of the text of the words Etin Y. composer of music Burjoa Jarard Educator: Let's look at pictures, photographs of famous writers and photographers. -At all times, artists, writers, poets glorified Mothers in their works. Nowadays, photographers continue to convey in their works: gentle facial features, kind eyes, and the unique smile of mothers. 3. D/I Didactic game “Professions of Mothers” Children, relying on pictures with images of objects, name women’s professions and find pictures with objects who need what for work. Educator: What profession is the mother shown in the picture? Children: Teacher. Educator: What does a teacher need to work? Children: Books, notebooks, pen, pointer. Educator: What special clothes does the seller have? Children: Special clothing from the seller is a cap, a robe. Educator: Who is this woman by profession? Children: Librarian. Educator: Where does the librarian work? Children: A librarian works in a library.

Educator: What does a hairdresser do at work? Children: The hairdresser cuts people's hair. Dyes hair. Educator: What do you need to work as an accountant? Children: An accountant needs a computer and a calculator for his work. -Ballerina -Teacher 4.Dynamic pause “Helping Mom” Mom and I washed the clothes, Then rinsed them, Then we wrung them out, Shaked them up, And attached them to clothespins. 5. Gymnastics for the eyes Close your eyes and stroke with your hands, We will dream about your beloved mother. Close your eyes, stroke your eyelids., 6. Corrective work “Decoration for a portrait”

Paper applique “Heart with flowers”

The song “Mom” from the Cartoon plays

Educator: Look at the decoration we’ll prepare for the portrait with our own hands. Look what a wonderful decoration I made for Mommy’s portrait. You also have details of beautiful flowers in plates on your table. Let's use them to decorate the portrait. We take it and place the flower, the non-colored side up. Then we carefully smear the entire part with paste, take the paste onto the brush in small portions, don’t forget, smooth it out with a napkin so that there is no excess paste. We will do the same with other details of the flower (leaves), so we have a beautiful decoration for the portrait. Guys, put the hearts on the table. 7. Art gallery “Portrait of my mother” Educator: Now I invite you to the art gallery where you were the artists. Guys, we’ll play a word game “Choose a word.” What kind of words can you say about your mother? Children: Dear, sweet. Educator: for example: my mother is the most fun. Take a heart and attach it with a magnet to the portrait of your mother, and say a kind word. Children: My mother is the smartest, sweetest.

Guys, we looked at pictures where you were also artists. And now we will listen to how poets talk about mothers in their poems. 8.Reading poems about mother (early ones memorized) -I. Maznik There are quite a few kind words in the world, But one is kinder and more important than all of them: Of two syllables, the simple word “ma-ma” And there are no words in the world more valuable than that. -Who warms you with love, manages everything in the world, even plays a little? Who will always console you, and wash you, and comb your hair, and kiss you on the cheek - smack you? That's how she is always... my dear! -We wish our mothers to never lose heart, to be more and more beautiful every year and to scold us less. Result: Educator: Who did we talk about today? Children: Today we talked about mothers. Educator: What new and interesting things did you learn? Children: A lot of poems, stories, and paintings are written about mothers. Educator: What did you like most? Children: Make decorations for a mother’s portrait, game “Professions for Moms.” Educator: I was pleased to communicate with you, I realized how dearly you love your mother. I think you will never upset your mother. Take care of her with tenderness and love.

Congratulations in verse

For Mother's Day, all the children learn poetry. Little speakers recite poem after poem for almost the entire holiday. The script of the celebration itself is constructed in poetic form.

To ensure everything goes perfectly, numerous rehearsals are held, assignments for studying poetry are provided in advance. Each participant has the right to seek individual advice from a teacher and practice the required fragment of the speech. The teaching staff of preschool educational institutions does the same thing, helping children quickly and efficiently master a large amount of information.

Mother's Day at a preschool educational institution is always a bright event in the life of a child and his mother. Preparatory work, the hassle of choosing a costume, memorizing speeches - practically do not give peace of mind on the eve of the holiday. But the action itself, the outcome of the event, the impressions received do not leave indifferent any of those who diligently prepared.

Children's poems for Mother's Day in kindergarten

Our mothers are dear, kind, beautiful, if you are nearby, then we are the happiest. Let us sometimes be very naughty, but otherwise your life would seem boring. Accept our congratulations quickly, We give you our love and a poem.

Mommy, mummy, most beloved. Be always healthy, Always be happy. Congratulations, mommy, Happy holiday to you! I hug you, my dear, loving you with all my heart.

Today we all celebrate Mother's Day, And we heartily congratulate all our mothers, We wish you good health and better health, And that you will be happy forever! May all your wishes come true, and may your children be given care and joy. Our dear, beloved, kind ones, there are no better and more beautiful mothers in the world!

Mom is joy, laughter, Mom is dearer to me than anyone else, I will shout to the whole planet: “There is no better mother than my mother!”

Dear mothers, Congratulations on the holiday! You are beautiful and so different. We give you hugs, songs and poems, let the autumn days be filled with sunshine!

Our dear mothers, we love and appreciate you, dear ones. We wish you the best and Happy Mother's Day!

Our mothers are the best: Kind, beautiful. We want you to be happy every day! We will obey, play, and study in kindergarten. So that mom doesn’t feel sad, have fun with us!

A small bouquet, But with a big soul I bring it to my mother, I am already big! “Happy holiday, dear!” - I say quietly, I love you, Mommy, so much!

We tenderly congratulate mom and with all our hearts wish you to never lose heart and shine like the sun!

We made these bright cards for you, We give our sweet smiles on this day and hour, And we won’t forget to add: - We love you very much!

Like the sun, you are bright, Like clouds, you are soft, Like a feather, you are tender, Like a berry, you are sweet. Like the ocean, you are strong, Like a star, you are beautiful, Like the heavens, you are vanilla, You are my beloved mother!

Mom, mom, mommy, my best! We are with you, mommy, a friendly family! I will obey you, so that you always know that your child is the best!

I give my poem to all the mothers on the planet, From all the children in the world I say Thank you! On Mother's Day, I wish all mothers well, great, boundless love, happiness and warmth!

I will smile tenderly at my mother, I will always cling to her sincerely, And I will give her happiness, After all, I love her very much!

I’ll draw the sun for mom and a lot of colorful flowers, I love my dear mom so much that words are not enough!

We celebrate Mother's Day, Congratulations from the bottom of our hearts. We don’t upset mom, we are in a hurry to help her with everything. Let's collect our toys, put our clothes in the closet, dance joyfully, sing a sonorous song.

My mom is the best, I love her the most! There is no one in the world wiser than my beloved mother. Mommy, congratulations! I wish you well, so that you smile more often, and don’t be upset at all.

Mommy, dear, I love you, I value you very much, my dear. I simply adore you, dear, and with all my heart I wish you happiness!

Happy Mother's Day, dear mother! We wish you good health. You are beloved, the most, the best, you are the best on Earth!

Today we congratulate our beloved mothers from the bottom of our hearts. We know how to do needlework, even though we are still kids. Everyone prepared both crafts and flowers for mom. Well, the main gifts, As always, of course, are us!

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