Entertainment “Titmouse Day” in kindergarten in the middle group

Entertainment “Titmouse Day” in kindergarten in the middle group

Summary of autumn entertainment “Titmouse Day” for children 4-5 years old in kindergarten
Abstract: in October the holiday is celebrated - Titmouse Day. Entertainment introduces preschoolers to the wonderful world of birds. Purpose: this development will be useful for educators, primary school teachers, and parents to form ideas about the world of migratory birds.

Goal: To expand children’s knowledge about All-Russian holidays. Arouse interest in nature, develop a caring attitude towards it. Develop the emotional sphere, tolerance, intensify cognitive and speech activity. Objectives: - To introduce children to the history of the holiday “Titmouse Day” - To expand children’s understanding of wintering and migratory birds; — Cultivate a caring attitude and interest in wintering birds, a desire to help them in difficult winter conditions, and provide regular feeding; — Develop cognitive activity, independence, ability to reason, draw conclusions; — Expand and activate vocabulary, grammatical aspects of speech on the topic; Material: Illustrations depicting birds - tit, sparrow, bullfinch, crow, magpie;
illustrations of winter pictures, cut-out pictures, titmouse mask. Leisure activities
Presenter: So the golden autumn has died down, the crowns of the trees have thinned out, they have gotten rid of their colorful attire. As soon as it got cold outside, many birds began to fuss as if someone had scared them. No, no one was scared. But not all birds like rain and frost. Therefore, migratory birds fly away to warmer climes, but wintering birds that are not afraid of the cold remain. Today we have gathered to Fr. For a long time in Rus', Titmouse Day was celebrated on November 12, this is the day of meeting of wintering birds. People prepared feeders, read poems about birds, asked riddles, played and simply admired the winter birds. Why exactly Titmouse Day? Yes, because the tit was considered the main bird for Rus'. The name “tit” was given to the birds for their sonorous songs, reminiscent of the ringing of a bell: “Zin-zin!”

An audio recording of a tit's voice sounds.
Guys, it looks like someone has arrived to us.
You hear? This is someone's singing. Who could it be? To find out who it was that arrived, we need to guess the riddle : The back is greenish, the belly is yellowish, a black cap and a stripe of a scarf. She quickly pecks at the grains. The vocal singer - Yellow-bellied ... (titmouse) . The teacher takes out the titmouse on a stick from the window sill behind the curtain.

Tit: Hello, guys! You recognized me! I'm very glad that you haven't forgotten about me. After all, it is difficult to imagine a world without birdsong, spring without starlings, a sea without seagulls, a grove without nightingales. And how many pests we destroy! And today we will greet the birds together, play and frolic! And from the beginning, to relax, guess the riddles. Look, I brought a magic bag containing pictures with birds. Now the presenter will ask a riddle , and if you solve it, then I will show you a picture with this bird. Grayish coloring, Thieving habit – Hoarse screamer, Famous person, This is... (crow)
I catch bugs all day, Gobble up worms.
I don’t fly away to a warm land, I live here, under the roof. Tick-tweet! Don't be timid! I am an experienced... (sparrow)
Black-winged, Red-breasted And in winter he will find shelter: He is not afraid of colds - With the first snow It’s right there!
White-sided beauty Talks like a rattle.
All the sparkles from afar Drags into the nest... (Magpie)
Stands on one leg Stares intently into the water Pokes with its beak at random, Looks for young frogs in the river
Who is jumping and rustling there, Gutting pine cones with its beak, With a clear, clear voice Lee! lee! lee!
sings with a whistle! (Klest)
Hisses, cackles, wants to pinch me, I'm walking, I'm afraid, who is it?
Who flaunts on the branch in a yellow festive vest?
This is a little bird, and her name is (Titmouse)
In winter, there are apples on the branches. Hurry up and pick them up. And suddenly the apples fluttered up. After all, this is.
This bird is so chatty, Thieving, fussy, Chirping, white-sided, And its name is...
Goo-goo, fly in, Pick up the crumbs of bread.
How is the bird called, the symbol of peace? (Dove)
Guess what kind of bird it is: Small dark, white from the belly, tail spread into two tails.
(Swallow) Tit: Well done guys! Titmouse: I heard that you know a lot about us wintering birds. It's hard for us in winter. If the winter is mild and warm, we will survive, but if the winter is fierce, it will be difficult for us. It’s not easy to get food under the snow, and it doesn’t take long for a hungry person to freeze. So we birds are drawn in winter closer to human habitation, hoping for his help and kindness. Traditionally, on Titmouse Day, feeders and small pieces of lard were hung out, which the lively birds are great hunters of. It is easy to train tits to fly through a window by hanging the feeder first next to the window, then placing it in an open window, and then in a room not far from the window. Accustomed to dining in the warmth, the birds even begin to knock on the glass with their beaks if they find the window closed. Tits often suffer from their gullibility, since they are much easier to catch than bullfinches, tap dancers or goldfinches, which also move closer to housing in the winter. But titmouses do not tolerate captivity well; they often break their heads and bleed, trying to break through the bars of the cage. Therefore, it is better to admire them in nature. Presenter: The kids have been sitting too long, it’s time to play! Game “Feed the Birds” 5 people are invited from each group. Everyone gets a ball. His task is to get into the feeder (bucket). Music sounds. accompaniment.

Titmouse: Guys, you are so dexterous and fast! Presenter: Well done! We completed the task. We also suggest playing the game “Who Sings How.” I will name the bird, and you show me how it sings. Cockerel, cuckoo, crow, sparrow, goose, chicken. Well done, the titmouse still wants to play with you! Game for attention “Tits” Mugs (or put hoops) are a nest. All children are tits. They fly freely around the site. At the signal “Go home,” the tits quickly fly and try to occupy one of the houses. Whichever child is left without him loses.

Educator: Birds can be fed with sunflower, pumpkin, and watermelon seeds. You should not give birds roasted seeds and black bread. Birds readily eat cottage cheese, creamy margarine, unsalted meat, and fat. Mix these feeds and the birds will choose their favorite seeds from the mixture. More birds - fewer pests - higher yield. Feed the birds in the winter, they will repay you in the summer Physical training minute A nimble tit is jumping (jumping in place on two legs)
She can’t sit still,
(jumping in place on the left leg)
Jump - hop, jump - hop,
(jump in place on the right leg )
Spun like a top.
(spinning in place)
So she sat down for a minute,
(sat down)
Scratched her chest with her beak,
(stood up, tilted her head left and right)
And from the path - onto the fence,
(jumping in place on the left leg)
Tiri - tiri,
(jumping in place on right leg)
(jumping in place on two legs) Educator: Why do you think birds live in dreams all year round? Children: They want to be closer to people. Educator: Listen to the poem and look at the screen: what can birds eat in winter! Tits are popularly called acrobats because they are dexterous and can climb into any crevice. They have very strong legs with sharp claws; with the help of sharp claws, a titmouse can move along tree branches even upside down. The strong and hard beak easily removes insects from cracks in tree bark and crushes hard seeds and hazelnuts. The plumage of tits is thick and fluffy, they are not afraid of the cold, but birds can freeze only from hunger. Because tits are so useful, people have long cared for them, protected them, made them feeders and special tit houses. Guys, in order to feed the birds correctly, you must follow some rules: • Feed the birds in the same place, at the same time, and the birds will fly in by this time; • Birds need to be fed every day, you cannot feed them from time to time, it is in frosty weather that they need food every day to survive; • You need to put in a little food, precisely in order to feed and support during difficult times. If we take care of the birds in winter, in summer they will take care of our forests, gardens, and parks. And now my friends, more fun games await everyone. Game “The Birds Have Arrived” Titmouse: Guys, when I say the names of the birds, you clap, if something else, you stomp. Let's start! Birds, pigeons, tits, flies and elephants flew in... Birds, pigeons, tits, storks, crows, jackdaws, macaroni flew in... Birds, pigeons, titmice, rabbits flew in... Birds, pigeons, titmice, jackdaws and swifts, siskins and storks flew in. Cuckoos, swans and ducks. and thanks for the joke!

Outdoor game "Titmouse" According to the counting rhyme, the driver is chosen - a cat.
This small bird is called a titmouse!
One two three four five! Will come to visit. Five-four-three-two-time! Do you have a feeder? The rest of the children, the titmice, sit in the corner of the room, folding their “wings” and closing their eyes, the teacher speaks, and the children perform the actions: Here the birds woke up in the nest - Multi-colored titmice. They stretch their wings, stand up, and sing a song loudly. (“Titmouses” open their eyes, stand up, raise their arms, and squeal “tsif-tsif-tsif”).
Birds, spread your wings, fly out quickly, look for food in the fields, in gardens and forests.
(Children flap their “wings” and “fly” throughout the room).
They found some crumbs in the feeder and pecked them a little.
The beaks knock loudly. “Delicious!” the birds say. (They squat down, tap their fingers on the floor - “peck”).
Be careful, titmice, Be careful, birds!
Matvey the cat is sneaking up on you! Fly away quickly! (“The cat” sneaks up on the children. The “birds” fly into their nests (on the chairs). The cat catches them.)

Sinitsa: Guys, thank you very much for such a wonderful holiday, I really enjoyed it! And as a token of gratitude, I want to give you gifts! (origami) Thanks to you, every bird now has a friend!

Host: Thank you titmouse for the gifts! And we, in turn, promise not to let our birds die, make feeders for them and feed them in winter! Well, we say goodbye to the titmouse, other children are waiting for her to visit, let's say goodbye to the titmouse. Goodbye titmouse! Well, our holiday is over, well done to you all, goodbye!

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Entertainment for children of the senior group "SINICHKIN'S DAY"

Brief description of the document:

Entertainment for children of the senior group "SINICHKIN'S DAY"

Prepared by: teacher

Bikbaeva N.I.

Goal: to clarify and expand children’s understanding of migratory and wintering birds.


  • Introduce children to wintering birds.
  • Develop attention in children
  • Foster a caring attitude and interest in wintering birds.
  • Develop the ability to correlate changes in nature with the life of wintering birds.

Equipment: Pictures of birds, mixed up food, 10 cups, 2 buckets, 10 balls, flash drive with music, 2 feeders. So the golden autumn has died down, the crowns of the trees have thinned, they have gotten rid of their colorful attire. September was surrounded by leaf fall, October was noisy with rain, November greeted us with the first frosts. And now winter is rushing towards us with frost and snow. Along the road, winter with frosts was going on, Winter was going on with frosts, the snow was spreading pink. And as soon as it got cold outside, many birds began to fuss as if someone had scared them. No, no one was scared. But not all birds like rain and frost. The time has come for some of them to fly to warmer climes. Swifts and swallows are the earliest to fly away from us; in September, rooks, starlings, and cuckoos depart, and by November, all migratory birds leave us. But migratory birds fly away from us, and other birds remain with us... these are wintering birds, name them. For a long time in Russia, Sinichka Day

, i.e., the day of meeting of wintering birds.
People prepared feeders, read poems about birds, asked riddles, played and simply admired the winter birds. Why exactly Sinichkin Day? Yes, because the tit is a bird of God for Rus'. Previously, in the old days they used to tell fortunes about it: they threw crumbs of bread, pieces of lard and observed: if the titmouse first begins to peck lard, then there will be livestock in the house; if it begins to peck at crumbs of bread, then there will be prosperity in the house. People used to say, “The titmouse is a small bird, but it knows its holiday.” Guys, what would a holiday be without a titmouse? Let's call her. Children:
Si-nich-ka, Si-nich-ka
(a titmouse in a suit enters
Hello, guys!
I'm very glad that you haven't forgotten about me. Our meeting today is dedicated to birds. After all, it’s hard to imagine a world without birds’ chirping, spring without starlings, a sea without seagulls, a grove without nightingales! And how many pests do birds destroy! Today we will greet all the birds together, play and frolic. Let our meeting today reveal something new and interesting to you! But first, for relaxation, guess the riddles, you are my feathered friends - guess quickly! (Guys who guessed the riddle come out) 1. Who glued it on a May day. A mitten over the window, I placed the chicks in it. Restless tenants? (Swallow) 2. In the summer he follows the plowman. And towards winter he leaves screaming (Rook) 3. In a gray feather coat. And in cold weather he is a hero. It does not fly away to spend the winter; it lives under the eaves (Sparrow). 4. Who is jumping there, rustling, gutting pine cones with its beak, with a clear, pure voice! leee! lee! - sings with a whistle! (Crossbill) 5. Not a woodcutter, not a carpenter, But the first worker in the forest (Woodpecker) 6. Heather, white-sided, and her name is ..... (Magpie) 7. A bird was dozing on the window: “Jackdaw, what are you dreaming about? ” The bird answered sleepily: “I’m not a jackdaw, I’m .... (Crow) 8. Who flies on a dark night and wants to grab a mouse? (owl) 9. We live in a birdhouse, we sing sonorous songs (starling) 10 This bird never builds nests for chicks (cuckoo) 11. Gray, neat, sits cooing, looks at its girlfriend. (pigeon) Well, I’m not a titmouse, I’m not alone, a flock of birds has flocked to me, friends! Well, look carefully, do all the birds stay with me for the winter? Now we will check if you know wintering and migratory birds. According to my command, wintering birds should gather in one flock, and migratory birds - in another. Then each flock looks for strangers. Well, is everything right? It's probably time for our wintering friends to fly to warmer climes, goodbye friends. And we continue. Game “Birds Have Arrived” Titmouse warns the children: “Now I will only name birds, but if I suddenly make a mistake or you hear something else, then stomp.” Let's begin: Birds have arrived: Pigeons, tits, Flies and swifts... Children are stomping. Titmouse What's wrong? Children. Flies! Titmouse Who are the flies? Children. Insects. . Titmouse You are right. Well, let's continue: The birds have arrived: Pigeons, tits. Storks, crows, Jackdaws, pasta!.. Children stomp. Titmouse Let's start again: Birds have arrived: Pigeons, martens!.. Martens are not birds at all. Game continues. Birds arrived: Pigeons, tits, Ostriches, siskins... After all, the ostriches' wings have almost completely disappeared, and they cannot fly. Birds have arrived: Pigeons, tits, Jackdaws and swifts, Mosquitoes, cuckoos... Children are stomping. Tit Birds have arrived: Pigeons, tits, Jackdaws and swifts, sparrows, cuckoos, Black rooks, Swans, starlings... Well done to all of you! Did a great job! 1,2, 3, 4, 5, I’m now going to count, to whom 5 I’ll tell now, I’ll ask you to go out into the circle. (Children come out with their chairs) Game “Birds in Nests” The guys are sitting on chairs - these are their “nests” .(one less chair) At the titmouse’s signal, “Birds, fly!” all the “birds” fly out, take off again, waving their wings. After the command “Birds, go to the nest!” the children must return to their chairs. Those who did not have time to take a chair sit down, taking the chair with them. MUSIC Well done to all the participants, and the loudest applause goes to this nimble bird, my sister. The holiday is more fun with a song, We can’t live without it, That’s why I invite you to the song competition, friends! Each bird has its own song, Let's remember how they sing: Ducks - quack, quack, quack Crows - quack, quack, quack Owls - wow, wow, wow Sparrow - chirp Woodpecker - trrr - trrr Tit - ting, ting And Now each group needs to sing the song “A grasshopper sat in the grass” 1. like a crow 2. like a duck And now, both teams are together!
We had a great concert.
I think that after such a concert our birds became very hungry. We should invite them to the Sinichkino cafe. Game “Feed the chick” 5 children are invited from each group. Everyone receives a Ball, its task is to get it into the nest (bucket) MUSIC Guys, do you know that in winter our feathered friends get cold and hungry? Out of 10 tits, only 1 survives until spring. And our task is to prevent our wintering birds from dying of hunger in the winter, make feeders for them and feed the birds in the winter. Here's a fun challenge awaiting the brave souls. We wish them good luck, answer whoever is ready! The titmouse’s task for you is this: Count how many birds have flown to us, friends? We made a feeding trough, We opened a dining room. Sparrow, bullfinch - neighbor, There will be lunch for you in winter. On the first day of the week, tits came to visit us. And on Tuesday, look, the bullfinches arrived. Three crows were on Wednesday. We did not expect them for lunch, but on Thursday from all over the world - a flock of greedy sparrows. On Friday, in our dining room, Golub enjoyed porridge. And on Saturday seven forty flew into the pie. -Who is the most attentive? Answer the questions: 1. What birds flew to the feeder? 2. On what day of the week did the crows fly? 3. How many crows flew in? 4. What did the pigeon feast on at the feeder? 5. What did the magpies treat themselves to? 6. How many forty were there at the feeder? Well done, you completed this task! Well, I give you a gift - each group receives a feeding trough so that I don’t go hungry in winter. And I have my last competition, I invite 5 people from each team. Each bird feeds differently, but my food was mixed up. Your task is to put the food into cups. Game Well done! Don’t forget that you need to regularly add food to the feeder, and I’m also giving you this food. Feed the birds in winter, Let flocks flock to you from all over, like home, on your porch. It’s hard to count how many of them die, it’s hard to see, but in our hearts there is warmth for the birds. Accustom the birds to your window in the cold, So that we don’t have to welcome spring without songs. And you have homework from me: make feeders at home and bring them to kindergarten. Well, I say goodbye to you, see you at the feeding trough!

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