Poems for children on the topic “mathematics” and “reading”: quantity, length, number 4, counting, reading a book, bread

Poems about addition

*** Addition is an action that is very, very simple. Let's add together all kinds of objects.

Put the toys in a box or put candy wrappers in a box... And you will become a real Great Mathematician

Anyone who wants to be friends with numbers can easily add everything up themselves!

Let's build a house


*** Now we’ll take the cubes and build a new house for the cat: Let’s take two floors first, And then add two two ...

Try , add two plus two and count all the floors.

Stacking firewood

*** They ask you to stack the firewood... One log, two logs. Two plus one equals three. Do not believe? Look.

Try to count further yourself. Two plus three - we get five... Those who are not lazy will get a woodpile.

1. The long-nosed Unit of the House does not fit in the line! - I want to travel, I’ll fly to visit a couple!

I'll pack a suitcase, put one glass, one thick book, wrap a brush with soap,

I'll take one nesting doll and one big spoon. Bright red orange I'll take one with me.

One bag of milk and one bag of candy! Have I forgotten anything? Oh! I didn’t put myself down!

2. By the river in a gray forest, Deuce cried to the beaver: “I don’t dare go into the water, I don’t know how to swim!”

Two minnows whisper to her: “You’re sad, girlfriend, in vain!” Two dragonflies flew in: “Wipe your tears, two!”

Two little foxes came running, they consoled the deuce together: - You look like a swan, So you can swim too!

The deuce sighed joyfully, shook her long neck, went into the warm water and swam like a swan!

3. The Troika does not sit idle, the Troika starts a construction project. The troika is the chief commander, both the foreman and the foreman!

Three cheerful mosquitoes are carrying three buckets of paint, three rooks are sawing boards, a wolf is carrying three bricks.

Three kittens carry hammers, Three ducklings carry nails. Three moles are digging a trench, Three bears are covering a roof.

Three goats have built a stove, Three sheep are painting the windows. Every animal came and helped: It turned out to be a little mansion!

4. One day in winter, the four of us got ready to go to the hill. In warm mittens, wearing earflaps, he drags a sled behind him.

Four squirrels are going down on a plastic plate. And four partridges play hide and seek under the mountain.

There are four mice on the mountain, Mixed up all the skis, And the hedgehogs, four brothers, Helped them figure it out!

An elk on four legs with a warm hat on its antlers trampled the snow on the road and rode animals on a sleigh!

5. What is Five so busy with? She's cleaning up! Five beavers carry water, five cows wash windows.

Five mice are carrying a broom, Five geese are repairing a shelf for it, Five kittens are washing clothes, They are wiping dust everywhere,

Five cheerful mosquitoes are knocking the dust out of the carpets, Five green frogs are rushing to their rescue.

Five hedgehogs wash dishes. It became clean - just a miracle! Then they sat at the table, drank tea and ate buns!

6. Six is ​​sitting at the table. There is a pile of cookies in front of her. Six huge chocolates, Six transparent marmalades,

Six boxes of marshmallows, Six bottles of kefir. Six ate everything, stood up, and then got stuck in the door!

“Ah,” Number Six sighs, “Apparently, we need to eat less!” Six mice are laughing at her, Six bumblebees are hovering over the number!

- Hey, six, your belly definitely won’t fit through the door! To get through this door, you have to go on a diet!

7. One day Seven was walking in the forest: a basket in her hands and glasses on her nose. Beauty blossomed in the magical forest, Emptiness slept in the huge basket!

Seven hares galloped to the meeting in a crowd: - Are you picking mushrooms? We are with you too! The hares wandered through the green forest and together with the Seven they found mushrooms!

We found seven thick little birds in the swamp, Seven yellow chanterelles grew under the Christmas tree, Seven porcini mushrooms stood in the clearing, And next to a family - seven cheerful mushrooms!

Here are seven russulas, seven slippery butterflies, seven glorious saffron milk caps playing pranks in the shade. The mushroom hunt was successful: Seven barely lifted the basket!

8. Eight looked out the window in winter: Snowflakes were flying and it was dark! The lantern was lit, and in the silver of the night she saw her friend in the yard.

Eight cats were bored on the bench. The cars were of different colors. Without looking at the cats, typing a step, eight dogs walked along the street.

Eight icicles hung under the roof, and eight magpies sat down on a birch tree. There was a snowman standing in the middle of the yard. He said to Eight: “Well, hello, sister!”

Look how similar we are to each other: You’re from the circles, and you see, so am I! Eight replied: “You know, my friend, it looks like you’re a whole circle taller!”

9. Nine lived in the little house: She loved to sleep sweetly and sweetly. A red bow over the top of the head, a cheerful tail.

Once she had a dream: A wonderful forest on all sides, Nine rainbow dragonflies, They wove a wreath of roses for her,

Nine fast perches played with her on the waves, Nine ducks flew with her, Nine foxes rolled her around,

Nine bright moths descended from the clouds to her. And then an elephant stomped and scared away the wonderful dream!

10. Ten went to the store with a whole heap of baskets. There I bought ten books, ten poppy cakes,

I bought ten cubes, I didn’t forget ten mugs, ten pink plates and for some reason ten hot water bottles.

Ten ripe juicy pears, stepped into ten puddles, barely dragged them, almost dropped the goodness!

She brought her luggage to her tenth floor. And then I asked myself: “Why did I buy everything?”

Irina Gurina (c)

Poems about subtraction

*** It’s easy to take away toys, sweets, books, mugs, buns. But you need to correctly understand what “subtract” and “subtract” mean.

Like pears or chocolates We take away only in a notebook... Read these examples And subtract everything you want!


*** There was one closet in the apartment. There was one scarf hanging in the closet. A moth flew into the closet... How many scarves are left?

Visiting Barbossa

*** A friend came to visit Barbos. The friend brought three tasty bones. one myself... Now the question is: How many bones did Barbos eat?

Pirate John

*** There lived a pirate named John. He was terrible in battle. one eye ... How many eyes does John have?


*** A cat went for a walk and lost two boots. - Wow! - the owl hooted. - And without two there are left... two !


One, two, three, four, five ... The hares went out for a walk. Two birds are lost. How long did it take to get home?

*** For good or bad luck - Everything in the world is divided into parts! What does part mean? Let's take a log.

We only have one log for now. To divide it into parts, we need to saw it. And to crush the stone -

We must break the pebble into small particles... And if we crush the bullet and hammer it into the barrel of a gun -

Hurry up, birds! Of course, such a fraction is evil. But that number is innocent, And we are talking about the score, and not about hunting!


*** The number is like a white bun: First the whole , First the butter bun... And then it became fractional!

Ask what am I doing? I break the whole . I’ll eat half the bun myself, and the rest will go to the pigeons...


*** There was only one orange, But they broke the orange... And everyone got how much? One seventh . Slice

Poems about mathematics

It is a lie that there is no poetry in science. In the reflections of the great world, the poet will catch hundreds of colors from the sounds and repeat the magic lyre. Behind the palace of formulas, forgetting about spring, In the world of numbers wandering like a sleepwalker, Suddenly the mathematician gives harmony of conclusions to the string, clinging to the sonorous violin. A true scientist, he is also a poet, Eternally thirsting to know and foresee. Who said that there is no poetry in science? You just need to understand and see.

V. Mikhanovsky


Literature and mathematics have been waging an ancient dispute with each other for a long time. “I am Mathematics! I am the Queen of Sciences. And without me everything is like without hands. They won’t be able to subtract and add, or even live through the day. There is a lovely row of my figures Everywhere you look. I serve humanity, I put my mind in order.” Literature answers her: “Yes, you are beautiful, no doubt about it. But I am more important than anyone in the world. Both adults and children need me. And there is no science more interesting to me. I am a spiritual friend for people! I also serve humanity and awaken good feelings in people.” Thus, for many centuries, disagreements dragged on about the fact that there is no agreement between reason and feeling. Friends! We decided to end this dispute: And we are talking about the intersection of these planes. And on the straight line formed from their intersection, smart feelings and a kind mind remained. And if a good mind rules the roost in science, then smart feelings will correct an imperfect world.


Love math

Dissected in parentheses in detail, these formulas are clearly dead. I recognize: this line is you! It's you, Katerina Petrovna!

Life is drawn by a sharp angle, a slope of thirty degrees is made, and I am cut in two by you, oh, my bisector!

Signs of death on the secret face, the corner of the mouth, the chords of the eyes - cut! This is my name - ABC - Alexander Borisych Sukhikh!

And when I am bent in an arc, beckoning to an unknown point, you pass by me at such a tangential distance!

Here we are placed side by side over the music stands of the school weeks - only two parallel straight lines can never meet anywhere!

S. Kirsanov


From 1 to 10

Here is one or one very thin, like a knitting needle. But this is number two, admire what it is like! The deuce arches its neck, its tail drags behind it. And behind the two - look - the number three appears. Three - the third of the icons - Consists of two hooks. After three come four, A sharp protruding elbow. And then she went to dance. The number five on the paper. She extended her hand to the right and bent her leg sharply. Number six - door lock: Hook at the top, circle at the bottom. Here is the seven - a poker, She has one leg. The figure eight has two rings without beginning or end. Number nine or nine - Digital acrobat: If she stands on her head, Number six will become nine. A number like the letter “O” is zero or nothing. The round zero is so pretty, But it doesn’t know anything! If we place One on the left next to him, He will begin to weigh more, Because this is ten.

S. Marshak



No, the Sage, deaf to the affairs of the earth, is not always funny and narrow: The Roman ships were already on the roadstead in Syracuse. The Soldier raised a short knife over the curly-haired mathematician, And on the sandy shallows he inscribed a circle in the drawing. Oh, if only death were a dashing guest - I was as lucky to meet him as Archimedes, drawing with a cane At the moment of death - the number!

D. Kedrin


Arithmetic of love

It so happened that in vain We multiplied fleeting moments by eternity, Denying the possibility that in the finale This function will end in division.

The path to the solution is now simple and short, There will be no place for sorrow in this formula: Improper fractions are reduced easily and without a trace of our funny feelings.

The joint calculation is completed, And the results are completely equivalent: You go into an equation for the unknown, I am looking for another variable.


Ten Little Indians

Ten little Indians went swimming in the sea. Ten little Indians frolicked in the open space. One of them drowned, they bought a coffin for him. And here is the result: nine little blacks... ... One little black went for a swim in the sea. One black kid was frolicking in the open space. But he didn’t go down - he got himself a wife... And here’s the result - ten little Indians!

A. Usachev


Why is there solemnity around? Do you hear how quickly the speech fell silent? This is about the queen of all sciences. We begin this evening.

It is no coincidence that she is so honored. It is given to her to give answers. How to do a good calculation to build a building, a rocket.

There is a rumor about mathematics that it puts the mind in order, therefore good words are often spoken about it among the people.

You, mathematics, give us the strength to overcome difficulties, the youth learns with you to develop both will and ingenuity.

And for the fact that in creative work you help out in difficult moments, Today we sincerely send you a thunder of applause.


Mathematics must be taught, it puts the mind in order. And you shouldn’t dislike it, After all, it is a country of eternal mysteries.

Pythagoras proved the statement, And now there’s nowhere without him. And Euclid wrote “Principles”, That have reached us through the years.

Lobachevsky, Thales, Archimedes... There are many famous scientists in the world who loved the most important subject and discovered a lot of new things in it.

Mathematics is a science, without which you can’t go anywhere now. Mathematics is a complex thing, and it was invented for a reason.


Oh, the plasticity of red squares, And the twisted baroque patterns, The harmonious clarity of geometry, That has attracted me since school! Medians and chords in the notebook, And the graceful dreams of Pythagoras! I was born and raised in Leningrad, where I taught geometry to the city. Vasilyevsky Island presented me with Parallels in the nearest district. I remember five sharp corners and granite arc channels. Every autumn returned to me the glow of the semicircular arches And the lemon street of Rossi, Which forms a square in cross-section. In this world, where everything is different, Where you can’t knock out a wedge with a wedge, I yearn like a wanderer for home, For the naive system of Euclid. There, the answers are always impartial, The evidence is clear and strict, And the straight lines go into space, Like railroad tracks.

A. Gorodnitsky


Our young friend! Today you came to this hall, To dream, think, relax, To see our concert and “ball”, To “look at everything” with your mind.

Today you will remember Heron’s formula, which you wrote more than once. You will also remember Newton, whose Binom you learned.

May Archimedes rise in your memory, Fighting for great creations, May you remember the well-known Viet, Who discovered the formula for the equation.

You know the talented Descartes - the creator of the Coordinate System. You know Lobachevsky, he is a Russian brother, a Copernicus of geometry, a creator, a sculptor.

Chebyshev is still a great titan, And Sofya Kovalevskaya is a wonderful “mermaid”! They were given a mighty talent, they were given a brilliant ingenuity.

The creators of great thoughts and ideas, Which the human race has nurtured for centuries, Having gone through the storms of difficult days, Will now survive millennia.

Remember what Gauss told everyone: “The science of mathematics is the queen of all sciences.” It is not for nothing that he bequeathed - To create in the fire of labor and torment.

Her role in the discovery of laws is immeasurable, in the creation of machines, airships. Perhaps it would be difficult for us without the Newtons, which history has given us to this day.

May you not become Pythagoras, as you might like to be! But you will be a worker, maybe a scientist, and you will serve your Motherland honestly.


Sad arithmetic

Here is a pedestrian walking barely to point “B” from point “A”...

Forty-eight kilometers! Against storms and against winds!

His legs get tangled, And he always loses his way, And it’s hard for the poor fellow, And he just can’t agree with the answer!

And in the cold, and in the darkness, Another Pedestrian Comes Out to Meet Him.

He also walks and walks... And he walks for an hour, and two, and His Head hurts...

And no one is visible ahead... And, probably, he has lost his way!..

It may happen: At such and such an hour the wolves will eat him in the dense forest!..

But the road doesn’t end, And the task doesn’t work out!..

E. Moshkovskaya


Ode to Algebra

April will knock on the window - Drops will ring in the soul, Algebra sings in the heart, And luck calls you on your way.

Life is like a dream come true. You are Algebra - both intelligence and beauty! I wish you full of peace and the road to happiness with you.

So that with Algebra Fate gives me luck, So that eternal spring reigns in my soul.

Alyosha Ryakin


If you are in life...

If in your life you have felt at least for a moment the Truth in your heart, If a ray of truth through the darkness of doubt has endowed your path with a bright radiance: So that in its unchangeable decision Fate does not assign you ahead - Keep the memory of this sacred moment forever, like a saint, in your chest. The clouds will come together in a discordant mass. The sky will be covered with black darkness, With clear determination, with calm faith, you will meet the storm and face the thunderstorm.

To the heights of knowledge! There's a steep cliff beyond! The eagle's roads are unfamiliar. Man will only pass, but first having discovered the laws of Nature and Numbers. The fate of seekers of truths is not easy, But their shadow will reach the clouds of centuries.

S. Kovalevskaya

What is half?

***What is half? You won’t understand this right away: Half of the trousers are the trouser leg. Half of the scissors is a knife.

We should consider the month as Half Moon...

Half boxing, half boots, half day and half night. And, having bought a watermelon at the market, Paul - you can eat the watermelon.

Break off half a loaf of bread, See a rainbow in half the sky And put on half a coat...

How about half a glass? I set up the experiment right away: I took a vase and slammed it on the floor... The vase was immediately cut in half !

And behind the vase two glasses scattered in the corners...

But hearing a crash in the kitchen, Mom stopped the experiment: “What kind of racket is this?” And my mother said sternly:

- Half the dishes are trash! Sweep this floor, before dad comes!

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