Poems about a mouse and a little mouse - the most interesting for children

Samuel Marshak

Read a fairy tale in verse about a stupid mouse:

A mouse sang in a hole at night: “Sleep, little mouse, shut up!” I'll give you a crust of bread and a candle stub.

The mouse answers her: “Your voice is too thin.” It’s better, mom, not food, look for a nanny for me!

The mother mouse ran and began calling the duck to be her nanny: “Come to us, Aunt Duck, rock our baby.”

The duck began to sing to the mouse: “Ha-ha-ha, go to sleep, little one!” After the rain, I’ll find you a Worm in the garden.

Stupid little mouse Answers her sleepily: “No, your voice is not good.” You're singing too loud!

The mother mouse ran and began calling the toad as a nanny: “Come to us, Aunt Toad, rock our baby.”

The toad began to croak importantly: “Kwa-kwa-kwa, no need to cry!” Sleep, little mouse, until the morning, I'll give you a mosquito.

Stupid little mouse Answers her sleepily: “No, your voice is not good.” You eat very boringly!

The mother mouse ran to call Aunt Horse as a nanny: “Come to us, Aunt Horse, rock our baby.”

- E-go-go! - the horse sings. Sleep, little mouse, sweetly, sweetly, turn on your right side, I’ll give you a bag of oats.

Stupid little mouse Answers her sleepily: “No, your voice is not good.” It's very scary to eat!

The mother mouse ran to call Aunt Pig as a nanny: “Come to us, Aunt Pig, rock our baby.”

The pig began to grunt hoarsely and lull the naughty one to sleep: “Bayu-bayushki, oink-oink.” Calm down, I say.

Stupid little mouse Answers her sleepily: “No, your voice is not good.” You sing very rudely!

The mother mouse began to think: I need to call the chicken. - Come to us, Aunt Klusha, rock our baby.

The hen cackled: “Where, where!” Don't be afraid, baby! Climb under the wing: It’s quiet and warm there.

Stupid little mouse Answers her sleepily: “No, your voice is not good.” You won't fall asleep like that!

The mother mouse ran and began calling the pike as a nanny: “Come to us, Aunt Pike, rock our baby.”

The pike began to sing to the mouse, He didn’t hear a sound: The pike’s mouth was open, But he couldn’t hear what he was singing...

Stupid little mouse Answers her sleepily: “No, your voice is not good.” You're singing too quietly!

The mother mouse ran and began to call the cat to be a nanny: “Come to us, Aunt Cat, rock our baby.”

The cat began to sing to the mouse: “Meow-meow, sleep, my baby!” Meow-meow, let's go to bed, Meow-meow, go to bed.

Stupid little mouse Answers her sleepily: “Your voice is so good.” You eat very sweetly!

The mother mouse came running, looked at the bed, looking for the stupid little mouse, but the little mouse was nowhere to be seen...

Samuel Marshak

The Tale of a Smart Mouse – Samuel Marshak

Posted by Lisa Marie Robinson

The cat took the mouse away and sang: “Don’t be afraid, baby.” Let's play cat and mouse for an hour or two, dear!

Frightened and awake, the little mouse answers her: “Our mother didn’t tell us to play cat and mouse.”

“Pur-pur-pur,” the cat purrs, “Play, my friend, a little.” - And the mouse answered her: - I have no desire.

I would like to play a little, but let me be a cat. You, cat, at least for an hour, be a Mouse this time!

The cat Murka laughed: “Oh, you smoky skin!” No matter what you call, the Mouse will never be a cat.

The mouse says to Murka: “Well, then let’s play blind man’s buff!” Blindfold your eyes with a scarf and catch me later.

The cat is blindfolded, But looks from under the blindfold, Lets the mouse run away And again, grab the poor thing!

He says to the cunning cat: “My legs are tired, please let me lie down and rest a little.”

“Okay,” said the cat, “Rest, short-legged, Let’s play, and then I, my dear, will eat you!”

Laughter for the cat, grief for the mouse... But he found a gap in the fence. He doesn’t know how he got through. There was a mouse - but it disappeared!

The cat looks to the right, to the left: “Meow-meow, where are you, baby?” - And the mouse answered her: - Where I was, I’m no longer there!

He rolled down the hill and saw a small hole. In this hole lived an animal - a long, narrow ferret.

Sharp-toothed, sharp-eyed, He was a thief and a crawler, And it happened that every day he stole chickens from the villages.

The ferret came from hunting and asked the guest: “Who are you?” If you fell into my hole, play my game!

- Cat and mouse or blind man's buff? Says the nimble mouse. - No, not blind man's buff. We ferrets love “corners” more.

- Well, we’ll play, but first, let’s do some math:

I am an animal, And you are an animal, I am a mouse, You are a ferret, You are cunning, And I am smart, Whoever is smart gets out!

- Stop! - the ferret shouts to the mouse and runs after him, and the mouse goes straight into the forest and crawls under an old stump.

The squirrels began to call the mouse: “Come out and play burners!” “My back,” he says, “is on fire without playing!”

At this time, an animal worse than a cat walked along the path, it looked like a brush. It was, of course, a hedgehog.

And a hedgehog was walking towards her, covered in needles, like a dressmaker.

The hedgehog shouted to the mouse: “You won’t get away from the hedgehogs!” Here comes my mistress, Play tag with her, And leapfrog with me. Come out quickly - I'm waiting!

But the mouse heard this, but thought and did not come out. - I don’t want to go into leapfrog, - I’ll end up on needles!

The hedgehog and the hedgehog waited for a long time, and the mouse quietly slipped along the path between the bushes - and there he was!

He reached the edge of the forest. He hears frogs croaking: “Guard!” Trouble! Kwa-kwa! An owl is flying towards us!

Poems about mice

Merry mouse

A cheerful mouse lived in a piano. She was a musical mouse. And often, to the sound of the piano, she squealed: tra-la-la-la! The owner of the piano did not know about the mouse. He stamped his foot and knocked on the lid, When the piano began to sound false: tra-la-la-la! But then the famous tuner came and immediately found a defect in the piano... “Oh, here,” he exclaimed, “what’s the matter?!” - And the mouse blushed with shame. And the master took the tool out of his bag and adjusted the mouse correctly at the right time. And here she is, together with the piano, singing perfectly: tra-la-la-la! The composer, tuner and mouse sing. All three are invited to go on tour to Paris. And if there is no piano there, everyone will sing along to them: tra-la-la-la!

Andrey Usachev

Ten little gray mice

Ten little gray mice walked to a mouse kindergarten, past a golden field, past a steep bank, past an old barn, from one end to the other, one after another, they all walked to the kindergarten-house, and when they got there, they looked: - What kind of nonsense? A cheerful cat is looking at the little mice through the window! And at the entrance there is a sign: “A new teacher is waiting for you.” Only children - that's the problem! - They ran away in all directions.

Nadezhda Andrusenko

The mouse grew in a hole

The mouse grew in the hole, The mouse gnawed the crusts, Only melancholy gnawed at the mouse in this hole. And out of sadness I decided: “I’m changing Y to I”!

The bear lives in a hole, the bear sucks its paw. The clubfoot complains: “Very meager dinner! It’s cramped in this hole, Life is not interesting, It’s somehow damp and dark. I’m changing And to O!

The midge lives in a hole, the midge sucks the crumb. “It’s uncomfortable at home - Entire mansions! From bed to gate - A very long flight. This won't do: I'm not your bird! It’s not my fault, I’m changing O to Y!”...

The mouse is sitting in a hole, she looks happy.

Nikolay Gol

Brave little mouse – Galina Golova

They settled in the house of a mouse, They settled and live. During the day they rustle on the roof, At night they scurry across the floor. The mother invited the cat: “Live with us for a little while.” If you want, bask in the window, drink milk from a bowl. Mice don't let us sleep, They rustle on the roof day and night. Let them go live in the barn, We dream of sleeping like that. The cat began to live in the house, guarding the sleep of the owners. Mice are afraid to walk during the day. It’s scary to go out at night - You have to be wary of cats, in case he wants to catch them. The mice began to consult about how to continue to eat, how to go for walks, how to raise children. How can they live in a house with a cat? The mouse Peak squeaked, that cry was barely audible: “I’ll go to a meeting with the cat.” I'll tell her everything straight away. – You’re still young, baby! You are a mouse, not a mouse! You can't go to a meeting with a cat. Will eat it. Or it might hurt. “No,” said the mouse Peak, “I’m not used to living in fear!” The cat lies on the window and watches closely. If you suddenly hear a rustling sound, then it’s definitely a mouse. The cat looked and suddenly a mouse appeared in front of her. Trying to be braver, Little voice. - Hello, cat! How are you? Did you live in our house? I stayed, I stayed. And now it's time to leave. We can't live together. How can we feed our families? And Aunt Cat said: “Here is my friend, little Antoshka.” I find it comfortable to sleep in a basket. I don't want to leave. I liked living here. You go live in the barn, it’s warm there, I know that. There is plenty of everything for mice - There is hay and grain. And scratch as much as you need, No one will drive you away. You can't rustle in the house here or disturb the owners' sleep. Let's live a little, friends, you in the barn, I in the basket, in the house of the boy Antoshka. And tell all the mice - There, in the barn, it’s just Paradise. And the little mouse ran away as fast as he could. He came running, and there was a cry in the house - Where is our mouse Peak? The brave little mouse screamed, and the voice rang: “Here I am, mom!” Here, dear ones! Don't worry about me! Let's live in the barn now - We'll live there, not knowing any troubles. The mouse is not visible in the hay, the cat will not be afraid. There we can feed ourselves, make some noise and frolic. Everyone is happy - people, mice, the cat is also cheerful. After all, she carried out her cat service without a scandal. Life, believe me, is not so difficult. It’s a shame, my friend, you’re so down. You can negotiate, even with a cat, with anyone. That's what the mouse Peak said.

New Year's children's fairy tales and stories about mice

December turned out to be frosty and snowy. Mouse Pix sat in his hole all day long and waited... And he was waiting for spring, when he would meet again with his friends, the Hedgehog and the Mole. Every day the mouse tore off another leaf of the calendar, and then it seemed to him that by doing this he was bringing spring closer in his own way.

But one evening, looking at his calendar again, Pix noted that there was only one piece of paper left on it - December 31st. “The calendar is over,” Pix said sadly. – How will I bring spring closer? And then he remembered that when the calendar ends, the year ends, the old year, and immediately after it a new one begins.

- So today, December 31st, is the last day of the old year! - Pix exclaimed. – And tomorrow will be a new year! The mouse even jumped for joy. But then he became upset again: “What would a New Year be without a Christmas tree, and I don’t even have a new calendar!”

Pix looked out the window. It was snowing... The snowdrifts piled up in huge snow-white hills around his hole. “Here,” thought the mouse, “it’s cold, frosty, and there’s a lot of snow.” All the Christmas trees in the forest were dusted! A large icicle hung above the window. It hung from the roof, and was very beautiful - transparent, and only slightly dusted with snow... The moonlight gave the icicle a wonderful shine. - What a beautiful icicle! - thought Pix. He opened the window, and then... What a misfortune! The icicle with a quiet ringing sound, spinning in the air, fell straight into a snowdrift. - Oh! – the mouse squeaked pitifully, closing his eyes. And when he opened them, he froze... In front of him in the snow, pointing his pointed nose at the starry sky, and shimmering with all the colors of the rainbow, stood an icicle-tree... - What a wonderful icicle-tree! - exclaimed the mouse.

Hanging on the windowsill and grabbing the icicle with his paws, Pix pulled it into the hole. The icicle tree not only did not begin to melt, but, on the contrary, began to shine even more, straightening its previously invisible branches dusted with snow. And now, in front of the mouse there is already a beautiful silver spruce! Having barely mastered his delight, Pix began to clean up the miracle spruce. After all, New Year is coming soon! The grains of wheat and buckwheat turned into strange, and also edible, garlands. Golden maple leaves, nuts, acorns... everything was useful for Christmas tree decorations. The spruce has become even more beautiful! Perched next to the blazing hearth, Pix couldn't stop admiring the fruits of his labor. It was snowing outside the window, the wind was humming... And in the hole it was warm and festive... “It’s a pity, but there aren’t enough friends for a real holiday,” thought Pix.

And then he heard a soft knock on the door. The mouse quickly ran to the door, opened it... Standing behind the door were neighbor Hedgehog and neighbor Mole! A cuckoo appeared from the wall clock and crowed twelve times. - Happy New Year! – Hedgehog and Mole exclaimed together. – Happy New Year, little mouse! — Happy New Year to you too, friends! I'm so glad we're back together! – Pix squealed cheerfully. “And we also brought you New Year’s gifts,” the Hedgehog and the Mole continued again in one voice. Apples, mushrooms... a new calendar.

The new calendar that the little mouse has been dreaming about! How grateful he is to his friends! And then everyone celebrated the New Year... They admired the Christmas tree, remembered all the best from the old year, and dreamed of the coming of spring... The new calendar took the place of the old calendar, on which not a single leaf was left. And only in the morning, when the guests had gone home, the little mouse fell asleep... He had magical dreams... Grandfather Dreamer also looked into these dreams. There he turned into Father Frost. Pix and his friends were together again! They danced around the icicle tree and received gifts. The mouse even read a poem:

- New Year! Wonderful Year! It will bring us fun! Laughter will bring joy, common happiness for everyone!

Pix woke up when it was completely dawn. There was a new calendar hanging on the wall... And outside the window, illuminated by the sun’s rays, an icicle tree sparkled. - How fabulous this holiday is, New Year! - Pix thought to himself, tearing off the first leaf of the calendar, and in his own way bringing spring closer...

Tamara Marshalova

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