Project “My Family” calendar and thematic planning (middle group) on the topic

Example of a speech at a presentation:

Hello! My name is Elena Nikitina and I am in first grade.

My family bears the surname Nikitina and consists of six people. This is my mother Irina Olegovna, my dad Andrei Nikolaevich, my brother Sergei, my grandmother Svetlana Petrovna and my grandfather Igor Sergeevich. We also have a cat named Napoleon who lives with us.

My mother Irina Olegovna is very kind and beautiful, and I love her very much! For me she is the best in the world! I'm always interested in being with her, and when she's gone for a long time, I really miss her. Mom works as an accountant, and I think that she has an important and interesting profession. She knows everything about numbers.

My dad Andrei Nikolaevich is very kind and strong. He loves to pick me up in his arms and throw me up. I love it when we go to the river together or go to the forest to pick mushrooms. You will never get bored with him because he is very funny.

My dad works as a system administrator and knows how to write computer programs. He has a very interesting creative profession.

My brother Seryozha is two years younger than me, he is only five, and he still goes to kindergarten. He loves playing with cars and superheroes.

My grandmother Svetlana Petrovna and grandfather Igor Sergeevich also live with us. They are pensioners and very kind and good people. Grandma loves to bake pies and cook in general, and grandpa is crazy about fishing. Sometimes he goes fishing with friends for a week and comes back with huge fish.

And in our family there lives a cat, whom we call Napoleon, because he really likes to lie on the floor and get underfoot. But we all love him very much and always play with him when the cat is in the mood.

I really love it when all family members get together. This usually happens on various holidays. Then we have fun and play. I especially love the New Year, when a Christmas tree is put up in the room and decorated with colorful garlands and toys. This is the most wonderful and magical time of the year.

Conclusion: I believe that my family is all the people close to me. These are the people I love and who love me. I am happy that I have such a big and friendly family!

Thank you for your attention!

Project on the topic: My family for older children and their parents

Project on the topic: “My Family” for preschoolers 5-6 years old and their parents.
Author: Tatyana Leonidovna Stoletova Explanatory note: We don’t know our genealogical roots well. This is our problem. After all, family pride and interest in the origins of one’s own ancestry are two branches of the same tree. You cannot study the history of the Motherland in isolation from the history of your native land, from the history of your family. The topic “My Family” will help to intensify research and creative work on compiling one’s genealogy, and will help unite the team of children and their parents. Mission: “Look for good on the side, but love home in the old way” Problem : - children do not know their ancestry - parents do not try to talk about the family’s family roots - parents do not have enough knowledge and skills on how to form an interest in their ancestry in an accessible form and cultivate respect and love for older family members. Goal: - to establish close contact: kindergarten-family, child-adult. - make parents like-minded people and helpers in working on the project. Objectives: - to cultivate a sense of love and pride for your family, a sense of respect for parents - to develop a sense of interest in the history of your family, family traditions - to deepen your understanding of names, their origin and meaning - to bring together the parent team and teachers of the group, to jointly participate in the work on project Stages of the project: 1. Organizational: - survey of parents - selection and study of literature on the topic “My Family” - collection of photographs for newspaper design - involvement of parents in the production of illustrated material 2. Main: - development of notes on this topic - drawing up an integrated long-term plan on the topic: “My Family” - design of newspapers “This is me and my family” - joint celebrations, leisure activities 3. Final: - survey of parents - presentation of the project (together with parents and children) Expected results: - Will help the child expand their knowledge of history development of the family, about his pedigree - The desire to engage in research, creative work on compiling their pedigrees is activated - It will help parents strengthen family ties - The connection will be strengthened: child-family-kindergarten Appendix 1 Questionnaire for parents: Dear parents, together with the children we are starting to work on children's project "My Family". We ask you to take an active part in the work on the project and answer the following questions: 1 Do you know your ancestry? (yes, no, partially, I don’t know) underline 2 Can you tell your child about your ancestry in an accessible form? (yes, partially, I can’t) 3 Do you have a family album? (yes, no, I don’t think it’s necessary) 4 Do the children know your birthday? Grandmothers? Grandfathers? (yes, no, I don’t know) 5 Which parent do the children consider to be the main one in the family? 6 Would you like to take part in the work on the “My Family” project? (yes, no, partially) Appendix 2 Proverbs and sayings: They are friends in the family - they don’t bother living. There is discord in the family - I’m not happy at home either. A family is strong when there is only one roof over it. In the sun it’s warm, in the mother’s presence it’s good. A good son brings joy to his father, and a bad son brings sadness. No parents, no patrons. He who honors his parents lives a happy life. There is no good in an unfriendly family. Children are not judges of parents. Parents are hardworking and children are not lazy. Appendix 3 Poems: “My relatives” Mom and dad are my relatives. I have no relatives more dear to me. And a relative sister, and a brother, and a lop-eared puppy Tishka. I love my family very much. I'll buy gifts for everyone soon. Dad will have a motor boat, Mom will have a magic brush in the kitchen, a real hammer for his brother, a ball for his sister, candy for Tishka. And I also have a friend, Friend Seryozha is also related to me. I run to him in the morning, Without him, the game is not a game for me. I tell him all the secrets, I’ll give him everything in the world. (Ya. Akim) “Who is who?” - Grandma, grandma, whose daughter am I? - You are Fedya’s daughter, my son. - My dad is big, but not a son at all! - Son. Brother of my four daughters, Do you remember when we visited the eldest, Avdotya? - Did we really visit our daughter? My aunt has! - I rocked your aunt in the cradle... - Grandma, wait, explain first, Who am Natasha and her two brothers? - Okay, let's try to figure it out: Their mother, her husband's niece's sister, Oh, and she was nimble as a little girl! And you get to them... Tricky business... - Grandma, something is burnt! - Ugh, while I was thinking, all the milk ran out of the pan! (Ya. Akim) “Grandma” Mom has a job, Dad has a job. They have Saturday left for me. And grandma is always at home. She never scolds me! He will sit you down and feed you: “Don’t rush! Well, what happened to you, tell me?” I speak, but grandma doesn’t interrupt. He sits, grain by grain, sorting out the buckwheat... We feel good together like this, and a house without a grandmother is not a home. (Elena Grigorieva) Appendix 4 Photographic materials. “The Secret of the Name” Newspapers made at home Participation in exhibitions, holidays, entertainment What could be more valuable to a family? Your father's house greets you with warmth, They always wait for you here with love And see you off on your journey with kindness! Father, mother, and children sit together at the festive table, and together they are not at all bored, but it is interesting for the five of them. The baby is like a favorite to the elders, The parents are wiser in everything, The beloved dad is a friend, the breadwinner, And the mother is the closest, the closest. Love and appreciate happiness! It is born in a family, What could be more precious than it On this fabulous land!

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Implementation plan for the “My Family” project

  1. Select photos for the project
  2. Come up with bright captions for photos

It is enough to paste 2-4 photographs in a workbook; there is simply no room for more. You can use up to 10 photos when making a presentation.

Requirements for photographs.

The photographs must show all family members, and there must be a group photograph of all family members. The photographs should also show some significant event for the family, such as a birthday or New Year's Eve. The photographs should also reflect the activities of family members, their favorite job or how they like to spend their free time. In addition, a separate photograph can depict a pet, such as a dog or cat, because animals are also an integral part of our family.

Requirements for captions for photographs.

Captions should be laconic, but emotional, otherwise they will not express the author’s personal attitude. They must also be comprehensive, that is, indicate the name of the family member, his degree of relationship, and explain what the person in the photograph is doing.

An example of a photograph and caption:

Signature: Our friendly family!

You should also be prepared to tell about your relatives and yourself using photographs, and answer questions from the teacher or other students.

An example of a finished presentation for the “My Family” project:

And here you will find another version of a very colorful presentation on the project

The world. Pleshakov. Workbook. 1 class. Answers

Hello! My name is Maria, I am the author of the Pushkin website. I hope that my site helps you, in turn I ask for your help. My son was diagnosed with autism. He needs daily correctional activities, if you can help, I will be grateful to you. Every 10 rubles you give is another chance for my child to live a full life. Collection page here

How to do a project on “My Family” in a workbook (template)

The workbook has space on pages 36 and 37 for photographs that need to be pasted into the notebook to complete the project.

These photographs should be provided with captions, and both photographs and captions should express the author’s attitude towards his family, towards his close people, and towards events in the life of the family.

We draw up a project implementation plan. You don’t need to write it down in your workbook, but it will come in handy when preparing a presentation for a project, which is often required by teachers.

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