Lapbook “Voice of Nature” for children of senior preschool age

Lapbook “Love and protect nature”

Participants of the exhibition and competition:

Amirova Nailya Rinatovna - teacher,

Abdurazakova Asiyat Sharapudinovna - teacher of the 1st category,

Makalovich Natalya Aleksandrovna - teacher of the 1st category.

MBDOU d/s "Snezhinka"

Surgut district, Nizhnesortymsky village

«Love and protect nature"

Dear colleagues, I present to your attention an ecological laptop book “Love and Protect Nature”. He

is a folder in which there are pockets with collected information on the topic.

The didactic manual “Lapbook “Love and Protect Nature” is intended for children 4-5 years old. If the content of the lapbook is expanded and complicated, it can be used with children of older preschool age.

This manual is a means of developmental learning and involves the use of modern technologies: technologies for organizing collective creative activity, communication technologies, technology for project activities, gaming technologies.

The purpose of this manual:

consolidate and expand children's knowledge about animals and

flora, about living and inanimate nature, rules of behavior in the forest.


- Clarify and expand children’s understanding of the plant world, its inhabitants, and rules of behavior.

-To consolidate children’s knowledge about trees and their external differences from each other.

-Systematize children’s knowledge about birds, animals, and insects of the park.

-Enrich vocabulary, develop coherent speech, interest in artistic expression.

To cultivate a culture of behavior in the forest, attention, love for nature, a caring attitude towards animals and birds, positive character traits, interest and love for the nature of the native land.

Lapbook contents:

The didactic game “Living and Inanimate Nature” for studying objects of living and inanimate nature consists of pictures of living and inanimate nature, which must be divided into two groups.

Pocket with riddles.

Pocket “Medicinal plants” for securing and studying useful plants.

Pocket with poems about nature.

Didactic game “Rules of behavior in nature” with pictures depicting correct and incorrect behavior in the park, for the development of speech.

Pocket “Finger games” for the development of fine motor skills.

Puzzles “Environmental assortment” - cut-out pictures depicting birds and nature.

Ecological tales.

Coloring pages and games on the topic.

Recommendations for use.

The didactic manual “Lapbook “Love and Protect Nature” is recommended for use by preschool teachers in individual work with children 4-5 years old, in independent and play activities.

Designed for subgroup and individual work in a kindergarten group. This is a good way to consolidate the topic of studying the rules of behavior in the forest, systematize knowledge about trees and forest animals, comprehend the content, and conduct research work, during which the child participates in searching, analyzing and sorting information.

The manual is multifunctional, transformable,

mobile, convenient for both children and teachers.

The material is selected taking into account the individual and age characteristics of children.

The value of a lapbook for preschoolers:

-promotes understanding and memorization of information on the topic,

-promotes the child’s acquisition of skills for independently collecting and organizing information on a topic,

-promotes repetition and consolidation of material on the topic.

Lapbook as a means of environmental education for preschool children

Bibliographic description:

Dikova, O.I. Lapbook as a means of environmental education for preschool children / O.I. Dikova. — Text: direct // Questions of preschool pedagogy. - 2022. - No. 7 (44). — P. 21-24. — URL: (access date: 01/19/2022).

Environmental education of preschool children in the conditions of modern life is becoming one of the priorities. The goal of environmental education is to form a new type of person with new ecological thinking , capable of realizing the consequences of their actions in relation to the environment and able to live in relative harmony with nature.

In connection with the implementation of the Federal State Educational Standard for Education, every teacher is looking for new approaches, ideas, and uses interesting methods and technologies for environmental education in their teaching activities.

Nowadays, children are very inquisitive, but with all this, an active approach remains a priority at their age. That's why I became interested in the Lapbook technology and its application. “Lapbook Ecolyata” is intended for individual and subgroup lessons with preschool children aged 3–7 years.

The methodological manual will be of interest to preschool teachers and parents

Purpose of creation: using a lapbook as a means of teaching environmental literacy to preschool children

Tasks :

  1. To give preschoolers an initial idea of ​​ecology and nature in general; mastering the basics of environmental literacy and basic rules of behavior in nature.
  2. Mastering the logical actions of comparison, analysis, generalization, establishing cause-and-effect relationships; teach to classify objects made from different materials into groups;
  3. Develop children's cognitive interest;
  4. To foster a respectful, caring attitude towards nature in children.
  5. Develop skills of cooperation with adults and peers in different social situations, the ability not to create conflicts and find ways out of controversial situations.

“Lapbook” is an independent, research, educational, playful, creative, productive activity for children that meets the requirements of the Federal State Educational Standard for Educational Education for a subject-development environment:

– informative;

– multifunctional;

– suitable for use by a group of children at the same time;

– has didactic properties;

– is a means of artistic and aesthetic development of the child;

– ensures playful, educational, research and creative activity for all pupils.

Expected Result:

– ability to plan upcoming activities;

– negotiate with peers; distribute responsibilities;

– search for the necessary information, summarize it, systematize it;

– independently provide explanations to questions that arise;

– make your own decisions, based on your ideas and skills, make choices;

– use oral language, express your thoughts, attitudes, desires.

I want to share with you my first impressions of working on a LAPBUK. Probably the most difficult stage in creating a lapbook for me was choosing a topic and filling the manual with environmental games. But the process itself gave me a lot of positive emotions.

Working on a laptop is quite varied. One of the many positive aspects of a lapbook is the fact that a lapbook is an amazing DIY educational tool. The lapbook itself is very interactive, from the process of its creation to the finished result.

Contents of the teaching aid: “Ekolyata Lapbook” is presented in the form of a folding folder with two spreads.

On each spread, cover, back and front sides there is educational material, games, exercises, tasks that help a preschooler comprehend the basics of environmental literacy. The internal content of the laptop changes and is updated.

On the first spread of the lapbook, we introduce children to the concept of “ecology”. Educational games: “Nature conservation”, “Be nature’s friend!”, “Why is the planet sad, why is it happy?”, “Garbage sorting”

The next spread of our lapbook presents environmental games “Seasons”, poems, riddles, puzzles, “Algorithm for the seasons”, pockets for little books for individual work on telling about the seasons, lacing “Inhabitants of the Ecosystem”, little books “ Wintering and migratory birds", "Shadow Games"

What is attractive about this form of work?

For children, this is a bright, interesting book; they want to look at it and study it. The advantage of the methodological guide is the ability to involve children in active joint, independent activities, which is ensured by a variety of subject content, aesthetics, safety, accessibility and ease of placement of materials. Such an unusual presentation of the material will certainly attract the child’s attention, and he will return to this folder more than once to look through it, play with it, and at the same time, unbeknownst to himself, repeat the material he has covered.

I really like the classes using the innovative gaming technology “Lapbook”, and most importantly, children like these games, which is a successful step towards the development of environmental education for children. A laptop is a great way to acquire, expand and consolidate knowledge on a specific topic. The children's horizons expanded, their mental activity improved, the research process itself improved, and the result brought joy to the children.



Types of lapbooks

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Fabulous. Plays out your favorite fairy tale or cartoon. The image of your favorite hero allows you to play with him, play out any situations or scenes.

Thematic. Contains fairy tales, poems, songs, riddles, proverbs and sayings, rhymes, pictures on the topic.

School. They help in mastering certain school material and prepare for tests.

Preschool. They develop imagination and creativity, cognitive and research activities, help the development of memory, speech, communication skills, etc.

Encyclopedic. Information is presented in a structure similar to an encyclopedia.

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