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Story games walk

  1. Butterflies - children in the role of butterflies, a teacher with a net, says:

  2. Let's wrap the thread - children in a line, teacher in front. Children are invited to become threads and wind themselves on a spool. Everyone follows the teacher, spinning in a circle, saying:

  3. Crows - the children pretend to be crows.

  4. Bees – children turn into bees, flap their wings and run around the playground. The teacher plays a bear:

    The bees are buzzing, the bear is catching up with them.

  5. cat house – lay out watering cans, ladles, buckets. Children stand in a line and say:

    The teacher rings the bell, the children take the attributes and run to extinguish the makeshift house. At the end they say:

Outdoor games can be focused on running and activity, or they can be combined with role-playing games, when the child transforms into a hero. In this case, time on the playground will fly by quickly and interestingly.

Tips for parents

Children playing together with their parents benefits both. Children experience joy and bright emotions, and adults can get to know their child better and become closer to him. This is important in order to make childhood unforgettable and interesting for the child. Therefore, do not be lazy to play with him, do not be afraid to seem frivolous and funny, be a friend to him.

The games discussed in the article can be played both in the yard of the house and in a preschool or summer camp.

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Precautionary measures

An adult who organizes outdoor games for children must clearly know the rules and essence, certain movements, in order to be able to easily explain them to children. Before the start of the game, it is necessary to inspect the site, check special devices, equipment, benches, stands for damage and breakage. Children's shoes and clothing should be appropriate for their age and season, not restrict movement or loosen.

During the game, the adult must organize the children so that they do not injure themselves and each other. You need to instruct your child that when jumping and dismounting, you need to land lightly on your toes, crouching slightly. This will compensate for the body's load on the legs.

It is important to alternate active, energetic games with calm and intellectual games. In the summer, it is better to play in a place on the site where there is shade and coolness. In winter, you need to jump and run more to keep warm.

After the games are over, you need to check how the children are feeling and collect sports equipment and toys. Even though children are warmed up, they should not be given cold water to drink or allowed to walk around undressed in cool weather.

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