“Life Safety Quest Game “Path of Safety” for children of senior preschool age

Game summary - life safety travel for children of the preparatory group

Summary of the game - travel on the topic: “This is very important to know and definitely do” in the preparatory group.
Compiled by: Olga Aleksandrovna Petrova, teacher of branch 1 of MBDOU No. 137 of the city of Penza. The travel game is carried out as a final one on the topic: “Development of the fundamentals of life safety in preschool children.” This material may be useful to teachers, speech therapists and other kindergarten specialists working with children on this topic. Target. To consolidate knowledge of the rules of safe behavior on the road, in case of fire, at home; create a desire to apply the acquired knowledge in games and everyday life; develop a sense of responsibility and caution, attention, speed of reaction, coordination of movements, dexterity, courage, endurance; develop self-confidence, the ability to work in a team, and respect the opinion of your friend. Location. Group, physical education and music halls, speech therapist's office and deputy head. Material. Envelopes with tasks made by children, paints, pencils, blank signs (circles, triangles, squares), puzzles or cut-out pictures of “vegetables” and “fruits”, helmets, buckets, cones, hoops, tape recorder, certificates, memorable prizes. Decor. Groups, offices and halls are decorated (posters, drawings) in accordance with the theme of the game. Participants. Children of the preparatory group (or groups), physical education instructor, fire department employee, speech therapist, music worker, teachers, deputy head and head of the kindergarten. Conditions. It is held as a final event.
Each team has its own name and its own motto. Progress of the game.

The game begins in a group where the game participants (two teams), the leader (group teacher), a fire department employee, a speech therapist, a physical education instructor, a music worker, a deputy head and the head of the kindergarten gather.
The host announces the start of the game and introduces the guests. Each team introduces its name and motto to those present. Next, the presenter introduces the children to the rules of the game: go through all the stations, strictly following the route, overcome obstacles, maintain discipline and get a grade at each station. Then all the scores are summed up and the winner is determined. Road station.
Each team had homework (make a puzzle for the opposing team). I ask you to exchange tasks. Team captains hand each other envelopes with tasks. Words (or cards with pictures) are written in them; using the first letters you need to make up the words conceived by your opponents (sidewalk, crossing). The next task is “Find out the sign!” Leading. You must guess from the description which sign we are talking about and draw it. Hospital sign. If you need treatment, the sign will tell you where the hospital is. A hundred serious doctors there will tell you: “Be healthy!” "No Entry" sign. The sign intimidates drivers and prohibits entry for cars! Don't try to rashly drive past a brick! Station "Health".
At this station, the children are met by a nurse.
Welcome to our Health Station.
I invite you to remember proverbs and sayings about health. Whose team names the most, that team gets a point. For example: Temper your body for good. Anyone who plays sports gains strength. In a healthy body healthy mind. You'll be toughened up from a young age, and you'll be good for the rest of your life. Strong in body - rich in business. Start a new life not on Monday, but with morning exercises. Task two. “Collect a picture and tell where “health” is hidden (Children are offered puzzles or cut-out pictures, one of them shows fruits, the other shows vegetables, after the children collect them, they talk about the vitamins contained in them) Sports station .
The teams are greeted by a fire department employee and a physical education instructor.
Firefighter. We are pleased to welcome you to Sportivnaya station. Firefighters must be strong, brave, dexterous, savvy, quick-witted and must be friends with sports. Now we will check what qualities our players have. The first task is “Make no mistake.” I will name the words, and you must remember only those words that relate to fire. The team that remembers the most words earns a point. (Words: cuts, fireman, cake, saw, axe, fire extinguisher, package, brush, helmet, sings, matches, sleeve, fire, ticket, drill, siren, flame, mask). Relay race “Put out the fire” - Put on a fireman’s costume - Take a bucket - Run “snake” between objects - Climb through the hoop - “Pour out” the water, put out the fire - Back - run in a straight line, pass the bucket to the next participant. (The firefighter and the physical education instructor ensure that the task is completed correctly) Firefighter: We all made an effort and we put out the fire. It was difficult, difficult, but skill and dexterity saved us from disaster. Literary station.
At this station, the players are met by a speech therapist.
I'm glad to meet you guys. My task will be as follows: you must remember and name fairy tales that say that appearances can be deceiving. A point is awarded to the team that remembers and names the most fairy tales. Station "Clever Men and Clever Girls".
The children are greeted by the deputy head.
Guys, I suggest you take a careful look and tell me what safety rules are currently violated in my office? (There is a tablet on the windowsill, a power plug in the socket, paper clips are scattered on the floor, a cracked cup on the table, wet floors, etc.) And my second task: answer my questions, questions are asked to each team in turn. If a team answers incorrectly, then another team answers the same question. Sample questions and answers. - Imagine, you are 5 years old, you need to cross the street, how will you do it? Sorry, but children are not allowed to cross the street alone. — You see three brushes in the glass. Please choose the one you like from these three brushes. These brushes cannot be used: they are foreign. — Tell me, which of these candles (yellow or red) is better suited for decorating a Christmas tree? — You can’t decorate Christmas trees with candles. — A 5-year-old child is alone at home. They rang the doorbell, introduced themselves as a postman, and asked to quickly open the door and receive an urgent telegram. What should he do? The child should not be left alone, and if he is still left, he should not come to the door and talk to a stranger. Station "Musical".
The teams are met by a music worker. Guys! I am very glad that you completed all the tasks and overcame all the obstacles, although it was not easy. And now let’s show our guests, our judges, a dance composition to the song “Wave” (words and music by Lyubash) performed by the group “Barbariki”. The following is a summary. The winners are awarded. All players are given memorable gifts.

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