Entertainment for Mother’s Day “Mom and I are the most athletic” (preparatory group)

Sports entertainment for Mother's Day in the preparatory group of a preschool educational institution. Scenario


Author: Natalya Anatolyevna Kichigina, teacher of MADOU No. 18 “Kindergarten “Ladushki”, Gai, Orenburg region. Description.
I offer a scenario of sports entertainment for children and mothers of the preparatory group “Our mothers are the best!”, dedicated to Mother’s Day.
The scenario will be of interest to preschool teachers, music directors, and physical education instructors. Goal: to develop children’s physical skills and interest in the traditions of the Russian people, to promote the creation of warm relationships in the family. Cultivate respect and love for mother. Equipment: 2 baskets, 20 cubes, 2 sets of clothes, 2 brooms, 4 small baskets, 2 sets of vegetables, felt-tip pens and markers according to the number of participants, 26 balloons, 2 small hoops, 6 cones, 2 large cubes, 2 pans, musical center. Venue: festively decorated gym. Progress of the entertainment Children and their mothers enter the hall to the music from the cartoon “Mother for the Baby Mammoth” Presenter. Good evening, dear guests! Hello guys! It is no coincidence that we gathered today on this November evening, in our cozy gym. After all, it is in November that we celebrate such a holiday as Mother’s Day. We welcome everyone who came to our evening, which we dedicated to the kindest, most sensitive, most gentle, caring, hardworking, and, of course, the most beautiful, our mothers. Today you will be greeted with jokes and surprises, with songs, poems, in general, you can’t count everything. But whether today will be fun depends on you, dear friends. Children read poetry
1 child There are many kind words in the world, But one is kinder and more important than all of them: Of two syllables, the simple word “mother” And there are no words in the world more valuable than that.
2 child Many nights have passed without sleep. Worries, worries, too many to count. A big bow to you all, dear mothers, for the fact that you exist in the world. 3 child For your kindness, for your golden hands, for your maternal advice, With all our hearts we wish you Health, happiness, long years! Leading. Our dear mothers! Accept a song as a gift. Children sing the song “Mom is my sunshine” Presenter. Guys, let's see if your mothers can solve riddles. Just don't tell them! Who will tell the riddles?

Riddles In the mornings, mothers take their children... (to kindergarten) I like to draw for our little Marinka... (pictures) I like to work, I don’t like to be lazy. I myself know how to make my own bed evenly and smoothly... (bed) I will help my mother, We will wash with her... (dishes) Presenter. Our mothers are great! For this, accept the dance as a gift. Children perform a musical and rhythmic composition from the cartoon “Fixies” Presenter. I again ask for your attention. Competitions are coming up. We watch everyone and choose the best! So, let's begin our competition. Our mothers have the kindest, most affectionate and skillful hands. But we will now check how rich imagination mothers have. Relay “Golden Hands” Mothers must quickly dress up the girl using the proposed items of clothing and jewelry.

Relay race “Venikobol” Two teams participate in the relay race: a team of children and mothers. Participants need to move the balloon with a broom between the cubes using a snake.

Leading. Well done to our participants. And now there is a musical break. Relay “Vegetable Soup” Two teams of mothers participate in the relay. They need to quickly transfer vegetables from the basket to the pan.

Relay “Helpers” Two teams participate. Mothers with baskets in their hands run to the hoop and pour toys into it. They come back and pass the empty basket to the children. Children run with an empty basket to the hoop and collect toys in the basket.

Leading. Where the song flows, life is easier there. Sing a humorous, humorous, humorous song. Children sing ditties.
Our dear mothers. We will sing ditties for you.
We heartily congratulate you and send a huge greeting. They say I'm a fighter, a fighter, but so what. My mother is a fighter, well, then who am I? That I go to kindergarten is not my fault at all. But only a year will pass and mom will sigh with joy. They heated up the soup and porridge, poured salt into the compote. When my mother came home from work, she had a lot of trouble. I found a broom in the kitchen and swept the whole apartment. But all that was left of him were three straws. We stop singing ditties, And we always promise you: To listen to you always, throughout the morning, evening and afternoon. Leading. We continue our competitions. Now we will hold a creative competition for our mothers. Each mother receives an inflated balloon, felt-tip pen or marker. Assignment: draw a portrait of your child.

Mothers draw portraits of their children and give them to their children. Children perform the dance of little ducklings. Leading. Today is the kindest, most important holiday - World Mother's Day! Without affection, tenderness, care and love, our mothers could not become people. Now I give the floor to our children. Children read poems
1 child We are finishing our holiday, We wish dear mothers, So that mothers do not grow old, They become younger and prettier.
2 child We wish our mothers to never lose heart, to be more and more beautiful every year and to scold us less. 3 child Let adversity and sorrow pass you by, so that every day of the week feels like a day off for you. 4 child We want you to be given flowers for no reason. All the men smiled from your wonderful beauty. Children and mothers give each other gifts

Leading. Our dear mothers, we invite you to the fiery “Boogie-Woogie” dance. Children and mothers perform the “Boogie-woogie” dance

Leading. Our evening has come to an end. We thank everyone for the pleasure and festive mood. Thank you for your kind heart, for your desire to be close to children, to give them warmth.

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Scenario of musical and sports entertainment in kindergarten for Mother's Day for children of senior preschool age.

Goal: Introducing children and their parents to a healthy lifestyle.


1. Improve children’s motor skills, increase interest in physical education classes through joint play activities with parents. 2. Develop communication skills and the ability to work in a group. To promote the development of endurance and attention in games and relay races. 3. Foster friendly relationships and mutual assistance. 4. Give children and their parents pleasure from joint physical education classes.

Equipment: phonogram - musical warm-up “All my friends gathered at the holiday”, physical education, audio recording “Birds singing”, song “Our Mothers”, “My Mommy”, dance “Flowers for Mom”; 2 large soft toys, 2 vases, 14 artificial flowers (forget-me-nots and daisies); prizes, greeting cards for mothers.

Materials and sports equipment: 4 landmarks, 2 gymnastic sticks (horses), 4 scarves, 30 mushrooms (dummies) each, 2 baskets, 2 “fishing rods” with magnets at the end, fish with magnets (according to the number of participants), 2 large hoops (lake), 2 small buckets, small soft toys (according to the number of participants), small balls (according to the number of participants), 2 toy trucks, skittles (10 pcs.), artificial flowers (according to the number of participants).

Preliminary work: conversations with children, reading works, learning poems about mother, making cards for mothers, exhibition of children's drawings “How I Help Mom”, “My Mommy”, learning words to the song “My Mommy”, preparing musical numbers, decorating the hall .

Progress of entertainment

To the song “Our Mothers,” children and their mothers enter the hall and stand in one line.

Host: Hello, guys! Hello, dear mothers! It is very nice to see you in our gym!

— Guys, in honor of what holiday have we gathered today? (children's answer)

“Today our mothers are not only guests, but also the most active participants in the holiday dedicated to Mother’s Day!” Dear mothers, this event is dedicated to you!

We invited our mothers to visit us today. Congratulations to moms today, we wish moms happiness!

- Guys, I invite everyone to say beautiful words about mom, passing this beautiful flower to each other. What is your mother like? (Children: affectionate, sweet, beloved, kind, beautiful, gentle, smart, charming, attentive, hardworking, friendly, beloved, etc.)

Host: Well done, guys, you said a lot of wonderful words about your mothers.

Mothers can show affection, wisdom and care, and today pass on this experience to their children.

- Let's start our competition. And we will start them with a musical warm-up. Everyone stand in a circle. Musical warm-up “All my friends gathered at the holiday”

Host: Before we start our competition, I propose to divide into two teams. Please pass this bag of chips around. (only mothers take chips out of the bag) - Whoever has a blue chip is from a team called “Forget-me-nots.” — Whoever has a white chip is from the “Daisies” team.

The teams take their places. They choose their captains. Each team consists of 10 people (mothers and children). They are built in the following order: mother, child, mother, child, etc. Fans are located on benches on both sides of the gym.

Presenter: The results of the competition will be assessed by a jury (5 people: senior teacher, parents). — For winning the relay race, the team is given a flower and placed in a vase (each team has a large soft toy holding a vase)

Let the jury follow the entire course of the battle without a mistake. Whoever turns out to be more friendly will win the battle.

Jury (senior teacher):

Greetings to all, friends, I’m glad to see you again! We are all friends with physical education and therefore do not bother. We grow and develop, we play sports together! I wish all participants good luck!

Host: Well, I see that our teams are ready. Let's start our competition.

Every mother is beautiful in her own way, Beautiful with her mother’s love! Under the load of worries, without bending stubbornly, He always fulfills his duty patiently.

— Dear mothers, imagine that you are tired of washing, cleaning, cooking dinner, and you decided to relax a little on a holiday. We invite you to relax at the Fantasy recreation center. We will get to the recreation center by train.

1st relay race “Train” The first person standing is the adult - the team captain, everyone else clings to him and runs to the landmark and back.

Presenter: Dear mothers, you have arrived at the Fantasy recreation center, where various events have been prepared for you. Here you will relax very actively and with health benefits. And also realize your fantasies. Which mother has ridden a horse at least once? And these are the horses we have, they are eager to gallop! I suggest you ride horses.

2nd relay race “Horse racing” Ride on a “horse” (a gymnastic stick with a picture of a horse) to the landmark and back, passing the baton to the next participant.

Host: And now you find yourself in the forest, where there is silence and only the birds sing (phonogram “Birdsong”). But there, look, there are no visible mushrooms. Well, why not leave them? Let's collect mushrooms in baskets.

3rd relay race “Mushroom picking” “Mushrooms” and “fly agarics” are scattered on the floor. Mushrooms must be collected blindfolded into baskets. (Two people per team participate)

Host: We collected a lot of mushrooms. Oh, good mushrooms. We'll leave them for our chef. What else to do? Dear mothers, have you ever caught fish with a fishing rod? I suggest you go fishing.

4 relay race “Fishing” Using a “fishing rod” (a stick with a rope and a magnet at the end), catch a “fish” on a magnet that lies in the “lake” hoop and put it in a bucket.

Host: Guys, our mothers also know how to fish. Look how many fish we caught. You can cook delicious fish soup! But, no, we agreed that today we would not cook anything, but would rest. Let's have a fun disco. Come out and dance! Musical physical education Presenter: Dear mothers, have you ever hunted wild animals? At our recreation center "Fantasy" you can hunt without harm to animals. Are you ready to go hunting?

5th relay race “Hunting” Use small balls to knock down small soft toys from your bench.

Presenter: In one day at the Fantasy recreation center, our mothers rode horses, went mushroom picking, went fishing, and went hunting. All your fantasies came true in one day! But how will you carry this big load home? We urgently need to call trucks.

6 relay race “Deliver the cargo” Use a toy truck to transport the “cargo” using a string between the pins (snake).

Host: Well, dear mothers, you are home again. Everyone has missed you very much.

Game "Hugging" Children and mothers form two circles: mothers - a large circle, and children inside - a small one. Children and mothers walk in a circle to the music. As soon as the music stops, the children run to their mothers and hug them tightly.

Host: Look, dear mothers, what beautiful flowers your men gave you. You need to put them in a vase so they don’t wilt.

7 relay race “Put flowers in a vase” Transfer one flower at a time to a vase standing on a chair near a landmark.


We have completed the last type of competition, and now let the jury bring to us the result of all our competitions.

- Guys, have you forgotten why we gathered today? (children's answer)

While the jury is deliberating, the Dance for Moms is performed! Dance “Flowers for Mom”

Jury (senior teacher):

And now the results are summed up, Whatever they may be, May the sports roads fill your days with health! - Dear mothers! We hope that you had a good rest at the Fantasia recreation center and will certainly visit there again. Thank you very much for your active participation in the competition.

The jury members celebrate the winners and award them prizes.

Host: Dear mothers! Happy Mother's Day. Let your faces get tired only from smiles, and your hands from bouquets of flowers. May your children be obedient and your husbands attentive! Let your home always be decorated with comfort, prosperity and love. Happiness to you dear mothers!

Let adversity and sorrow pass you by every day of the week. It was like a day off for you.

— Your children love you very much and have prepared beautiful greeting cards for you.

Children give greeting cards to the song “My Mommy.”

A joint photo as a souvenir.

Children and mothers leave the hall to join the group for tea.

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