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At the turn of the century

Today, decades after the release of Star Wars, the tabletop industry is no longer recognizable. Now that it has blossomed and grown stronger, it can compete with video games, films and books combined. Board games have become incomparably more popular, and a fan of them no longer risks getting hit in the face on the street if he inadvertently talks about them without much preamble.

In 2014, Andy Weir's novel The Martian was published, which made an invaluable contribution to the popularization of the science fiction . This is a simple but touching story about a modern Robinson Crusoe - an astronaut forgotten on Mars during an emergency evacuation. From the book you will find out whether a simple astronaut can survive on the Red Planet? And - what is much more interesting - is it possible to grow potatoes in Martian soil?

On a note ! The book immediately became a worldwide bestseller and won the hearts of a wide range of readers. It is not surprising that a year later the film of the same name was released, directed by Ridley Scott and starring Matt Damon. So far, this is the most successful project of the creator of Alien, which has collected a huge amount at the global box office.

Why are we talking about this? Then, in 2016, the board game “Conquest of Mars” appeared, whose phenomenal popularity is explained by the above. And then Musk is preparing to colonize Mars. In short, it was the space theme, and not the standard game mechanics of drafting and resource , that raised this euro almost to the very top of the top.

Space Truckers

Age: from 13 years Price: from 2990 rubles

This is a game about assembling a spaceship from a bunch of parts of sewer systems, smart houses, as well as a lot of engines, guns and cargo compartments. The faster you navigate and select the elements of the future ship, the better prepared you will be for the journey. Whoever finished assembling the ship the fastest takes off first. If you're lucky, the ship will reach the destination planet. Spoiler: almost everyone reaches the final, as a rule, with partially damaged ships, but with the received cargo and a reward for the speed of delivery.

It's up to you to give or not to give the game. Because besides games, you can choose a cool gift for Cosmonautics Day. For example, these T-shirts from Odevayka will not leave any space lover indifferent.

Fight for the galaxy

Age: from 12 years Price: from 1290 rubles

You have to create the most prosperous state in the Universe. Each round consists of five main phases: search, improvement, development, consumption and production. This is a deep board game that can be played by two. Quite complex rules and many nuances; the game reveals itself only after several games. There are complaints about the quality of the components, but not about the thoughtfulness of the plot. A very interesting game for teenagers and adults.

Board games about space

The best board games about space presented on our website will definitely hook any fan of board games, regardless of age. Game sets have different levels of complexity; simpler ones are presented for beginners, and more complex ones for experienced players.

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A few more games

A. Compared to other games, this is a fairly simple trading simulator. If, for example, in Eve you have a merchant character for well-guarded systems, the emotions are about the same as in the game for him. Plus there is the parody "Star Munchkin", the card tactics "Race for the Galaxy", the big "Battlestar Galactica" and the simple, almost childish game "Perry Rodan".

Star Munchkin

Important ! All space-themed board games will allow you, during the gameplay, to become a conqueror of outer space, encounter aliens, and also become a participant in intergalactic battles, a rescuer of extraterrestrial civilizations.

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