Card index of didactic games on labor education for preschoolers

Work clothes

For this lesson you will need paper cut-out images of a boy and a girl, different types of work wardrobe, as well as corresponding professional tools.

The presenter explains that the paper dolls are going to work, and you need to help them choose a suitable wardrobe. Then he places a picture of a tool next to each doll, from which the players must guess what item of clothing is needed. Children dress dolls and name their profession. And so for every work clothing.

Didactic game “Who needs what for work”

The game introduces preschoolers to specialists in various professions: policeman, builder, fireman, doctor, school teacher, salesman, cook, kindergarten teacher, artist, traffic controller.

For the lesson, you need to prepare large A5 size cards depicting representatives of the above professions. You also need to make smaller pictures, approximately 10x10 cm, depicting the objects and tools used by the represented specialists. The number of pictures is arbitrary.

You can play in several ways:

  1. Game for one player or a subgroup of 1-3 people. The presenter shows a card with a picture of the employee. Players select pictures with the tools that this specialist uses and give reasons for each of their choices. In a subgroup lesson, the player who makes the fewest mistakes wins.
  2. Game for a group. The presenter distributes cards with representatives of professions to the players. Then he shows pictures of objects one by one. The child, having guessed that this instrument is suitable for his specialist, picks up his card and explains the choice in detail.
  3. Individual game. The player takes any card he likes depicting an employee and talks in detail about the profession. Next, he selects pictures of the tools that the described specialist uses.

Didactic game “What a firefighter needs”

The game, intended for middle school preschoolers, expands their understanding of the work of a firefighter. The lesson requires an image of a firefighter, as well as pictures depicting the attributes and tools that this worker cannot do without: a helmet, a fire truck, a fire extinguisher, a box of sand, etc. You also need to make several pictures with objects not related to firefighting.

The player looks at pictures of objects and selects those that the fireman uses. He must explain in detail the purpose of each tool.

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