Card index of didactic games on the topic: “Green Pharmacy”

Progress of the game:

Children with buckets in their hands are on the starting line; all over the hall there are lids scattered on the floor - these are cranberries in a swamp. At the signal, the children begin to collect cranberries in buckets until there are none left. Then the results are counted. The one who collects the most cranberries wins.

"For cranberries in the swamp"

Program content:

• Reinforce children’s knowledge that cranberries grow in a swamp

• Develop agility, sense of balance, coordination of movements

• Develop the ability to achieve a goal

Progress of the game:

Children are on the starting line, each holding two wooden plates (these are wet shoes)

On the opposite side of the hall there are landmarks (a bucket for cranberries)
. At a signal, children place the first plate, stand on it, then put the second, step from the first plate to the second, trying not to get their feet wet, then take the first plate, move it forward, put it on the floor, step on it, take the second, etc. until the end of the distance. The winner is the one who gets to the bucket with cranberries faster.

"Collect a picture "

Program content:

medicinal plants by appearance

• Strengthen the ability to collect cut pictures

• Continue to develop teamwork skills

• Foster feelings of collectivism

Progress of the game:

The children are behind the starting line, each holding a bucket. Various mushrooms are laid out throughout the hall (russula, porcini, fly agarics, etc.)

.At a signal, children begin to collect mushrooms according to instructions: only white ones, only edible ones. The one who quickly and correctly completes the task wins.

"Jump to the Apple"

Program content:

• Strengthen children's knowledge of how apples grow

• Develop coordination of movements, jumping ability, ability to navigate in space

• Maintain a good mood

Methodological development Intellectual and cognitive game “Green Pharmacy” 3rd grade

Slide No. 1 There is just a temple, There is a temple of science, And there is also a natural temple - With forests reaching out to meet the sun and winds. He is holy at any time of the day, Open to us in the heat and cold. Come here, be sensitive with your heart, do not desecrate its shrines.

Slide No. 2 Here in the forest thickets, Where everything has been so sweet since childhood, Where it’s nice to breathe in the clean air, There is healing power in the herbs and flowers For everyone who knows how to solve them The mystery.

Slide No. 3 The forest is like a fairy-tale kingdom, Medicines grow all around there. In every weed, in every branch And potion and pills.

1. Competition “Mysterious” Slide No. 4 1. It breathes and grows, but cannot walk. ( Plant)

2. Dark inhabitants of the kingdom Crawling to different ends, Tirelessly drinking moisture, Allowing all plants to live. (Roots)

3. Birds sat on the branches in the spring and muttered something when they met each other. In spring and summer they sit without flying away. In winter, look, the whole flock has disappeared. (Leaves)

4. I am so similar to a rose, Except that I am not as good, But my fruits are suitable for everyone to eat. (Rose hip)

5. A sweet lantern will wink at you furtively from the grass. (Strawberry)

6. Paratroopers will fly from these fluffy balls. (Dandelion)

POEM DANDELION Wears a dandelion Yellow sundress. When he grows up, he dresses up in a yellow dress. Ya. Nishcheva.

7.. Every leaf of mine loves the paths By the side of the roads But once I helped good people heal their wounds. (Plantain)

8. Sisters standing in the field: Golden eye, white eyelashes. (Chamomile)

2. Game “Good Advice” Slide No. 5

The seven-flowered flower will give you 7 good advice.

Work in groups – 7 groups. Children take one petal at a time and guess what plant they are talking about.

1 petal (slide No.) - Wash your hair with a decoction. - This is a good hemostatic agent - Sends sleep to the sick. - Stops nasty vomiting. — They say about me that I alone replace seven doctors. (NETTLE)

2 petals (slide No. - Treats wounds, cuts. - Used for stomach pain. (PLANNELL)

3 petal (slide No.) - White peas on a green stem. — Drops are taken for heart pain. - A sedative. (LILY OF THE VALLEY)

4 petal (slide No.) - Yellow eyes, white eyelashes. — Used to gargle for sore throat. - Use the decoction to wash your hair. (CHAMOMILE)

5 petal (slide No.) If the cough has tormented you, Inflammation has begun, Make friends with me quickly, I promise, everything will pass. (COLTSFOOT)

6 petal (slide No.) - My infusion is drunk for prevention, it is very tasty and healthy - It contains vitamin C. (ROSE HIP)

7 petal (slide No.) Fever, headaches, poor appetite. Drink a decoction of my leaves, you will instantly forget about them. (COWBERRY)

Playing with the audience First, I’ll ask a question, and you think about it seriously. Think about it. One of two things - “Yes” or “no” - answer out loud. If you are resourceful, rhyme will help in full, but it is so cunning with us that it can sometimes confuse you.

Tell me: when greeting the dawn, does the mustachioed catfish sing? (no) - And when cutting through the surface of a pond, can geese swim? (yes) -And if the snow is warmed by the sun, will it become cold ice? (no) -Answer, can mignonette bloom in the garden in winter? (no) - Can a crocodile collect a bouquet of white lilies? (no) - Can a camel, give me the answer, go for three days without food? (yes) -Are people respecting those who always work? (yes) -At the end it’s time to ask: did you like the game? (Yes)

3. Solving the crossword puzzle “Recognize me by sight” using pictures. (slide no.)

4. Competition “Nature Experts”

Quiz. “About green forests and forest wonders”

 Why do the lower branches of pine die, but not those of spruce? (Pine is a light-loving tree)  Which tree blooms the latest? (Linden - blooms in summer)  What kind of hunting is allowed in the forest at any time of the year? (Photo hunting)  Name the most voracious predator on the planet? (Dragonfly, because in a day it eats several times more food than it weighs itself)  Which birds in the spring mutter “I’ll buy a robe, sell a fur coat”? (Mowers, black grouse - males, the words are similar in imitation of his song - muttering)  What bird secrets does leaf fall reveal to us? (Bird's nests are clearly visible)  Are baby hares born sighted or blind? (Sighted)  Who cuckoos the cuckoo, the female or the male? (Male)  Which animal grows teeth every day? (All rodents)  Do mosquitoes have teeth? (There are – 22)  Which animal has 2 monuments? (To the frog)  Are there rhinoceroses in the forests? (Yes, rhinoceros beetle)  Herb for 99 diseases? (St. John's wort)  Multi-colored mushrooms? (Russula)  Is the tree a symbol of Russia? (Birch)  What is the name of a squirrel’s nest? (Gaino)  Which cubs are born “naked”, and after a few hours they have a covering? (Hedgehogs)  What insects clap their hands? (Mosquitoes, moths)  Which plants are predators for insects? (Sundew)  The name of which plant says where it lives? (Plantain)  Which tree’s wood is used to make matches? (Aspens)

 What can be used in the forest instead of tea leaves? A – buttercup leaves, B – henbane leaves, C – strawberry leaves, D – blueberry leaves

 Make up the name of a profession related to nature from letters and underline the extra word. goleog zlgoo kinatob cardiogol

 The name of which primrose consists of a particle, a preposition, a sentry box? (not-for-booth)

 The name of which spring primrose consists of 2 prepositions? (Mimosa)

 What flowers have human names? A - Ivan - yes Marya B - Cornflower C - Chamomile D - Carnation

5. How should you collect medicinal plants? (slide No.) Flowers at the beginning of flowering; Leaves - before flowering or at the beginning of flowering; Roots and rhizomes - in spring or autumn. Bark - in the spring, at the beginning of sap flow. All raw materials are collected in dry sunny weather, when the dew has dried. Dry under a canopy, avoiding direct sunlight, spreading out in a thin layer. Turn over while drying.

6.Take care of nature!

Sketch “White Bird Cherry” (after Z. Alexandrova) (the girl goes and reads a poem)

Girl 1 (pointing to the tree) The bird cherry blossomed near the stream, Whispering in the April sun with its branches. Light as a cloud, pure as snow. Every person was happy about the tree. Girls came to sit under it. And it could bloom for many, many days. (two girls pass by)

Girl 2 (admiring the bird cherry) -Whose bird cherry is this?

Girl 3 Yes, she's a draw. White Snow Maiden Near the stream. (A group of schoolchildren walks by. Looking around, they break off all the branches from the tree)

Girl 1 The girls came running, but the Snow Maiden was not there. Only the withering bouquet was lying in the dust. And there was a bird cherry tree, pure as snow, Every person rejoiced at the tree.

►Flowers are disappearing on earth, This is becoming more noticeable every year. Every summer leaves us with less joy and beauty. We hardly understood the revelation of meadow flowers. We trampled them carefree and madly, mercilessly tore them. There was a silent mad “stop!” in us. It seemed to us: everything is not enough, everything is not enough. And then, in the city crowd, We tiredly dragged armfuls. And they didn’t see how the cornflower looked doomedly from under their feet, silently, barely breathing, and the carnations looked hopelessly.

►I’m ready to argue with the whole world, I’m ready to swear on my head that all colors have eyes and they look at you and me. In the hour of our thoughts and worries, In the bitter hour of trouble and failure, I saw flowers, people crying and dropping dew on the sand.

►We know these plants, We take care of them and protect them. They have been listed in the Red BOOK for a long time. We don't tear them for fun - we'll take them to the pharmacy. People make medicine from the gifts of the forest kingdom.

— Guys, who knows what the Red Book of Nature is? Representatives of nature included in this book need to be protected especially carefully.

-What rules of friends of nature did you remember in this clearing?

Green pharmacy

In a complex impact on children

Eleutherococcus extract brings invaluable benefits. It is used to increase their mental performance in classes, reduce fatigue during physical activity, enhance visual acuity, and improve hearing.

In order to prevent hypo- and avitaminosis C and P, which manifest themselves in a decrease in the body’s resistance to harmful factors, rose hips are used. Ascorbic acid deficiency occurs in children

experiencing physical and neuropsychic stress. The vitamins contained in rose hips increase the body's protective properties; vitamin C plays an important role in nourishing human eye tissue.

Children are provided with assistance not only in kindergarten, but also given recommendations and advice for home, namely:

• baths using herbs that have a calming effect on the nervous system, for example, chamomile;

• using plants to relieve headaches;

• use of juices and fruits for therapeutic purposes: to improve tone - raw carrot and grape juice, to improve memory - beet juice and apricots, grapefruit restores the body's strength, melon has a calming effect on the central nervous system, chokeberry improves sleep, blueberries - vision;

• offer of ready-made sedatives.

Consultation for parents “Phytotherapy. Recipes for strengthening infusions"

In winter and early spring, the child’s body lacks vitamins, so it is recommended to include vitamin preparations, teas, and restorative infusions

, which are important means for raising the body's defenses.

When preparing infusions

It is not recommended to use metal utensils to avoid the reaction of the active substances of plant materials with metal.
You should use enamel or clay dishes. After cooking, the raw materials should be squeezed out in several layers of gauze. Herbal medicines
be taken 15–20 minutes before meals. The sales period for drinks and infusions is 1 hour.

Vitamin teas and mixtures are very diverse. They consist of flowers, leaves, berries, and sometimes plant roots.



Pass one lemon, along with zest and seeds, and one medium head of garlic through a meat grinder, pour in 1 liter of warm boiled water and leave for 2-3 days.

Take a teaspoon 2 times a day half an hour before meals. The infusion
helps improve immunity. Children are given it before lunch and dinner in winter.


For 0.5 cups of rose hips - 5 cups of water. Quickly rinse dried, seeds, hairs and crushed rose hips with cold water and immediately pour boiling water over them. Boil for 10 minutes in a container with a tightly closed lid. Insist

for 3-4 hours in a cool place, then strain through several layers of gauze.
If you prepare a decoction from whole, uncrushed rose hips, you need to take 20 g of fruit per 200 g of water and leave
at least 10 - 12 hours
(up to 24 hours)
. The decoction is rich in vitamin C. Give it to children after sleep along with fruit; you can alternate it after 2 weeks with weak green tea or juice.

Progress of the game:

Children are divided into two teams, each child holds rowan berries, cranberries, and apples. On the opposite side of the site there is a “Jar” for compote. At the signal, the first participant runs to the jar. puts his fruit or berry into it and, returning back, passes the baton to the next participant. The relay ends when the last participant crosses the start-finish line.

"Mushroom soup"

Program content:

• Continue to develop knowledge about how we can use medicinal plants .

• Continue to develop coordination of movements, agility, and speed.

• Continue to develop teamwork skills

• Cultivate friendly relations with children, the ability to empathize with each other

Progress of the game:

Children are divided into two teams. The first one has a carrot seed in his hands, the second one has a watering can, the third one has nothing. at the opposite end of the site there is a box in which a carrot is hidden - this is a garden bed. At the signal, the first participants run to the garden bed, put a seed in it and, returning to the team, pass the baton to the next participant. The second participant runs to the garden bed, runs around it, imitating watering and returns, passing the baton to the next participant, the third participant runs to the garden bed, finds it in the garden bed (box)

carrots and runs back.

“Brewing vitamin compote”

Program content:

• Continue to develop knowledge about what useful preparations can be made from medicinal plants .

• Continue to develop coordination of movements, agility, and speed.

• Continue to develop teamwork skills

• Cultivate friendly relations with children, the ability to empathize with each other

Progress of the game:

Two adults are holding a taut rope with apples tied to it on a string. At a signal, the child with his eyes closed walks towards the string (apple tree), finds an apple by touch and picks it.

"Planting carrots"

Program content:

• Continue to build knowledge about the growth stages of carrots

• Continue to develop coordination of movements, agility, and speed.

• Continue to develop teamwork skills

• Cultivate friendly relations with children, the ability to empathize with each other

Progress of the game:

Participants are divided into two teams, the first has a watering can in his hands. Then, after 2 m lies the first small hoop, then after 1 m another one, etc. according to the number of team members, these are the beds on which the crop grows . At the signal, the first team member runs, runs around all the beds, simulating watering, and, returning to his team, passes the watering can to the next participant. The first team to complete the task, whose last member is the first to cross the start-finish line, wins.

"Gathering the Harvest"

Program content:

• Continue to build knowledge about how plants grow .

• Continue to develop coordination of movements, agility, and speed.

• Continue to develop teamwork skills

• Cultivate friendly relations with children, the ability to empathize with each other

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