Didactic games and exercises on the topic “Transport”

Types of transport is a fascinating and interesting topic for almost any little person. By introducing children to this topic, you can classify all vehicles and talk about the purpose of each of them. The task of parents and teaching staff is not only to familiarize themselves with various types of vehicles, but also to consolidate the acquired information through games.

Why do preschoolers need information about transport?

The full development of children can be achieved only by introducing them to the world around them. A child will always be interested in the question of what types of vehicles are there and why do people need them? It is not by chance that preschoolers are introduced to the classification of vehicles. This helps to enrich the vocabulary and consolidate the generic concept of “transport”. At the same time, they achieve the presence of other points:

  • The preschooler will learn to compare different types of transport and find some common or distinctive features in them.
  • If there is reason, he can unite individual representatives into a single group and somehow classify them.
  • You can teach a preschooler the rules of behavior that involve being in one or another type of vehicle.

All this will contribute to the development of personal qualities in the preschooler. This will contribute to the development of thinking, responsibility, and criticality.

Vehicle classification

The division is based on different principles. This could be a method of transportation or a destination. Depending on the method of transportation, vehicles are divided as follows:

  1. Ground type, in which the vehicle moves only on the ground or rails. An example would be a locomotive or an entire passenger (freight) train or bus.
  2. Water transport In this case, movement is carried out by water.
  3. Aviation mode of transport. Representatives of this category travel by air.

By purpose, transport is divided as follows:

  • Passenger view. As the name suggests, it is designed to carry passengers.
  • Horse-drawn look. Its main purpose is to transport goods. An example is a barge or an ordinary cart.
  • Special transport. It is intended to perform any specific tasks. A striking example of this type is a fire truck.
  • Agricultural type of vehicle. These are various tractors and combines designed to cultivate land for agricultural purposes.

Poems about transport for children 7-8 years old

Poems about transport for children 7-8 years old will help children master different types of transport.

76. Jeep

One summer, in a field of rye, Bear found an excellent jeep. The car is simply a miracle - A hundred times stronger than a camel. The bear exclaimed: “Get to work! Now I will overtake the eagle, the hare, and the fox. Who would doubt this! I’m in a car, like this, I can go into the forest differently. What a wretched forest there is! I'll go to the pampas. If I want, I can take a jeep to Antarctica. I’ll say: “Hello, penguins! I brought you oranges." Such a car is not afraid of potholes, holes, boulders. Will go anywhere My friend is made of steel. I will start driving around on it and discovering continents. And it will be, I won’t hide it, that the whole world will be proud of me!” While the bear was dreaming with all his might, the Jeep trembled and purred, and, as if for fun, he drove away from the bear.

Author: Nastya Dobrota


77. Brought an escalator underground for the first time

I brought an escalator underground for the first time. I didn't care about transportation plans. It seemed like the shells were dozing on the marble. And power wafted from the stone walls! It’s like I’m in some kind of magical grotto, At the bottom of the ocean in one of the worlds... Forgotten for a time, worries and worries. I'm in a fairy tale whose name is METRO!

Author: Mlynash Arkady


78. Trains rumble through the city

Trains are rumbling through the city - rattling iron pythons, their mouths are about to open, and then the hungry carriages will swallow us. Heavy, deafened trains are pulsating through the city's nerves... We've all already arrived. We sleep while the road joints crunch. And only a restless night owl will wake up and hear how the city’s broken spine hurts. The city has arthritis.

Author: Krista Strelnik


79. Underground like a mole

Under the ground, like a mole, Metrostroy digs a passage for you - it lengthens me, I am the metro. The city is nothing without me, what is most important? metro! I drive you without traffic jams day after day, I am a class transport! So what, what about the crowd? Can't you breathe in and out? There is no better transport, there are problems above me - a bouquet. Two minute interval - to the station, so to the station, do you need to go to the center? no problem... I am the metro, I am a friend to you all! Author: Anoshina V.


80. Shall we play airplane?

Let's play airplane? You are a pilot and I am a pilot And to the sky-high heights We rose from the sofa On the plane we will carry an important cargo We will take with us a watermelon And to the delight of our mother We will deliver it ourselves Our cheerful crew is taking a turn We are landing on the carpet From the window we will see the yard And the plane will land in the kitchen - big bird To keep the soup from getting cold Come on, quickly! - Wash the wings!

Author: Yu. Strubalin


81. The sun is shining in the blue sky

The sun is shining in the blue sky and the clouds are walking. And under the sky there is a tall forest and a wide river.

Suddenly a plane flies across the sky as a black dot. Flies high and fast. The pilot is flying the plane.

He flies and leaves a white tail behind him. I'll call a plane, I'll invite you to my home.

But the airplane does not hear, it continues its flight. I wave to him: “Goodbye, plane!”

Author: Vishnevskaya A.


82. A boat sails on the water

A boat is sailing on the water, but there is no captain. And the waves are not visible on the river, so what is the secret here? Suddenly the wind suddenly blew, the ship turned over in an instant. He could no longer swim further, he was completely wet from the water. There is no secret here, and the captain, the boy Vova, stands in tears on the shore. Well, how can I help him? Here dad stood next to him, He smiled and said: “Even though you are a brave captain, Our ship is made of paper.”

Author: N. Karpova


83. I made a boat

I made a boat And I’m running to the pond And with me my friends are running merrily We’ll set a paper fleet on the water And squinting in the wind We’ll dream Someone will become a captain Across the seas Or will be a steeplejack Go on a hike I have a simpler dream Who no matter where I become I dream of learning how to fly like in a dream

Author: Lovchikov


84. It's getting warmer. Let's run

It's warmer. Fast streams ran everywhere. The birds whistled a song: “Whose are we? Whose are we? Whose-whose-whose...” I’ll make a boat out of a piece of paper, A stream will pick it up and spin it around the bridge. Only My little boat will bravely break out onto the wave And rush further to the sea, To an unknown country.

Author: S. Semenova


85. There far in the distance

There, far in the distance, a boat was sailing on the river, Sails overhead and seven feet under karma. The captain looks into the chimney, blowing smoke into his mustache, a seagull soars in the air, touching the mast. The boatswain checks the course, going around all the shallows, And the sailors are scrubbing the boats on the way to the goal. Whose sailboat is sailing? What's its name? We launched the ship at home with dad in the bath.

Author: N. Bystrova


86. The wind blows, the waves splash

— The wind is blowing, the waves are splashing, “Agile” is flying through the waves. This little boat was made by the boy Pavlik, sitting on his porch from a birch plank, and sent floating across a puddle in the yard at dawn. The worm, an old, experienced sailor, became the captain. The cabin boy is a little bug, a novice in maritime affairs. There is an ant at the helm, You couldn't find him braver, He rules due east. In place of the sails there is a leaf. The ship floats on the waves, The wind of wanderings calls into the distance!

Author: S. Ivanov


87. Just think - a bicycle!

Just think - a bicycle! I'm not jealous, NO! I just walk, I just keep quiet, and I won’t say what I WANT too!!! I pretend that my soul doesn’t hurt! It’s completely invisible to me that it’s impossible for me. It’s a shame! How long can you fasten??? Well, Mishka! Well, let's go for a ride!

Author: I. Gurina


88. I have a bicycle

I have a bike, brand new, shiny! And the bell on the steering wheel is real! I'll rush at full speed: Hey, get out of the way, brothers! Future racer – Egor Went out for a ride! Olympic champions Soon I will be able to outshine! But for now, guys, I only know how to call...

Author: N. Zubareva


89. There is a neighbor behind the house

There is a neighbor behind the house - this is my bicycle, I sit astride it, go around the garden and the house, and then along the road, don’t get tired, my legs, I even outrun the wind! Don't drive fast, kids! You have to drive carefully, anything is possible on the road... And also, wear a helmet and ride without problems.

Author: T. Schott


Ground transportation, tasks for preschoolers

For movement, representatives of this species have wheels and tracks. They can also move on rails. Various types of vehicles are described to children.


Designed to transport passengers from one place to any point. The bus follows a specific route and makes stops along the way. Passengers get in and out of them. The same function is observed in the tram, but unlike the bus, it travels on rails. A trolleybus can also carry passengers. But the last two types differ from the bus in that they run on electricity, while the bus runs on gasoline.

Task “Who is the driver”


It can carry passengers as well as cargo. It moves on rails and carries out transportation between cities and villages, sometimes countries.

Fire engine

It is designed to extinguish fires. Such machines are equipped with light and sound signals. They are turned on when the car is going to put out a fire.

Task “Find the odd one out”


It transports sick people. Such machines are equipped with all the necessary equipment and also have signals.

Police car

It is designed to patrol roads and catch criminals. Such cars are equipped with a powerful engine so that they can reach high speed.

“Solve the crossword” task


It is used to transport goods.

There is also underground transport, for example, the metro. In order to use it, you need to go down underground on a special escalator.

Task "Count"

Poems about transport for children 6-7 years old

Poems about transport for children 6-7 years old are fun to read online with their parents.

61. This is a place for children

I boarded the cramped bus with my grandmother. I sat down comfortably. Everyone knows - This is a place for children. I sit by the window, I look with indignation - Grandma is shaking, rocking, And no one notices... There will be a sharp turn, And the old lady will fall! Some inattentive, irresponsible people!

Author: Jafar Chuyako


62. In the car, in the car

In the car, in the car, the driver is sitting. The car, the car goes, hums. Beep beep! Beep beep! The car, the car is full of children. Let's go children. They look out the window. Beep beep! Beep beep! Here is a field, here is a river, Here is a dense forest... The children have arrived. Car, stop! Beep beep! Beep beep!

Author: N. Naydenova


63. What sounds like

Okay, okay! Let's go visit grandma! Scatter, people: Ding-ding! The bicycle is carrying us: Ding-ding! And the car is good: BB! Let's go and go slowly: Beep! We were traveling by train: Chuh-chuh-chuh! We came to grandma: Chukh-chukh-chukh! Let's knock on the window: Knock-knock-knock! Let's wait a little: Knock-knock-knock! Ding Ding! Ding-dong! Grandma, let us into the house! The clock is running fast: Tick-tock! The children's name for dinner is: Tick-tock! You guys are in a hurry: Top-top-top! Hurry up and sit down at the table: Top-top-top!

Author: Ekaterina Bendrysheva


64. Mom bought me an ambulance

I constantly need help: Sometimes I get offended, sometimes I get lost, sometimes I scratch my hand and cry, sometimes a ball rolls into the far corner. Either I get caught on a prickly twig, or a spider scares me. Sometimes you can’t sleep all night if there’s a mouse rustling somewhere. Mom bought me an ambulance. - If you cry and moan again, If you get caught on a twig again, Or a spider attacks you, If you lose your candy again, Tell the Good Doctor about it. The ambulance will rush to you - And will not leave Andryushka in trouble.

Author: Olga Chernoritskaya


65. The truck puffs in the garden

The truck chugs in the garden: Doo-doo-doo, doo-doo-doo-doo. I'm bringing you apples, Doo-doo-doo, doo-doo-doo-doo. In the field the truck hums, It protects the grain from the rain. And he collects potatoes and delivers them to stores. The truck is at work everywhere. Carrying the cargo is his concern. Rides at night, rides during the day, rides with the sun, in the rain. You, baby, will understand later: You can’t live without work.

Author: Zamaraev E.


66. The machine washes

Round-sided and important, She is filled with water! A trickle to the left, a trickle to the right They beat in a cheerful sequence, As if for children to have fun The windshield wipers splash water... This is a washer. She must wash the pavements. I stand there, enchanted, I look after the car. I'm sad - what a pity, That there is no such house!

Author: K. Kubilinskas


67. Accident

Without a wheel for four days I have had my car. Her whole body is dented, And the headlights are no longer on, The glass is broken to pieces, The left wing is bent... And mom and dad say that it’s all my fault, That I’m still a bad driver, That I’m rushing through a red traffic light. I completely agree with them and I promise my dad: “Buy me another car, I won’t break another one.”

Author: L. Rashkovsky


68. Taking the subway with dad

We're going with dad on the metro. I'm not scared, even though it's dark outside the windows in the tunnel. It's just boring. We would sing a song, but nothing could be heard. Because it’s very noisy, Dad doesn’t want to read to me... We’ve been going for a long time. Good uncle driver! Hurry up and announce the Petrovka-Razumovka stop for us!

Author: Paramonov S.


69. There are many interesting stations there

There are many interesting stations there: Known to me and unknown. Even though everything is deep underground, it is very easy to get to them. I went there and - in a moment I reached enormous depths. I remember how once, as a child, I dreamed of his neighborhood. Take a bottle of citro - You ride the Subway all day

Author: Paramonov S.


70. In the studio called “Photo”

It’s my first time going to a studio called “Photo” on the metro. I want to go to the window to see this trip. But you can’t get close to him: It’s cramped, stuffy and alarming. Even if you try, it's impossible to get close. I’m standing pressed against my mother, someone is pushing me in the side... Is everyone who is with us also going to take photos?

Author: Shumov N.


71. So I’m on the subway with my mom

So I’m on the subway with my mother, and I’m having a conversation. It’s so bright in the lobby, I’m riding on the steps... The train came out of the tunnel, We got on it. And it was as if they had flown, It was dark outside the window. Before I had time to look around, there was a stop. People came out, people sat down, Oh, there’s my friend - Vovka. The train rushes along happily, carrying everyone happy, I go to Sportivnaya, and live on Shkolnaya.

Author: Mokharev A.


72. Like a silver bird

Like a silver bird, an airplane circles in the morning sky. The wind howls and gets angry, Only our pilot is not afraid of storms. At any time of the year, in hot weather or in bad weather, He calls everyone to make a big, brave, round-the-world, very important flight.

Author: V. Chemodanova


73. The sun is golden in the sky

The sun is golden in the sky. A large bird flies high, covering us with its wing the Sun in the blue sky. This bird is an airplane, It set off on a flight To our distant cities, To the European shores.

Author: S. Kolesnikova


74. We play airplane

We play airplane - I'm lying down, and my grandfather is carrying me, Hands are wings, the hum of the engine, Landing very soon. And the sofa is an airfield, We are about to land: The hum has lowered the sound, The flaps are down - that’s the house. We didn't lie down for a second. - Grandfather, we haven’t flown yet, A small circle, then a large one, And then another, another!..

Author: Yu. Sveshnikov


75. The plane has a secret

The plane has a secret: High up, behind the clouds, the Sun shines constantly! Without going anywhere! The plane is sure: somewhere there is a dazzling summer, Even in gloomy weather, Even in the middle of the rain, You just have to want to run and... take off.

Author: N. Tarasova


Assignments for mastering the material

When introducing preschoolers to various types of vehicles, various games are used to help them remember them better. They can be represented by the following options:

  • Puzzles. They contribute to the development of logic, thinking, and intelligence.
  • Outdoor games. Each child is given a picture depicting some type of transport. There is a house where the corresponding transport base is located. The child’s task is to correctly identify it in relation to the type of vehicle depicted in the picture he received.
  • Puzzles. This is, for example, a picture of an airplane cut into pieces. The child finds a picture with the required part and talks about what it is intended for.

The information about transport received by a preschooler will contribute to his further development.

History of the aircraft

Flight in the air was available to humans back in the 18th century, when the first hot air balloons appeared. However, all these devices stayed in the air only because they were lighter than it. The example of birds showed that even bodies heavier than air can fly.

Historical photo of the aircraft

In the late 1880s, enthusiasts began trying to build airplanes. It was not possible to lift the structure from the ground into the air, but gliders - aircraft without an engine - were studied. The simplest example of a glider is a kite. With the help of gliders, inventors tried to understand the physical principles of flight. As a result, by 1904, the Russian scientist Zhukovsky created aerodynamics - the science of movement in the air.

A year earlier, in 1903, a man for the first time managed to fly not a glider, but an airplane. The Wright brothers did it. The first flight lasted only 12 seconds.

Modern aircraft

The rapid development of aviation was associated with the First World War - it showed that the aircraft could provide a huge military advantage. Already in 1919, it was possible to cross the Atlantic Ocean by plane. In the 1940s, the jet engine appeared, which allowed airplanes to overcome the speed of sound.

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