Summary of educational activities for speech development on the topic “Magic words” in the preparatory group

Integration of educational areas: cognitive development, artistic and aesthetic development, speech development, social and aesthetic development, physical development. Goal: Enrich vocabulary, develop visual and auditory perception, attention, thinking, memory. Objectives: Educational: 1.Develop coherent speech, verbal communication skills, achieve complete answers to questions; 2.To consolidate and generalize children’s knowledge about antonyms. Educational: 1. Foster independence, activity, a culture of communication and a sense of collectivism 2. Contribute to the cultivation of kindness, the desire to help those who need help; 3. Create a positive emotional background. Developmental: 1. Develop children’s speech and cognitive activity, the ability to compare, generalize, draw conclusions and conclusions; 2. develop thinking, imagination, visual memory, observation Methods and techniques: Verbal: surprise moment; conversation; answers on questions; asking riddles; pedagogical assessment, incentives; Visual: demonstration, looking at illustrations Practical: didactic games; health-saving technologies Vocabulary work: fantasy, tower, color purple, gold, crimson. Materials and equipment: Video of a sailing ship, audio recording of an excerpt of poetry. I. Bunin “Falling Leaves”, music. reproduction of the song “From a Smile”, poster of the city of Krasivaya Rech, slides depicting fairy-tale cities. Progress of the lesson: Children enter, stand in a circle, hold hands and perform actions to the greeting: You and I will become friends, And then we will spin, We will hold hands again And we will smile at each other! Educator: Guys, today an unusual journey awaits us. I suggest you go to the land of Beautiful Speech. Educator This country is unusual and we will go on a trip in an unusual way: with the help of imagination. -What is fantasy? – children’s answers (fantasy is our dreams, when we dream about something, invent something that doesn’t actually exist). - Before we set off on this journey, let's remember the rules: All together: Every day, always, everywhere, In class in the game, We speak loudly, clearly, We are not in a hurry. If you want to answer, don't make any noise, just raise your hand. So, let's go to the land of Beautiful Speech. And you and I will sail on a ship. (video). Here it is, look at the screen. - Please close your eyes. Imagine that we are sailing. There is music and the sound of waves. Educator: Open your eyes, we are greeted by the first city of the country of Beautiful Speech. In the land of Beautiful Speech, you need to speak clearly and clearly. And now we will practice, we will clearly and clearly pronounce all the sounds of tongue twisters. To live amicably with friends, you don’t need to offend your friends. Educator: Let's move on. We are greeted by the city of Good Words. Didactic game: “Say kindly.” Educator: In the family, everyone calls each other affectionately, tenderly, because they love each other. How can you affectionately call your daughter? Children, with the help of the teacher, form the words Daughter - daughter, daughter Son - son, son. Dad - daddy, papa Grandfather - grandfather, grandpa Grandma - grandma Sister - little sister Grandson - granddaughter Granddaughter - granddaughter Brother - little brother The teacher sums up: It’s wonderful how many kind words you know. You made me happy. It turns out that you are very affectionate and kind towards your family. Educator: And now we are in a city called “Pick up a Word” and we must complete the task. Didactic game: “Name it in one word” - Cap, hat, cap, beret, cap. -sofa, chair, table, bed, wardrobe. - tomato, cucumber, carrots, beets, onions, peppers. -Embankment, Palace of Culture, Olympus, Sovetskaya. - a, b, c, p. - cook, driver, carpenter, salesman, doctor. -1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 0 An audio recording with a voice sounds. The forest, like a painted mansion, purple, golden, crimson, stands like a cheerful, motley wall above a bright clearing. Educator: - Guys, where are we? What is this poem talking about? Children: - This poem talks about the forest (full answer). Educator: - What kind of forest? What words speak about this? Children: - The forest is like a tower, painted, purple, gold, crimson. — Birches with yellow carvings (The leaves on the birches are yellow) Educator: What is a tower? Children: A separate room at the top of a building or a separate tower house. Educator: We all know the color yellow. Gold color - what color is it? Children's answers: golden, i.e. bright yellow color, leaves like gold. Educator: Crimson color is bright red (shows this color). But let's look at the purple color now. The teacher shows the color purple: mixes pink and blue colors in a jar of water. Educator: Well done! What time of year is the poem talking about? Children: The poem talks about autumn. To get through this forest, you need to complete the sentences. A forest is a place where many different trees grow, what kind of trees can you name them? (spruce, pine, aspen, maple, birch, oak). Various wild animals also live in the forest, name them? (full answer). – In the forest live a wolf, a hare, an elk, a roe deer, a bear, and a fox. Are the birds alive? Which? - Woodpecker, magpie, owl, cuckoo. What else grows in the forest? (Berries, mushrooms, shrubs). Teacher: (stand up). Well done! And in the clearing of this forest we will rest. Physical education minute. The wind is blowing in our faces. The tree is swaying. The wind is getting quieter and quieter. The trees are getting higher and higher. Educator: There is a river on our way. To get there, you need to complete the following task. Name the words - antonyms (say the opposite). Good - evil Brave - cowardly Wise - stupid Greedy - generous Hardworking - lazy Cheerful - sad Friend - enemy Truth - lie Educator: How interesting it is to travel! Look what we found. This is a chest with a surprise. We honor what is written here. Children solve riddles. Having met a bunny, the neighbor hedgehog Says to him: “...” (Hello) And his big-eared neighbor Answers: “Hedgehog,...” (Hello) To the Octopus Flounder Swam on Monday, And on Tuesday said goodbye to Her: “...” (Goodbye ) The clumsy dog ​​Kostik stepped on the mouse's tail. They would have quarreled, But he said “...” (Sorry) The wagtail from the bank Dropped a worm, And for the treat the fish gurgled to Her: “...” (Thank you) The Fox Matryona says: “Give me the cheese, crow! The cheese is big, and you are small! I’ll tell everyone that I didn’t!” You, Fox, don’t complain, but say: “…” (Please) The crocodile did not come out of the swamp for the longest time. Members of the toad council Gave him a prize for this - They awarded him a parrot And shouted: “...” (Congratulations) The bull mowed down the daisies And invited the ram. He ate the treat alone, but said: “...” (I beg your pardon) At two o’clock the fox came to visit the deer. The fawns and the deer said to her: “…” (Good afternoon) At sunset, a moth flew to the light. We are, of course, glad to meet you. Let's say to the guest: "..." (Good evening) Katya baby Ignatka put him to bed in his crib - He doesn't want to play anymore, Says: "..." (Good night) Girl Rita near the path sets the table for the dog and cat. Having arranged the bowls, Rita will tell them “Eat! Have fun..." (appetite) Educator: Well done! You opened the magic chest with the help of the correct answers (open the chest and take candies). Educator: Residents of the city say “Thank you” to you and convey sweet greetings. -It's time for us to go home. We close our eyes and imagine that we are sailing on a ship. -So we arrived at the kindergarten. Educator: How did you feel in a fairyland? What did you like most? Which task is the most? — What was especially difficult? Children: (answers). Educator: Lesson is over, Well done!

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