Summary of a lesson on speech development in the preparatory group Topic: “All professions are needed, all professions are important.” Outline of a lesson on speech development (preparatory group) on the topic

Lesson summary “All professions are needed, all professions are important”

Author: Khakimova Liliya Filaredovna

teacher of MADOU Kindergarten No. 21, Ufa

Lesson summary “All professions are needed, all professions are important”

Summary of the final lesson

on speech development

“All professions are needed, all professions are important”

Khakimova Liliya

Summary of the lesson on speech development for the senior group “All professions are important, all professions are needed”

Lesson objectives:

generalize and specify children’s ideas about the work of people in different professions



- strengthen the ability to complete sentences using words and phrases that are correlated with a person’s specific profession;

— Strengthen the ability to compose a descriptive story according to plan about people of different professions;

— Improve the grammatical structure of speech and the ability to clearly answer the teacher’s questions.


— To cultivate a kind and respectful attitude towards the work of people of different professions.


— develop the skill of self-control of pronunciation in independent speech.

— develop children’s speech activity, memory, attention, thinking.

arouse interest in the professions of their parents and their significance.


demonstration pictures depicting different professions of people, a ball, a letter, a parcel, a steering wheel, a rod, a syringe, a pipe, a hairdryer, a ladle, a pointer.

Progress of the lesson.

Guys, look how many guests we have today! Greet them.1. Creating motivation for the lesson. Educator:

The sun rose a long time ago and looked into our window. It gathered all our friends in a circle. I am your friend and you are my friend. Let's hold hands together, And smile at each other. Let's smile, wink, And start talking. (Children do exercises in accordance with the text.) - Children, which of you wants to grow up quickly and become an adult? - Tell me, where do your kids go every day? moms and dads, adults? Children: adults, moms and dads go to work— Why do people go to work? Children: to earn money, build houses, drive cars, grow bread.— What do your parents do? (ask each child) - What benefits do they bring? Children: they sew clothes, teach children, treat the sick, prepare food, transport goods.


- Right. Now let's sit down on the chairs, I invite you to listen to an excerpt from the poem


Vitaly Tunnikov

There are many professions in the world, even children know this. And there are no unimportant professions - everyone will tell you this.

There is a wonderful master - a carpenter, He is a hunter of wood. He creates furniture for people and he is always honored.

The doctor cures all diseases - There is no more useful profession. If someone gets sick, the Doctor will be able to cure.

Who cooks soup and porridge, cake, compote and yogurt? The cook knows all the secrets. For dessert he will give you candy.

An engineer is an inventor - He is a creator, a creator of miracles. What he comes up with, he creates. We are drawn into the world of accomplishments.

All professions are needed, All professions are important. Everyone must decide for themselves what they want to become when.

- What do you think the poem is talking about? Children: the poem talks about professions. Educator:

What does the word “profession” mean? Profession means: business, work, occupation. People work what they like to work with, do what they do best. There are many professions in the world. What professions do you know? Children: teacher, driver, worker, salesman, doctor, builder.

  1. Story from slides (photos)

Q: - Guys, can you tell me what your parents do? (children’s answers)

I have prepared a little surprise for you, please take a look.

-What profession is this?……………

Slide 1.

That's my mom. Her name is Olga Alekseevna. She is a nurse

Slide 2. ……..

3 Game “Wonderful Chest”

All professions are needed, all professions are important. The main thing is to do your favorite job well. People of different professions use different tools for their work. I have a “wonderful chest” that contains many interesting things. To find out what lies there, you need to say the following words: “Chest, chest, open your barrel.” Reval, look into the chest, but first say the magic words. - Who needs this item? Children: this tool is needed for an artist. (Children take turns taking out tools and telling who needs them and why.) Educator: - Well done, guys, you named all the subjects and professions correctly.

  1. Physical education driver - washed the car
    (stomping step) He sat behind the wheel and arched his back. The janitor sweeps the yard. The janitor removes litter
    . (bends forward, simulating sweeping).
    Our guard on duty boldly looks into the darkness
    . (turn right - left, putting his palm to his eyes).
    And the shoemaker will sew boots for anyone
    (vest - sit down, stand up, placing your feet alternately on the heel).
    Horseshoes will be nailed to the boots, And they will dance without stopping. Our pilots - pilots Prepared
    flight . take a calm breath through your nose) 6. Educational games and tasks. Did. game “Define a profession and find an extra object” (by slides

Slide 1. Policeman. Extra item…………..

Slide 2. Sailor.

Slide 8 Florist. Profession “Florist” is a specialist who works with plants (primarily flowers), composes bouquets, compositions, and also grows flower crops. Moreover, this profession can use not only fresh flowers, but also dried flowers, special decorations, butterflies, mushrooms and other natural and artificial materials.

  1. Watching the cartoon: “All professions are needed, all professions are important...”

Guys, do you want to watch a cartoon? (yes)

Look how people of different professions are interconnected and sometimes dependent on each other. Look carefully, maybe you will see some profession that is not yet familiar to you, try to remember it (after watching, the teacher asks the children what new professions they learned about from the cartoon). (children call)

— Next time we will definitely talk about these professions: molarist, oil worker, etc. 9. Lesson summary:

— Children, what do you think, can you become a cook, pilot or doctor right now? Of course not, because for this you need to grow up and learn, because every profession needs to be learned, are you ready for this?

-Now please tell me, what did we talk about today?

-What interesting things did you learn?

-What's new, what new profession have you learned?

-What did you find difficult?

Guys, let’s take another look at our “wonderful chest” (The teacher takes candy from the chest and distributes it to the children.)

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