Literary leisure in the middle group “Visiting your favorite fairy tales” outline of a lesson on speech development (middle group) on the topic

Entertainment for children of the middle group “Journey through fairy tales.”

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Entertainment for children of the middle group “Journey through fairy tales.”

Educator: Verbitskaya V. Yu.


To consolidate knowledge about Russian folk tales.

1. To develop the ability to identify a fairy tale based on riddles and familiar passages from fairy tales.

2. Develop children's dialogical speech.

3. Develop emotional responsiveness, communication skills, and the ability to work in a team.

4. Develop imagination, fantasy, thinking.

5. Promote the development of auditory attention;

There's a knock on the door. The teacher brings in the Storyteller doll.

Storyteller: Hello, guys!

Storyteller: I came to visit you from the Magic Land of Fairy Tales. Guys, I brought with me a magic bag containing all my favorite fairy tales. Do you like fairy tales? (Children's answers). Then, friends, we are going with you to a wonderful fairy tale. But first, we will all say the magic words together, without them the bag of fairy tales will not open:

“With a magic wand, we’ll wave it in the air, magic will appear, we’ll find ourselves in a fairy tale!” (We get the riddle). I’ll read it to you, and guess what kind of fairy tale it is?

We were waiting for mother with milk. And they let the wolf into the house. Who were these little children? (Children’s answers, kids from the fairy tale “The Wolf and the Seven Little Kids”)

Oh, how great you are! Guys, did the kids do the right thing? Can strangers be allowed into the house? (Children's answers)

And we will do gymnastics for the fingers “Goat”

- The old man was walking along the road

— I found a hornless goat.

- Come on, goat, let's jump,

In this fairy tale, a cat, a granddaughter, a mouse and there is a dog, Bug,

Together they helped grandpa and grandma and barely got her out of the ground.

Guys, what kind of fairy tale is this? (Turnip) That's right, guys! What great fellows you all are! You know all the fairy tales!

Everyone get up and we'll play.

Grandfather planted a turnip in the garden. (sat down) And he poured water from the watering can on the turnip. (we rise quietly) Grow, grow, turnip, Both sweet and strong. (we stretch up on our toes) The turnip has grown, to everyone’s surprise (they raised their shoulders) It’s big, it’s very big, there’s enough food for everyone. (hands to the sides) The turnip has grown, both sweet and strong. (stretch up on your toes)

Well done! And we solved this riddle! Let's give our eyes a rest and do some gymnastics for them.

Gymnastics for the eyes.

We open our eyes - once, and close our eyes - twice. One, two, three, four, We open our eyes wider, And now we close them again, Our eyes have rested. Have you rested?

Then let's move on to the next riddle. We say the magic words and get the following riddle:

“We are not afraid of the gray wolf, The gray wolf clicks his teeth.” This song was sung loudly by Three cheerful ones... (Little pig (Children’s answers).

How wonderful! What experts on fairy tales you are! You're probably already tired! Get up and we will go on a journey through fairy tales.

Physical education minute “Fairy tales”

The mouse ran quickly (running in place), the mouse wagged its tail (imitation of movement). Oh, I dropped the testicle (bend over, “pick up the testicle”). Look, I broke it (show the “testicle” with outstretched arms).

So we planted it (bend over) And watered it with water (imitation of movement) The turnip grew good and strong (spread arms to the sides) And now we will pull it (imitation of movement) And we will cook porridge from the turnip (imitation of food) And we will be healthy and healthy from the turnip strong (show “strength”).

We are a nice family of kids. We love to jump and gallop (bouncing in place). We love to run and play. We love to butt heads. (the index fingers of both hands show “horns” to each other)

We sit on the chairs. One last riddle left in my magic bag! We say the magic words and get the riddle:

The mouse found a home for itself, The mouse was kind, In the end, there were many tenants in that house. (Children's answers)

I have prepared another game for you called “Teremok”! I invite you to play!

In an open field the little mansion was neither low nor high. (they sat down, stood up, arms outstretched) Various animals lived there, They lived together, they didn’t bother. (bow) There is a mouse (hands in front of him on his toes) And a frog (crouched) A bunny (jumping) With a little fox friend (twirled his “tail”) A gray wolf with a click of his teeth (showed his “mouth” with his hands) They knew a lot about friendship. (bow) But the club-footed bear came across the mansion (image a bear) He crushed the mansion with His huge paw. (fist on fist) The animals were very scared, They quickly ran away (running in place) And then they gathered again To build a new mansion. (sat on chairs)

Grandfather and woman lived together, They made a snowy daughter, But the hot heat of the fire turned the girl into steam. Grandfather and grandmother are sad. What was your daughter's name? (children's answer)

Game "Snow Carousel"

Children walk in a circle, holding hands, and pronounce the words: “Outside the window, like fluff, a little white snow fell! (walking at a pace) And the wind blew, (running on tiptoes) our snowball began to spin! (they spun around, the snowball “flies”) And the snowball sank to the ground, lay down, and hid! (children stop and squat) As soon as I blow 1, 2, 3, (the presenter blows “snowflakes” on the children) Quickly run into the circle again! (children gather in a circle) The game is repeated 2, 3 times.

Guys, our journey through fairy tales has arrived! Did you like it? What fairy tales did we repeat today? I really enjoyed visiting you! You are all such great guys, you know all the fairy tales, you know how to solve riddles! But I need to return to my Magical Land of Fairy Tales! Goodbye, guys! See you again!


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