Lesson summary on traffic rules in the middle group “Country of Traffic Rules” (middle group) lesson plan (middle group) on the topic

Summary of GCD in the middle group of kindergarten. Getting to know the world around you: traffic rules

Summary of direct educational activities. Getting to know the world around you. "Road Safety City" Middle group

This material will be useful to parents and teachers working with middle school children.
Goal: To develop children's knowledge about the rules of the road. Objectives: To consolidate children's knowledge of the rules of the road, to reinforce the rules of safe behavior on the road, to consolidate children's understanding of traffic lights, to teach children to distinguish between traffic signs. Develop thinking, attention, memory, speech activity, replenish children's active vocabulary, and develop interest in learning traffic rules through play. Necessary equipment: traffic light, pictures of traffic signs, traffic controller. Black cardboard rectangles according to the number of children, and for each child in a circle (yellow, red, green), glue pencil. Preparation for the lesson: Model of an intersection in the city.
(Gift from the security town) Lesson progress:

The teacher draws the children's attention to the fact that changes have occurred in the group.
Educator: Dear friends! Guys! Today is not an ordinary day for you and me! Today our group has turned into a city! And not in an ordinary city! And to the city of road safety! A city where children learn the rules of the road. Guys, why do people need to know the rules of the road? (children's answer) Correct! In order to avoid accidents. So that pedestrians can cross the road without fear, and drivers can safely drive in the designated places. Traffic Rules Traffic Rules - This is part of the Respect Table: Pedestrians must be respected, they must not be run over. And I ask you to respect the driver, Everyone can become a driver soon. If we cross the path nearby, we can scare the driver. All traffic participants need to observe the Laws of Respect! (A. Usachev) Educator: Guys, this city appeared in our group for a reason. A hurricane passed through this city and destroyed everything in its path. And that’s why the residents of this city are now afraid to go out. They need your help! They really want you to help them put things in order. AND THEIR CITY BECAME SAFE AGAIN. But this is not easy to do. To put everything in its place, you and I need to complete a difficult task. We need to understand where everything went, find it and return it to its place. Educator: Do you want to help the townspeople? children's answer Teacher : Well, then go ahead! There is a letter near the traffic light. And it says “A hurricane passed through our city and all the electricity went out. How do we start regulating car traffic? We know that this person looks like this, but we don’t know what his name is. Help us find him! The teacher shows a picture of a traffic controller

Educator: Who are these guys? How did you know it was him? Children's answer: By shape, gestures and rod. The teacher brings the children to the conclusion that the Traffic Controller is a “living” traffic light; its signals apply equally to vehicle drivers and pedestrians. Therefore, when the traffic light goes out, a traffic controller comes to his aid. Educator : Well done guys! And now you and I need to cross the road. But first, let's take a look at it. Please note that there are a lot of cars driving on the road (the teacher points to an impromptu road on which there are toy cars). Educator: What should we do? How can you and I cross the road so that it is safe? children's answer The teacher shows a place with a "pedestrian crossing" sign at the intersection. Leads the children to the sign. Educator: You need to go to the designated places, marked with a special sign (pedestrian crossing), following a green traffic light; white stripes on the zebra road also indicate the place where the road is to be crossed. Never forget - don’t play on the road! Don’t cross the road, it’s better to wait a little and let the car pass. Only then move on. Educator: Do you know how to cross the road correctly? How to cross the road correctly. I cross the road like this: First I look to the left, And if there is no car, I walk to the middle. Then I look carefully, be sure to go to the right. And, if there is no movement, I walk without a doubt! Children repeat the movements of the poem after the teacher. Educator: Oh, guys, look, there’s also some kind of sign lying here. The teacher picks up a sign from the floor - a bus stop,

shows to the children Teacher: Who knows what this sign is? children's answer Educator: The bus stop sign is installed in specially designated areas. In this place, a pedestrian waits patiently for transport. He is tired of walking, he wants to become a passenger. Let's remember the rules of behavior at a bus stop. You cannot wait for a bus on the roadway! Stand only on an elevated place. Educator : Do you want to become passengers? Children's answer. Educator: Well, then sit down! But before our bus leaves for its destination, let's remember the rules of behavior on the bus? Give way to elders. Don't scream, don't run around the bus. Hold on to the handrails. Get off the bus only after Mom. You can only walk around the bus from behind. You can't put your hands out of the windows. The driver must not be distracted. Well done! Educator : And now we can move on! Physical education minute. To drive a car, we need to inflate the tires (imitation of movement with the sound sh-sh-sh). Let's pour gasoline into the gas tank (imitation of movement) And we'll go to the store. (steering) Educator: Here we are! You and I found a place where the wind collected all the signs in a heap. And now you and I need to figure out what these signs are and what do they warn or inform us about? (we look at each sign and name it)\

Educator: We figured out the signs. Now look here, we have come to the place where all the traffic lights of this city are located. But they were all destroyed. And now you and I must collect them. The teacher brings the children to the tables. Educator: Let's remember in what order are the colors at a traffic light? What first circle will we stick on? Red means stop. Yellow - get ready. Green – GO. (The teacher talks to the children) (black rectangles according to the number of children, yellow, red, green circles) Teacher: Well done! Educator: So you and I have sorted out all the chaos in the city. Now the Traffic Light will install all the necessary and necessary signs where they should be. And this city will again become a safe and educational city for many children and adults. And it will proudly bear its name “City of Road Safety.” And in turn, for the fact that you helped the Traffic Light restore order in the city, he wanted to thank you, and therefore prepared a gift for you. The teacher introduces a layout of the traffic rules. Educator: This will be your town, where you are for yourself, then you will also put up signs and houses, and you will play!

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