NNOD summary on speech development in a preparatory school group on the topic “Travel to the country of traffic rules”

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Summary of a lesson on the development of coherent speech in a preparatory school group on the lexical topic “Transport. Traffic Laws."

Goal: to improve and generalize knowledge about transport and traffic rules Correctional and educational: - to consolidate knowledge about types of transport, the names of vehicles, the actions they perform, the names of road signs, their meaning; Correctional and developmental tasks: - expand and activate vocabulary on the topic “Transport. Traffic Laws"; — improve word formation and inflection skills; - develop speech breathing; - develop phonemic awareness; — improve coherent speech skills; - learn to coordinate speech with movements; - develop gross and fine motor skills; - develop dexterity, reaction speed, coordination of movements, spatial concepts; - develop expressiveness of speech and expressiveness of movements; - develop logical thinking, attention, memory, imagination. Educational objectives: - to cultivate cognitive interest in different types of transport; — cultivate a sense of responsibility on the road; — cultivate discipline and perseverance; - develop the ability to work and play in a team.

Equipment: TSO, interactive whiteboard, ball, educational cards “Road Signs”, “traffic light” model. Progress of the lesson 1. Organizational moment Playing with a ball “What am I riding, swimming, flying ...” on the road by car, on a tractor, on a bus, by sea - on a ship, yacht, boat, by air - on an airplane, helicopter, on hot air balloon, etc. “Guess the riddle” Drinks gasoline like milk, Can run far. Carries goods and people, You are familiar with her, of course! (Car.)

He touches the cloud with his wing in the boundless ocean, turns over the meadows, casts silver. (Airplane.)

I will take you underground at any time of the year and in any bad weather. Very often, at any hour. (Metro)

What handsome men are always and everywhere born on land - live on the water? ( Ship)

2. Main part of the lesson Conversation about types of transport - Guys, look at the screen and tell me what types of transport do you know? (Slide 1 - sky, road, sea, underground) Why do we call this transport ground? (slide 2) underground? (slide 3) water? (slide 4) airy? (slide 5) What types of ground transport do you know? (cargo, passenger, special) – (Slide 6) Guys, now let’s play the game “One or Many”

Didactic game "One - many." The speech therapist, throwing the ball to the child, calls the word in the singular, and the child, returning the ball, calls it in the plural: airplane - many airplanes. Words for the game: bus, truck, yacht, ship, all-terrain vehicle, train, car, trolleybus, boat, train, cart.

Make sentences using words: making sentences using supporting words.

Car, on, go, road. Boat, river, on, wooden, float. Shop, around, bike, stop. Passengers, train, from, get off. In, plane, sky, fly, high. Drive up, stop, to, tram. Bridge, exit, bus, from under.

An exercise for coordinating speech with the movement “We’re going, we’re going by car...”. We are driving, we are driving a car, they imitate the movements of the steering wheel. We press the pedal. The leg is bent and extended. We switch the speeds, turn the “lever” with your hand towards you, away from you. We look intently into the distance. Place your palm to your forehead. The wipers clean off the drops. The arms are bent at the elbows in front of them, the palms are open. Right left. Purity! Tilt your arms to the right, left. The wind ruffles my hair. They move their fingers above their heads. We are drivers anywhere! Raise your thumb up.

Speech therapist: - Guys, tell me what regulates the movement of cars and pedestrians? (Traffic light) Slide 7 -How many signals does a traffic light have? -What do they mean?

A poem about a TRAFFIC LIGHT There has been an owner on the roads for a long time - a traffic light! All the colors are in front of you, it’s time for you to introduce them. The red light came on, “Stop! There is no way forward! The yellow eye repeats without words: “Be ready for the transition! When the light is green, go ahead! The path is clear for pedestrians.”

Low mobility game "Traffic Light". Children sit facing the traffic light. Speech therapist: If the light turns red, it means moving... (dangerous). The green light says: “Pass on, the path...” (open). Yellow light - warning - wait for the signal to... (move). When the red light comes on, you stand still, frozen. If you see green, you walk in place. When the yellow light is on, you clap your hands. Anyone who confuses the signal takes a step back. When the teacher shows the traffic lights, the children perform the movements. Didactic game “Finish the sentence” Mastering the verb “Ride” with various prefixes (On the interactive board there is a diagram of the movement of a truck and a small toy truck).

We drove and drove, up to the hill... (arrived), (drove in, drove off) and further... (drove). We drove and drove and reached the pit... (we arrived), the Pit... (we drove around) and further... (we drove). We drove and drove, to the river... (we arrived), the Bridge... (we moved) and further... (we drove). From the bridge... (drove away) and further... (went on). We drove and drove, to the house... (arrived), In the yard... (drove), and here we are... (arrived).

Speech therapist: - Guys, it seems our truck has a flat tire, what sound does the tire make? A game to develop speech breathing and voice. • “The car tire got punctured.” Pronouncing the sound sh-sh-sh-sh. -Let's pump up the tire • “Let's pump up the tire” (“Pump”). Pronouncing the sound s-s-s-s.

Speech therapist: - Guys, now I’ll check how well you know the rules of the road.

Game “Listen carefully” Both avenues and boulevards The streets are noisy everywhere Walk along the sidewalk Only on the right side! Here, being naughty and disturbing people is prohibited! Being an exemplary pedestrian is allowed! If you are traveling on a tram and there are people around you, without jostling or yawning, move forward quickly. Riding with a hare, as we know, is prohibited! Giving your seat to an old lady is allowed! If you're just walking, look ahead anyway. Through a noisy intersection, walk carefully. Crossing on a red light is prohibited! When it is green, even children are allowed! Pushing everyone aside, shouting. Prohibited! But standing quietly is allowed! Taking ice cream on the bus is prohibited!

Speech therapist: - Guys, what else regulates the movement of cars and pedestrians on the streets besides a traffic light? (road signs). - Let's all repeat the signs that help pedestrians. But for this we need to collect these signs. (The envelopes have cut-out signs. Children are divided into teams and collect pictures). 3. Summary of the lesson. Assessment of children's activities. Speech therapist: -What did we remember today? What types of transport do you know? (ground, underground, air, water). What are the types of ground transport? Do you need to follow traffic rules? Well done! You did well today

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