Lesson summary for the middle group “Visiting a fairy tale” lesson plan on the world around us (middle group) on the topic

Middle group. Junior preschool age. Children 4 - 5 years old

GCD based on the fairy tale “Kolobok” with drawing elements for children of primary preschool age

GCD based on the fairy tale "Kolobok"

with drawing elements.
Work of children of primary preschool age. Goal: to introduce the fairy tale “Kolobok”
, consolidate children’s knowledge about the Russian folk
tale and create a joyful emotional mood.
Objectives: Teach children to listen carefully... Lesson summary for children 3–4 years old “Journey to a Fairy Tale” Organizational information Note (additional information for the summary )

1 Dominant area Cognitive development 2 Type of children’s activities Playful, Cognitive, Motor, Productive, Communicative. Methodological information 1 Theme of educational activities...

Entertainment with children of the middle group “Visiting a fairy tale”

Entertainment for children of the middle group “Visiting a fairy tale”


1. Make children want to take part in the fun. 2. Strengthen children's knowledge about fairy tales. 3. In the process of organizing dramatization, encourage children to make verbal statements. 4. Cultivate feelings of empathy and compassion.

a magic butterfly, a grandfather and a woman from a puppet theater, bunny and fox toys, a carrot with riddles, a chest, a flannelograph “Teremok”, a folder “Find out a fairy tale”
Preliminary work:

dramatization of familiar fairy tales, examination of illustrations for fairy tales, joint games in different types of theater (planar, three-dimensional, finger, telling fairy tales from pictures, joint drawing activities of children and parents.

Progress of entertainment:

Presenter: Guys, do you like fairy tales?
Today I invite you on a journey through fairy tales. (Children enter the hall to the music).
The journey begins!
We will enter with you into the land of fairy tales... There are many fairy tales in the world, sad and funny, and we cannot live in the world without them. Anything can happen in a fairy tale, Our fairy tale is ahead. A fairy tale is knocking on our door, Let's say to the fairy tale: “come in”! (they play a record of birdsong behind the screen).
Presenter: Listen to how well the birds sing here.
But not only birds live here, there are also animals, and miracles happen to them. Oh, who's crying here? Yes, this is Mishutka! Bear, Bear, wait. Don't leave me! Why are you trembling all over, our clubfooted baby? Bear: I'm lost, I want to go home. I don't remember which fairy tale I'm from. Host: Guys, Mishka got lost and doesn’t know which fairy tale he is from. Let's help him find his way home. But who will help us with this? (a toy butterfly appears)
Presenter: What a beautiful butterfly.
She is the one who will help us. (takes the butterfly).
- Butterfly, you fly everywhere and know everything in the world.
Help us, butterfly! Find Mishutkin's fairy tale. Show me the way. (the presenter approaches the screen - the grandfather and woman are crying behind the screen).
Presenter: Children!
Why are grandfather and woman crying? Maybe this is their Mishutka? Grandfather and grandmother, why are you crying? Grandfather: We lived with a woman. There was Ryaba the chicken. Baba: The chicken laid not an ordinary egg, but a golden one. Grandfather: I beat, beat, but didn’t break. Baba: I beat and beat, but didn’t break. The mouse ran, waved its tail, the egg fell and broke. (crying)
Presenter: Children! Let's calm down grandpa and grandma. What will we tell them? Children: Don't cry, grandfather, don't cry, woman. Presenter: The hen Ryaba will lay you not a golden egg, but a simple one. Guys, what is the name of this fairy tale? Do you think Mishutka lives in this fairy tale? No, Mishutka, this is not your home. Butterfly, show us the way to another fairy tale. (a bunny from a puppet theater sits behind the screen)
Presenter: Whose ears are these sticking out here?
Yes, a little hare hid here. Don't be afraid, bunny, we won't hurt you. (the presenter transfers the bunny to a chair)
Sit here so that all the children can see you. Look, guys, the bunny has a carrot in his paws, but not a simple one, but with riddles. You will guess them, maybe you will find Mishutka’s fairy tale. A girl is sitting in a basket with a bear behind her back. He, without knowing it, carries her home. Well, did you guess the riddle? Then answer quickly! The title of this fairy tale... (Masha and the Bear)
Mixed with sour cream, Cold on the window, Round side, rosy side, Rolled.
They were waiting for mother with milk, and they let the wolf into the house.
Who were these Little Children? (Seven kids)
But the road is long... And the basket is not easy... I wish I could sit on a stump and eat a pie.
(Masha and the Bear)
The beautiful maiden is sad. She doesn’t like spring. It’s hard for her in the sun. The poor thing is shedding tears.
(Snow Maiden)
There is neither a river nor a pond. Where to drink water. Very tasty water. In the hole from digging.
(Sister Alyonushka and brother Ivanushka)
Presenter: And here we haven’t come across Mishutka’s fairy tale... Come on.
Guys, let's move on with the butterfly. (a fox's tail appears behind the screen)
Look, whose tail is sticking out?
Yes, it's a fox. She brought us a magic chest, and there was a new game “Add-ons”. Maybe here we will find a fairy tale for Mishutka. Ok-ok-ok - standing in the field. (teremok). Ok-ok-ok - it rolled. (gingerbread man). Yat-yat-yat - the gray wolf didn’t eat it. (kids). Su-su-su - the cockerel drove away. (fox). Tso-tso-tso - the chicken laid it. (egg) . Ana-ana-ana - carried by swans. (Ivana). Yok-yok-yok - don’t sit on it. (stump). Yot-et-et - beaten unbeaten. (lucky). Presenter: Children! What heroes live in these fairy tales? Do they have Mishutka in them? No, we didn’t find your house here either, Mishutka. Butterfly, take us to another fairy tale. A butterfly lands on a flannelgraph - “Teremok”.
Presenter: But the mansion is closed.
Let's try to open it. (a finger game “Castle” is played)
There is a lock hanging on the door.
Nobody could open it. We knocked the lock, We turned the lock, We twisted the lock - and opened it. Mishutka, this is probably your house. Wait, wait, there are already a lot of animals here. (shows animals, children name them)
Again, this is not Mishutka’s house. In this fairy tale there lives a big bear, and you are a little one. Let's play the game "Teremok", guys. (The round dance game “Teremok” is being played)
Presenter: Guys, our Mishutka is upset that he cannot find his fairy tale.
Let's have some fun and play the game "Bear in the Forest." (Outdoor game “At the Bear in the Forest”)
Presenter: Who’s that knocking there?
Storyteller: Hello, dear children and Mishutka. They recognized me, I am a Storyteller. I know a lot of fairy tales and I want to play the “Find out a fairy tale” game with you. (illustrations for fairy tales are shown. When the illustration for the fairy tale “Three Bears” is shown, Mishutka jumps up)
Mishutka: These are my parents and me.
Presenter: Oh, thank you, Storyteller. Here, Mishutka, now we know what fairy tale you are from. Mishutka: Thank you, everyone. I want to go home. Storyteller: I’m just going into your fairy tale. Now let's go together. But first I want to thank the children. Well done guys, you know a lot of fairy tales. I have gifts for you. (distributes)
Thank you. Goodbye Mishutka. Little ones can't walk alone. Do you understand this, Mishutka? Children go to their group.
Outdoor game “At the bear in the forest”

Progress of the game:

The bear sits on a chair, and the guys walk around the hall and sing merrily. I take mushrooms and berries from the bear in the forest, but the bear doesn’t sleep, everything’s looking at us! The bear wakes up from the song and noise and runs to catch the children. Frightened, they scatter to their chairs. The bear tries to catch as many children as possible. He takes those caught to his “forest”.

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