Summary of a lesson on the surrounding world on the topic “Spring” in the middle group

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Summary of the final lesson “Spring” for the middle group

Compiled by: Zavgorodneva O.V., teacher 2022 Municipal budgetary preschool educational institution child development center - “Kindergarten No. 105” (MBDOU CRR - “D/s No. 105” )



  • Summarize children's knowledge about the seasons,
  • Strengthen children's knowledge about the signs of spring,
  • To consolidate children's knowledge about wintering and migratory birds,
  • Strengthen children's ability to correlate quantities with numbers,
  • Strengthen the ability to correlate an object with a geometric figure,
  • Expand children's understanding of the rules of safe behavior in nature


  • Develop logical thinking, memory, attention,
  • Promote the development of coherent speech.


  • Foster respect for nature,
  • Instill listening skills, answering children's questions without interrupting.

Equipment: audio recording of bird voices, pictures of wintering and migratory birds, pictures with objects, 3 baskets with images of geometric shapes (circle, triangle, square), balls, bird, flower, leaf, hoops, cards with numbers, projector, presentation, 2 easels , birdhouse.

Progress of the lesson:

Educator: Hello guys! Look what a wonderful day it is today! Let's say hello to everything around us.

Psycho-gymnastics “Good morning!”

Good morning bright sun, Good morning blue sky, Good morning to animals and birds, Good morning to smiling faces!

Educator: Look, children, what do we have here? (box)

What do you think might be in it? (Children's answers)

Let's check what it is? (I take it out from the chest one by one: a twig, a leaf, a flower, a bird)

What time of year do you think all these items belong to? (spring)

Let's remember with you which birds fly to us in the spring, and which ones remain to spend the winter with us. Children one by one go to the easel and display wintering and migratory birds. Guys, does anyone know interesting facts from the life of birds? (cuckoo, rook, swallow) slide show from 2 to 4

Educator: Guys, tell me what seasons of the year do you know? (Children's answers), slide 5

What time of year is it now? (answers) slide 6

Let's remember what signs we use to determine that spring has come. (the sun has become warmer, the buds on the trees have swelled, grass is appearing, snowdrops have blossomed, migratory birds have arrived...) Good.

Maybe someone wants to read a poem about spring.

Reading poetry. A.N. Pleshcheeva “Rural Song” , A.A. Fet “The willow is all fluffy” , nursery rhyme “Spring, red spring” .

Well done.

Educator: Guys, it became warmer in the spring and people began to spend time in nature more often.

Let's remember the rules of safe behavior in nature.

Show slides, children name what rule it is (slides 7 to 14).

It's good in the forest in the spring. The sun is shining, the birds are singing.

Let us also turn into birds and play. Want to? (Yes)

Game "Birdhouses" (hoops with numbers inside)

Okay, we had a lot of fun playing. Sit down on the chairs.

Educator: Guys, it seems to me that we didn’t get everything out of the chest. Now let's see what is this? That's right, pictures.

Game “What geometric figure does the object resemble?”

Take one picture each, look carefully at what geometric figure this object resembles and stand in front of the basket where this geometric figure is depicted. Everyone has decided on the baskets, and now we take one ball at a time and throw it into the basket. Whoever threw goes to his place.

Educator: Okay. Everyone completed the task. Guys, I think we still have something left in the chest. Look, what is this? (birdhouse). Why do you think the birdhouse ended up here too? (children's answers)

That's right guys, in the spring all people hang birdhouses so that birds can fly in and live in them. Come on, you and I will also take this birdhouse, go out to our site, attach it and watch the birds.

Do you agree? Then let's all go outside and gather together.

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