Decorating corners with your own hands: ideas for kindergarten, interesting projects and tips for their implementation (110 photos)

Every interested parent goes through the experience of decorating children's themed corners with their own hands. The pets themselves and teachers participate in the creation of this mandatory element of the interior in preschool and school institutions.

The items that make up the composition can be crafts made during classes or specially selected items (souvenirs, printed materials) that have developmental significance.

In kindergarten and elementary grades, parents can also be involved in equipping the corners. Their indirect participation is also implied at subsequent stages of study, when students, having received an appropriate creative task, turn to family members for help.

Interior features in kindergarten

Decorating rooms for games and activities allows you to zoning the space and optimally use visual attributes in the process of raising and developing a child.

In addition to permanent corners with toys, construction sets and materials for manual labor, stands and shelves with children’s work are organized, which are periodically updated.

Thematic exhibitions with crafts and drawings complement the theme of the matinees; they can change in accordance with the seasons and holiday dates.

To create an exhibition board for drawings, the most suitable material is considered to be a lightweight cork sheet on which the paper can be fixed using buttons. It can be rectangular or with a curly cut.

The cork board is installed on a wooden, plastic or aluminum frame, which is firmly fixed to the wall. The surface of the stand can be painted or decorated with figures made of self-adhesive paper.

To create a display board, the content of which is updated daily, you can use a frame with stretched fabric, while the drawings are secured with safety pins.

Making your own passe-partout and special pockets for paper is an integral part of decorating corners in kindergarten.

The ability to abandon buttons and other metal fasteners will protect children and they will be able to change exhibits on their own.

To place bulky crafts, it is convenient to use narrow wall shelves. You can creatively add images of fairy-tale characters in poses supporting stands for figurines made by children into the background of the design.


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A corner to connect with nature

The concept of decorating a corner of nature with your own hands depends on the age group and the ability to regularly care for the exhibits.

If the exhibit will be within reach of children, it should include only harmless items.

You can create a model of a farm or savannah with plastic figures. Nearby you can place cards with images of animals, insects and plants.

For children who can take part in watering and care, you can create a picturesque corner with climbing and exotic plants.

Nearby on the windowsill you can set up an indoor vegetable garden for germinating seeds.

As additional attributes, you can use temperature and humidity sensors, spray bottles and water containers, special cloths for cleaning plants, and spatulas for loosening.

You can use tree bark, pine cones, and herbariums to decorate the corner. In the common playroom, if regular specialized care is possible, you can also place an aquarium with fish.

Lechugilla (or Lechugia)

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Rack for sports equipment

Decorating a sports corner with your own hands is done in the active games area. For bright hoops, clubs, balls and jumping ropes, it is necessary to organize aesthetic and convenient storage with special holders, nets and shelves.

To equip the corner, you need to use the safest plastic or fabric products.

The contents of the exhibition can be supplemented with homemade items, such as fake fishing rods or other devices for developing dexterity.

Information board in children's institutions

When decorating a corner for parents with your own hands, the overall aesthetics of the institution are preserved. The composition, as a rule, is placed in the reception area, the most optimal place is above the changing lockers or at the entrance to the room.

A section of the wall is decorated with bright, cheerful drawings or wall relief figures, the details of which can be supplemented with seasonal or festive elements.


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Subject developmental compositions in kindergartens

Exhibits with special paraphernalia on traffic rules, hygiene and healthy eating, shelves with musical instruments, books or pencils are also located in separate areas with a thematic design.

According to the requirements of modern pedagogy, privacy zones can also be created in playrooms and classrooms - houses, tents, curtained areas with upholstered furniture.

In the process of decorating corners with your own hands, you can use photo collections with successful solutions.

Photos of decorating corners with your own hands

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