Essay on the topic: “My family” sample essays for different classes

An essay on the topic “My Family” is very popular among schoolchildren of all ages, since the ability to provide a short story about your family is very important.

Starting with the simplest essays in the elementary grades, this topic can expand to serious discussions by older students.

In their essays, they need not only to describe their family, but also to reflect on problems and form an opinion about family values. However, such a simple topic sometimes misleads students, because it is very broad.

By following the simple tips below, anyone can complete the task with ease.

How to write an essay on the topic “My Family”

There are some specific tips:

  1. First, you need to make a description of your own family, highlight the most important characteristics of each member, and also remember the best family moments. You can write about your family’s traditions and habits, your favorite ways to have a good time.
  2. It is necessary to reflect on family values, the qualities of a happy and ideal family and compare them with your own.
  3. Think about what brings the greatest pleasure in family communication, and why we love our relatives.
  4. Summarize based on your own thoughts. Draw a general conclusion about what family means in a person’s life.

Grandma is resting

Vasily Sukhomlinsky

Little Galinka came home from school. She opened the door and wanted to say something cheerfully to her mother. But mom threatened Galinka with her finger and whispered:

- Quiet, Galinka, grandma is resting. I didn’t sleep the whole night, my heart hurt.

Galinka quietly walked up to the table and put down her briefcase. I had lunch and sat down to study homework. He reads the book quietly, to himself, so as not to wake up his grandmother.

The door opened and Olya, Galinka’s friend, came. She said loudly:

- Galinka, listen...

Galinka shook her finger at her, like a mother, and whispered:

- Quiet, Olya, grandma is resting. She didn’t sleep the whole night, her heart ached.

The girls sat down at the table and looked at the drawings.

And two tears rolled out from grandma’s closed eyes.

When the grandmother stood up, Galinka asked:

- Grandma, why did you cry in your sleep?

Grandmother smiled and kissed Galinka. Joy shone in her eyes.

Samples of essays, stories and compositions about family

The examples presented below will help students create their own story, highlighting the main components of any competent essay: introduction, main part, conclusion.

Essay on the topic “Family” for grades 1, 2, 3

I live in a large and friendly family. I love mom and dad very much. My mother works as a children's doctor in a clinic, and my father is a geography teacher. I also have an older sister, Lisa, and a younger brother, Kostya. Lisa always helps me with my homework. Kostya is still very young and goes to kindergarten. I like to play railroad games with him and build castles with blocks.

Essay on the topic: “My family” sample essays for different classes

On weekends we all usually go to the cinema or to a cafe together. During the holidays we travel a lot, and we also make sure to visit our grandmother in the village. I love spending time there and walking through the forest. My parents never scold me, they understand and try to help. My family is very dear to me, and I cannot imagine my life without them. My family is the best!

Why do you need to study your family history?

Introducing a preschooler to a family tree, creating a family tree (by the way, this term does not need to be used when working with young children, just the words “family tree”) is an interesting and exciting activity that unites the whole family.

And an interesting family business always has a beneficial effect on children. For the baby, it means a feeling of cohesion, unity; in such situations, he feels the support of the whole family and is filled with inner confidence and resources that will help him cope with difficulties in the future.

I really miss my grandmother, who passed away several years ago. She lived in a real hut, in a real village with a real Russian stove, in which she cooked soup for us and baked pies. And one of the most precious childhood memories is when my brother and I lie on the stove in winter, and my grandmother darns socks or knits mittens for us and tells us village horror stories about wolves.

Now I’m no longer sure that these stories were real, but as children we went crazy about them and begged our grandmother to tell them again and again.

In addition, studying family history can become your new tradition, and traditions are known to help children feel permanence and confidence in a changing world.

New knowledge expands the child’s horizons, introduces him to time characteristics, the concepts of “then” and “now,” “was” and “became.” Stories about how his ancestors lived, not only without a telephone, but even without cars, develop a child’s thinking, intelligence and speech, enriches his inner world.

Big birch

N. M. Artyukhova

Mom stood in the kitchen with a towel on her shoulder, drying the last cup. Suddenly Gleb’s frightened face appeared at the window.

- Aunt Zina! Aunt Zina! - he shouted. - Your Alyoshka has gone crazy!

- Zinaida Lvovna! — Volodya looked out the other window. - Your Alyoshka climbed a big birch tree!

- After all, he can break loose! - Gleb continued in a tearful voice. - And it will break...

The cup slipped out of my mother’s hands and fell to the floor with a clatter.

- Shattered! - Gleb finished, looking with horror at the white shards.

Mom ran out onto the terrace and went to the gate:

- Where is he?

- Yes, here, on the birch tree!

Mom looked at the white trunk, at the place where it split in two. Alyosha was not there.

- Stupid jokes, guys! - she said and walked towards the house.

- No, we’re telling the truth! - Gleb shouted. - He is there, at the very top! Where the branches are!

Mom finally understood where to look. She saw Alyosha. She measured with her eyes the distance from its branch to the ground, and her face became almost as white as this smooth birch trunk.

- Crazy! - Gleb repeated.

- Shut up! - Mom said quietly and very sternly. - Both of you go home and sit there.

She approached the tree.

“Well, Alyosha,” she said, “are you doing well?”

Alyosha was surprised that his mother was not angry and spoke in such a calm, gentle voice.

“It’s good here,” he said. “But I’m very hot, mommy.”

“It’s nothing,” said mom, “sit down, rest a little and start going down.” Just don't rush. Little by little... Have you rested? - she asked after a minute.

- I rested.

- Well then, come down.

Alyosha, holding onto a branch, was looking for somewhere to put his foot. At this time, an unfamiliar fat summer resident appeared on the path. He heard voices, looked up and shouted fearfully and angrily:

“Where have you gone, you worthless boy!” Get down now!

Alyosha shuddered and, without calculating the movement, put his foot on a dry twig. The twig crunched and rustled down to my mother's feet.

“Not like that,” said mom. — Stand on the next branch.

Then she turned to the summer resident:

- Don't worry, please, he can climb trees very well. He's great for me!

The small, light figure of Alyosha slowly descended. It was easier to climb up. Alyosha is tired. But his mother stood below, giving him advice, speaking kind, encouraging words. The earth was getting closer and shrinking. Now neither the field beyond the ravine nor the factory chimney is visible. Alyosha reached the fork.

“Take a break,” said mom. - Well done! Well, now put your foot on this branch... No, not there, that one is dry, here, to the right... Well, well, don’t rush.

The ground was very close. Alyosha hung in his arms, stretched out and jumped onto the high stump from which he began his journey.

The fat, unfamiliar summer resident grinned, shook his head and said:

- Oh well! You will be a parachutist!

And mom grabbed her thin, tanned, scratched legs and shouted:

- Alyoshka, promise me that you will never, never climb so high again!

She quickly walked towards the house. Volodya and Gleb were standing on the terrace. Mom ran past them, through the garden, to the ravine. She sat down in the grass and covered her face with a scarf. Alyosha followed her, embarrassed and confused. He sat down next to her on the slope of a ravine, took her hands, stroked her hair and said:

- Well, mommy, well, calm down... I won’t be so high! Well, calm down!

It was the first time he saw his mother cry.

- Well, look what kind of guest we have! - Dad called me loudly, when I was still fumbling with sandals in the corridor, having come from the street.

The Tale of the Goose

Vasily Sukhomlinsky

On a hot summer day, a goose took her little yellow geese for a walk. She showed the children the big world. This world was green and joyful - a huge meadow spread out in front of the goslings. The goose taught the children to pluck the tender stems of young grass. The stems were sweet, the sun was warm and gentle, the grass was soft, the world was green and singing with many voices of bugs, butterflies, and moths. The goslings were happy.

Suddenly dark clouds appeared and the first drops of rain fell to the ground. And then large hailstones, like sparrow eggs, began to fall. The goslings ran to their mother, she raised her wings and covered her children with them. It was warm and cozy under the wings, the goslings heard as if from somewhere far away came the roar of thunder, the howl of the wind and the sound of hailstones. They even began to have fun: something terrible was happening behind their mother’s wings, and they were warm and comfortable.

Then everything calmed down. The goslings wanted to quickly go to the green meadow, but the mother did not raise her wings. The goslings squealed demandingly: let us out, mom.

The mother quietly raised her wings. The goslings ran out onto the grass. They saw that the mother’s wings were wounded and many feathers were torn out. The mother was breathing heavily. But the world around was so joyful, the sun shone so brightly and tenderly, the bugs, bees, and bumblebees sang so beautifully that for some reason it never occurred to the goslings to ask: “Mom, what’s wrong with you?” And when one, the smallest and weakest gosling came up to his mother and asked: “Why are your wings wounded?” - She answered quietly: “Everything is fine, my son.”

The yellow goslings scattered on the grass, and the mother was happy.

Everyone has their own happiness

Tamara Lombina

Fedka has long dreamed of a bicycle. He even dreamed about it: red, with a shiny steering wheel and a bell. You drive, and the meter clicks, clicks! – counts how many kilometers you have clocked up.

And yesterday he simply couldn’t believe his eyes: they bought a bicycle for the son of farmer Avdeev Vaska. Exactly the one Fedka dreamed of! If only it had been a different color or something...

Fedka never seemed to be envious, but here he even cried into his pillow, he was so sorry for his dream. He didn’t pester his mother with questions about when they would buy him a bike too - he knows that his parents don’t have money.

And now Vaska rushed past his yard... Fedka was watering the holes with cucumbers and quietly swallowing his tears.

As always, on time, Uncle Ivan burst into the yard with noise, laughter and such a familiar cough. Unlucky, that's what his relatives called him. He graduated from some very smart institute and came to his native village. There is no work for his head here and there won’t be, and the guy didn’t want any other job; he got a job tending the horses of the Avdeevs.

It’s amazing how he always manages to understand that Fedka is in trouble.

“Fedul, did he pout his lips,” his uncle asked, looking slyly into his eyes, “did he burn his caftan?”

But then Vaska rushed past the yard, calling like crazy. Uncle Ivan looked at Fedka knowingly.

“Will you go with me at night tonight?” – he suddenly suggested.

- Can? Will mom let you in?

“Yes, we’ll persuade the two of us,” assured the cheerful guy.

How wonderful this uncle Ivan is!

In the evening he arrived on a white Orlik, and Ognivko, a young red horse with thin legs, a fiery mane, and huge and cunning eyes, ran next to Orlik. Fedka himself doesn’t remember how he sat down on Ognivka. Under the envious glances of the boys, they drove through the entire village, and then rode through the meadow through the clouds. Yes, yes, Uncle Ivan said that clouds come down to their Silver Log at night to sleep until the morning. It’s so great to ride through the cloud, completely surrendering to Ognivok’s instincts. And then, right on horseback, they rode into a river as warm as fresh milk. Ognivko turned out to be so smart, they played so well with him in the water! Fedka was hiding behind other horses, and he found him and managed to grab him by the ear with soft lips...

Already exhausted, Fedka climbed ashore. Ognivko was still running around with the foals, playing, and then he came and lay down next to Fedka. Uncle Ivan cooked fish soup. When only he manages to do everything. When did he manage to catch the fish?

Fedka lay down on his back and... closed his eyes - the sky was looking at him with all the stars. The fire smelled deliciously of smoke and fish soup, but Ognivok, his breath, felt so calm. It was nice to feel such a lively smell of a young half-foal, half-horse. The crickets sang some kind of endless song of happiness.

Fedka even laughed: the dreamed bicycle now seemed so unnecessary and ugly here, next to the stars. Fedka hugged Ognivok and felt that his soul soared high, high, to the stars. For the first time he understood what happiness was.

Criteria for a good essay

story about a family in English

How do you know if your essay is good? There are certain criteria that differ for different levels of knowledge.

  • The main criterion for a good text written by a primary school student is that the child can easily read and understand his essay. It should be easy for a child to retell the essay. Therefore, sentences should be short and simple.
  • Secondary school students write more complex texts. Here you already need to pay attention to style. There should be no repeating designs. Instead of the verb to be, action verbs are more often used. Sentences should still be kept simple. The student should still understand and easily read his text.
  • Adult students write essays competently, using more complex words and structures. The information should be presented concisely, interestingly, and the author’s position should be felt in the text. The essay should be easy to read aloud and understand.

Writing essays in English helps to expand your vocabulary, practice already learned vocabulary, and eliminate the language barrier. We hope that with the tips and examples from this article it will be much easier for you to compose your own essay on family.

Seventh daughter

Vasily Sukhomlinsky

Mother had seven daughters. One day a mother went to visit her son, but the son lived far, far away. Mother returned home a month later.

When she entered the hut, the daughters, one after another, began to say how much they missed their Mother.

“I missed you like a poppy misses a ray of sunshine,” said the first daughter.

“I was waiting for you, like dry earth waiting for a drop of water,” said the second daughter.

“I cried for you like a little chick cries for a bird...” cooed the third daughter.

“It was difficult for me without you, like a bee without a flower,” said the fourth daughter, caressing her mother and looking into her eyes.

“I dreamed of you like a rose dreams of a drop of dew,” chirped the fifth daughter.

“I looked out for you like a nightingale looks out for a cherry orchard,” whispered the sixth daughter.

But the seventh daughter said nothing, although she had a lot to say. She took off Mother’s shoes and brought her water in a large basin to wash her feet.

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