Notes on speech development in the middle group “Dangerous objects around us”

Summary of the conversation on the topic “Dangerous objects” (senior group)


1 Municipal budgetary preschool educational institution “Kindergarten 13” Summary of the conversation on the topic “Dangerous objects” (senior group) Completed by: teacher Asanova E.S. Sasovo, 2016

2 Goal: to strengthen children’s understanding of life-threatening objects that they encounter in everyday life, their necessity for humans, and the rules for using them. Objectives: Educational: To give an idea about objects that are dangerous to the life and health of children that they encounter in everyday life. Help yourself, draw conclusions about the consequences of careless handling of such items. Activate the names of objects in speech. Developmental: Develop speech, thinking, as well as a sustainable interest in learning about the world around us. Educational: To develop independence, responsibility, and the ability to work in a team. Methodological techniques. Visual: Use of illustrations, examination of dangerous objects for children's health, observation. Verbal: Explanation, conversation, story, solving riddles. Gaming: didactic games. Forms of organizing children in the classroom: frontal, individual. Technical support: easels, magnetic board Demonstration and handouts: pictures of furniture, electronic tablet with the presentation “Riddles” Expected result: to develop the ability to avoid potentially dangerous situations in everyday life, mastering the algorithm of correct actions in the event of a dangerous situation, increasing motivation to maintain one’s health, manifestation of emotional responsiveness, development of free communication with adults and peers, activation of children’s mental activity. Progress of the lesson: Guys, you are already adults. Which one of you did your parents leave at home alone? (Children's answers)

3 If you have already been alone at home, then you need to know the safety rules. What dangers might there be at home? Dangers await us at every step. Now we will try to determine which objects in the house can be considered dangerous. Presentation “Riddles”: They are different: Dumb and sharp, Children and adults. (Scissors) People always use me, Even though my character is cool. Where I need to hit, I will come, After all, my shock work. (Hammer) Thin and nimble, makes friends with thread, flies up and down, sews and sews. (Needle) She gnawed and bit the board, threw crumbs on the floor, but didn’t eat a single piece, you know, the board is tasteless (Saw). Here comes the steamer, back and forth, and behind it is such a smooth surface, not a wrinkle to be seen. (Iron) He swallows indiscriminately. Everything that lies in the way. If there is a lot of dust, litter

4 He trembles all over with joy. (Vacuum cleaner) On the table, in a cap Yes, in a glass bottle A friend has settled in A cheerful light (Table lamp) Look at my barrel, A top is spinning inside me, It doesn’t hit anyone, But it will knock everything down (Mixer) Two neighbors of the wheel Collect votes from each other they themselves pull the belt with the voices. (Tape recorder) Look at me, I’m all full of holes, But I deftly rub your carrots (Grater) I have a sharp, iron blade, Handle with care, I can cut myself (Knife) He puffs like a steam locomotive, It’s important to hold his nose up. He'll make some noise, calm down, and invite the seagull to drink. (Teapot) (Children guess riddles, tell what danger each object is fraught with)

5 Well done guys, you noticed very well all the dangers in objects. Now take a close look at this apartment. (I show an illustration with a drawn apartment in which various household items are located.) Children Sasha and Katya were left in this apartment. Their parents went to work. Let's, guys, tell the kids what items they can't use on their own so that trouble doesn't happen. (Each child takes one of the illustrated pictures and tells the little dolls what the danger of the object is.) Then he hangs the picture in the room where this item is supposed to be located. Guys, let's repeat the safety rules: 1. All sharp, piercing and cutting objects must be put in their place. Order in the house is not only for beauty, but also for safety. 2. Do not turn on electrical appliances; they may cause electric shock or cause a fire. Don't put your finger in the socket. Neither girl nor boy! 3. Never try any medications. Firstly, it is not tasty, and secondly, medicine taken incorrectly can be poisonous. 4. Do not touch household chemicals: washing powders, dishwashing detergents, soda, bleach, cockroach repellents. So that trouble does not happen, as in the poem. Remedy for cockroaches Giants lived in a house, And cockroaches lived in a house. What to do, how to be here? Kill the cockroaches! And the giants bought a remedy against cockroaches, but the cockroaches remained, and there were no more giants. You have to be more careful so as not to poison yourself.

6 5. You can be poisoned by medicines and chemicals, but you can also be poisoned by an invisible poison gas. Gas can be dangerous. Therefore, if you smell gas, follow these rules. Tell the adults about this immediately. You must open the doors and windows immediately. Call “04” Under no circumstances turn on the light or light a match. Turn off the gas in the apartment You need an eye and an eye for gas. Feeling the smell in the apartment, call “04” 6. If you live in a multi-storey building, another danger awaits you. this is a balcony. It is very dangerous to go out on the balcony alone. But if you go out, never play outdoor games, do not jump, do not lean over the balcony railing. If there is something interesting below, it is better to go down the stairs. A man is not a bird, it is more convenient to go down the stairs. Without a parachute, only cats jump from a height. Remember, children, these rules and feel free to stay at home alone, no harm will happen to you!

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