Summary of a lesson on the surrounding world on the topic “Dangerous objects at home”

Progress of the lesson:

Game "Danger"

- Children, let's stand in a circle and play the game "Danger." I have a red ball in my hands. Red is the color of danger. I will start a line of poetry, and the person to whom I pass the ball must finish it.

Where people are careless with fire, There a ball will rise in the sky, There the Evil One will always threaten us... (fire).

A red glow ran. Who with matches... (played).

The table and cabinet burned down at once. Who dried clothes over ... (gas).

Smoke suddenly rose in a column, Who didn’t turn off... (iron).

I saw smoke - don’t yawn, And the firefighters... (call).

Remember every citizen: This number is... (01).

- Guys, now look carefully at these drawings. Try to guess the riddles about the objects depicted here.

Riddles about dangerous objects

This is a cramped, cramped house. A hundred sisters huddle in it. And any of the sisters can flare up like a fire. (Matches)

I’ll sit under your arm and tell you what to do: Either I’ll let you go for a walk, or I’ll put you to bed. (Thermometer)

Mushroom pickers really need it, Without it you can’t cook dinner, You can’t go hunting. What is this? (Knife)

They are usually for sewing; And I saw them on the hedgehog; They are found on a pine tree, on a Christmas tree, and they are called... (Needles)

It boils - steam comes out, and whistles, and bursts with heat, rattles the lid, knocks: - Hey! Take me down! - shouts. (Kettle)

I am entirely made of iron, I have neither legs nor arms. I can fit up to my hat into the board, and for me everything is knocking and knocking. (Nail)

They love to trim, cut and incise. (Scissors)

I don’t want to be silent - Let me knock as much as I can! And he knocks every day with his iron head. (Hammer)

He floats on his clothes, like a hot steamer. All the linen became amazingly smooth and beautiful. (Iron)

I am very fragile, take care of me. If you only break it, you will only collect the fragments. (Glass jar)

Which of these items could be dangerous? In which cases? Which of these items should not be used by children? What items can children use, but very carefully and together with adults?

– Let’s cross out with a red felt-tip pen those items that children should not use. (Matches, lighter, gas). And then we’ll put this exclamation mark next to those items that need to be used carefully and together with adults. (Needle, knife, scissors, hammer, nails, thermometer, iron). – What other items can become dangerous if used carelessly or incorrectly? In which cases? (Balcony, glass jar, medicine, boiling kettle).

– Is it possible to distract or push another person if he is cutting, sewing, or nailing a nail? What could happen?

– Guys, where are such dangerous items stored at home? Are they scattered around the apartment or occupy certain places? Where do mom or grandma put needles, pins, and scissors? Where do dad or grandpa keep their tools? Where are the medications and thermometer?

- Let's imagine that we are in a house where there is complete chaos: all things are scattered. You need to put things in order and put all dangerous objects in their places. (Children paste pictures with object drawings onto images of a first aid kit, tool box, kitchen cabinet, craft box).

– And if suddenly a disaster happened and you hurt yourself with a dangerous object, what should you do immediately? Call an adult for help immediately.

About everything in the world:

In 1930, the film “The Rogue Song” about the kidnapping of a girl in the Caucasus Mountains was released in America. Actors Stan Laurel, Lawrence Tibbett and Oliver Hardy played local crooks in this film. Surprisingly, these actors are very similar to the heroes...

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Music Ekaterina

"Dangerous items at home." Summary of an open lesson on life safety in the senior group

Target :

Expand children's understanding of objects

which can serve as sources
of danger in the home

Tasks :

Give ideas about objects

to the life and health of children with whom they meet in everyday life.
Help yourself, draw conclusions about the consequences of careless handling of such items
of objects
in speech .

Develop independence, responsibility, and the ability to work in a team.

To develop logical thinking, memory, and auditory attention in children.

Cultivate caution when working with dangerous objects


Equipment: dangerous items

: iron, electric kettle, scissors, needles, buttons, tablets, blades;
boxes for dangerous objects
; Kids toys;

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