Do-it-yourself wall newspaper for May 9: top ideas for festive wall newspapers for Victory Day for school or kindergarten

Children's drawings for May 9: what to draw for Victory Day

How to draw a picture for May 9? This can be a drawing with paints, pencils, felt-tip pens, or crayons. You can also use other techniques: spraying, appliqué elements, fingerprinting.

In accordance with the theme of the holiday, the drawing may contain military equipment, weapons, soldiers, tanks, fireworks, and an eternal flame. Often they simply depict bouquets of carnations and date inscriptions.

For an impressive image, you can show fireworks on a black sheet using crayons.

Simple pencil drawings that even small children can draw.

Drawing for May 9th for school: drawing for the 75th anniversary of the victory

It is not difficult to prepare a drawing for school on May 9; any child can make his work unique. A holiday poster can be made with pencils, paints, or supplemented with applique. You just need to learn how to draw a few of the main symbols of this day.

It would be symbolic to depict the eternal fire in the drawing and complement it with flowers

For younger children, consider a simpler option.

Everyone knows that the dove is a symbol of peace, so it can also be present in the picture dedicated to Victory Day.

Drawing a dove is not difficult and even schoolchildren in grades 1 and 2 can handle it.

The dove fits perfectly into the drawing for May 9th at school.

By combining some elements, you can create a beautiful drawing and then paint it with watercolors.


  • Drawing paper
  • Pencil
  • Brush
  • Ruler
  • Eraser
  • Water in a glass

If you can’t draw an even star, use a template. Which you can print and transfer to your drawing.

Let's start drawing with a star. Using an object, draw a circle in the center and another one inside it.

Draw additional rays between the rays of the star and separate them with lines. Draw a hammer and sickle inside the star.

Rarely are drawings for May 9 complete without an image of the St. George ribbon.

Using parallel lines, draw a ribbon that goes behind the star. The tape will split into strips.

Above the star, make a large inscription of the number 9 and below the word “May”

The rest of the sheet space can be filled with different elements - flowers, fireworks.

With the help of paints you can make the drawing bright.

Poster template for February 23rd to colleagues

Posters for February 23, which will decorate the walls of offices, can be not only congratulatory, but also comic. You can also use a special template with space for a photo of the honorary male employee.

Drawing for kindergarten on May 9: simple examples with photos

This holiday for adults can be both joyful and sad at the same time. Kids in kindergarten will not understand the essence of the holiday, but from this age they can already be shown and told the general meaning of this day.

It is for this purpose that many gardens prepare drawings for May 9th. They don't have to be complicated. Let them contain several main elements of this day: an eternal flame, a star, a tank, an airplane, soldiers, flowers. The child can choose what is easier and more enjoyable for him to draw.

A simple option on how to draw a tank

You can just as easily depict a military plane in the sky.

And even the younger group can handle such a simple plane. The drawing for May 9 will be thematic with the addition of a military aircraft.

Simple elements in the form of fireworks will help decorate any drawing, and kids will love making such patterns.

Download poster template for February 23

On the eve of February 23, school corridors and kindergarten walls are decorated with festive posters with best wishes to the boys. Even in many companies it is customary to decorate offices for Defender of the Fatherland Day to congratulate men. But if just recently you had to make posters with your own hands, today it’s enough to print out a ready-made template and hang it in a suitable place.

Pencil drawings for children for Victory Day

Among children there are those who like to draw more with pencils, and use paints only as needed. But with pencils you can draw very beautiful, bright and neat drawings for May 9th.

A simple image of tulips will help decorate any holiday design.

It is more traditional to see carnations on May 9th. They can also be drawn with a pencil

Examples of drawings for Victory Day in pencil

Children's poster templates

Any children's party will become more fun, impressive and stylish if you decorate it with children's posters. Here are 10 printable baby poster templates for any occasion.

Victory symbol “St. George’s Ribbon”: how to draw

In many pictures you can see the St. George ribbon. How to draw such an element interests both children and adults. The ribbon can be depicted in different ways in the drawings - smooth, winding, or even create the number 9.

Where and how to depict the St. George ribbon you can decide for yourself. It can have a variety of shapes or simply decorate the edge of the design.

St. George's ribbon: draw with a pencil

You can draw the St. George's ribbon with a pencil, and then color it in any way.

First, draw two parallel lines and then a couple more so that they intersect with the previous ones. Connect the two outer ones with smooth lines, depicting a semi-oval. Repeat the process with the internal lines and work on the details, erasing the excess.

Draw stripes along the entire length of the ribbon, painting three stripes black and the rest orange.

You can depict the St. George ribbon in the form of the number 9 as follows.

In the center of the sheet, draw the number 9 and add volume to it. Draw flowers near the number.

Near the flowers we draw leaves and work on the branches. Draw the number in stripes and paint black every other one. Add the word “May” next to it and draw fireworks around it.

Beautiful drawings for May 9: how to draw for Victory Day

If you carefully work out all the details, carefully color each element, then from a simple drawing for May 9, you can get a beautiful postcard. They can be presented to veterans as a memorable souvenir, supplemented with beautiful touching poems.

Banner Immortal Regiment

May 9th is a day when people try to show their respect and memory to fallen heroes. Many people want to proudly display a portrait of one of the soldiers during the Immortal Regiment procession. To facilitate the process of making a banner, it is advisable to use a ready-made template, which must be supplemented with the name and photo of the selected soldier.

You will learn more about how to create a banner with your own hands from the video:

Children's drawings for the 75th anniversary of the victory

Anyone who wants to become part of that wonderful day can draw victory on the eve of such a Great holiday. This year everyone will celebrate the 75th anniversary of the victory. So many years have passed, but no one and nothing has been forgotten. In this drawing you can depict everything that concerns the war, victory, but indicate the year or make the signature “75 years”. This will give solidity to the drawing.

Graduation Posters: Template

The long-awaited graduation is a sea of ​​emotions, words of congratulations and gratitude, beautiful outfits and flowers. What is enough? A graduation poster, of course!

Drawing competition dedicated to Victory Day on May 9

In high school, children already have more information about what Victory Day means to everyone. Therefore, every year schools hold drawing competitions so that both schoolchildren and adults can appreciate the work and effort of the participants. For the competition, each child tries to choose the topic of their work more carefully and work out every detail.

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