Creating a model of the Red Book with illustrations using the origami technique during extracurricular social activities in the “Ecology” program in elementary school

Stages of work completion

When thinking through a project, you need to determine the theme, purpose, and decide on the layout, content and materials.

You need to create a soft book with your own hands in the following sequence:

  • Formulate the idea of ​​the book and decide on the plot;
  • Calculate how many pages there will be and what information will be located on them;
  • Think over and draw sketches;
  • Decide on templates for each page, draw or copy element templates from other sources;
  • Calculate how much basic and auxiliary materials will be needed;
  • Perform cutting;
  • Connect elements on pages;
  • Sew the pages into a book.

Non-standard solutions to common problems

The main problem when making a book is to interest a child in it. Any book is aimed at instilling the skill of reading.

Unexpected solutions such as:

  • A panoramic book with three-dimensional pictures on each spread, in addition to short text. They are glued in such a way that they open when the page is opened;
  • A folding book, when the pages do not turn over, but are pulled out, connected to each other in the form of a long ribbon;
  • Toy book - with magnets or stickers in the form of cartoon characters, with puzzles and coloring books;
  • A do-it-yourself baby book for kindergarten can be designed using a variety of materials - paper, cotton wool, cereals, beads, etc.;
  • The comic book is a special offer for moms and dads with artistic abilities. If you depict the usual annoying characters in the form of a modern comic book, the child will read 2 times faster and will pick up such a book more than once;
  • The three-dimensional book is another masterpiece of parental creativity. Trees, castles, cities “grow” in it if you open the spread completely and put both pages on the table. This augmented reality will help the baby learn new information.

A simple version of homemade books

  1. If you have neither time nor energy, but there is an urgent need for a homemade book, you can limit yourself to basic skills and make it from 1-2 pages.
  2. You need to take an A4 sheet, fold the sides like doors, write text inside and place several drawings. Outside - draw stylized handles or windows.
  3. An ordinary postcard can also be considered a book. It is enough to write the name on the outside and make a drawing on the topic. There is printed text inside.

Do-it-yourself book templates are now sold in handicraft stores. They can be either blanks for writing and drawing - in the form of notebooks, notepads, with bindings or springs, or complete kits for making (with the alphabet, glue, brushes, etc.).

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