Development of a outline plan for parent-teacher meetings in elementary school Topic: “Teach children to take care of their health”

Topic one. The health of our children. The role of hygiene

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It would be a good idea to invite a medical professional to a parent-teacher meeting. The event can be organized for both parents and children. Children spend at least 5 hours at an educational institution, so specialist recommendations on how to take care of personal hygiene, clean clothes and shoes are extremely important.

Sample event plan:

  • Explain to children general facts about the skin, because this sense organ heals the human body, helps it cleanse itself and protects it. In addition, the skin is an indicator of health; it is sensitive to any, even the slightest, changes in the body.
  • Touch on skin problems: allergies, infectious diseases. Tell schoolchildren that they need to closely monitor her condition.
  • What else can cause skin problems. Complete the previous point: along with allergic rashes in the form of blisters, itching and redness, there are reactions to stress. When the baby is excited, afraid or, conversely, very irritated, the face may turn pale, become covered with red spots, and the body and hands become sticky. You should be vigilant and, if necessary, immediately seek advice from a doctor or cosmetologist.
  • Cloth. It must comply with hygiene standards, the age of the child and the proportions of his body, and be clean and tidy.
  • Shoes. Choose boots or shoes that fit; the load when walking should be distributed over the entire foot. Don’t ignore the fact that trying on someone else’s shoes, like items of clothing, is unhygienic. If a student has flat feet or has a fungal disease, recommend that parents see a doctor.

Topic four. Congratulations to the birthday people

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Celebrating a birthday together helps strengthen friendships in the classroom and gives good positive emotions to children, parents and teachers.

When the guys congratulate each other, parents will be able to personally observe the communication within the team, perhaps identify conflicts or difficulties in order to resolve them in a timely manner.

Organize festive gatherings with balloons, cakes and greetings twice a year. Then children born in summer and autumn will receive their portion of attention and gifts at the end of November. And honor the guys whose birthdays fall in the winter-spring period at the end of May.

To organize the celebration, it is logical to involve parents whose children will be included in the upcoming group of birthday people. They can prepare fun competitions, entertaining games, and set the table with treats. Here it is important to take into account the character and hobbies of children: some love activities, while others, on the contrary, love calm, logical quests.

It is appropriate to expand the program of the meeting with an educational part, where the class teacher will tell:

  • about a competent attitude to problems at school;
  • about how to help your child improve self-esteem;
  • How to encourage a student and increase his interest in learning.

You can end the celebration with a mini-disco: turn on the children’s favorite music and dance together.

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