Counting rhymes about animalscard file for speech development (middle group) on the topic

Counting books are funny children's poems that help you choose a driver in a game or split into two teams. Usually one participant recites a poem, pointing to the others in turn, and the one on whom the counting ends turns out to be “water.”

Sometimes they do it differently: at the end it is not the driver who comes out, but one of the players - and so on until the one who will drive remains. Rhythm is very important for counting rhymes, so their texts often contain counting (“One, two, three, four, five, the bunny went out for a walk”) or repeated words (“Aty-bats, soldiers went, aty-bats, to the market”) .

Fairy tales

Illustration: Ekaterina Denisenko / Lifehacker
On the golden porch sat the Tsar, the prince, the King, the prince, the Shoemaker, the tailor... Who will you be? Speak quickly, Do not delay Good and honest people!

The king was sitting on a bench, Counting his pins: “One, two, three...” You will be the queen!

The gnome was looking for gold and lost his cap! He sat down and cried: “What can I do?!” Come out! You should drive!

Old gnomes live under the mountain by the river. They have a bell hanging, a gilded one ringing. Digi-digi-digi-don, get out quickly!

“The giant is sitting in a cave,” all the animals say in the forest. A hungry giant is looking for something suitable for him to eat. The animals hid in the bushes - So you will be water!

Beyond the seas, beyond the mountains, Behind the dense forests On a hillock there is a tower, On the doors there is a lock. Whoever finds the key to the lock will go out of the circle.

A carriage was driving along the old bridge. The bridge collapsed, the carriage went to the bottom. I don’t feel sorry for the carriage, I don’t feel sorry for the bridge, But I feel sorry for the princess and the white horse.

The fishermen brought the skinny pike from the river. The predatory pike is more terrible than the monster Kashchei. We gave her vegetables and thicker fatty cabbage soup. The pike slapped its tail, as if it had cracked a whip, and with such a strong blow it split the table into splinters.

Trynts, bells, bells, the daredevils rang. Digi-digi-digi-don, get out quickly!

The apple was rolling on the dish, I won’t drive.

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