Summary of the GCD for the application “Who needs what for the profession” (middle group) outline of a lesson on application, modeling (middle group)

Application for 3rd grade

Self-realization of children improves every year. Skills and abilities when working with scissors, colored paper and cardboard must be fully developed.

Therefore, you can safely design lessons in such a way that they contribute to the development of their imagination and fantasy.

Already from the third grade, you can begin to learn other techniques while cutting out objects.

For example, the method of folding a sheet in half or in the shape of an accordion, followed by cutting out the shapes so that they are symmetrical, is perfect for this age.

In addition to cutting, third-graders will enjoy the cutting technique, which is when, instead of the usual work with scissors, they have to work without them - with their hands.

Another fascinating technique is decoupage. It would be interesting if by the end of the school year all the work done by the children was collected and compiled into a catalog of applications.

Applications for 4th grade

Fourth graders, due to their age, have the ability to work with scissors and can draw and paste images well. At this age they should be masters at making appliques. Their work should have a creative, creative approach.

With 4th grade students, you can easily plan work according to a template, give them the task of cutting out identical shapes much faster if they had done it before.

In addition to lesson activities, you can begin to practice doing crafts at home together with your parents.

At home, with the help of mom or dad, children will be able to create something unusual and original; they will be able to try to make applique based on the experience of their parents.

It is this kind of joint work that will help you have a pleasant time together and unite even more in solving the task at hand.

In the future, you can take this pastime as a basis and, for example, invent a new masterpiece together with your child every week, constantly improving your skills.

For example, you can try to make a Christmas tree appliqué, which will consist of geometric shapes.

To make it, take three green triangles and glue them so that one is located above the other. Or make a snowman, for this you will need completely identical circles, which are also glued, like the triangles on the Christmas tree.

The most important thing is to correctly direct the thinking of a junior schoolchild, then in the future it will be much easier for him to navigate the world around him.

If from an early age they develop visual thinking, then in the future this will help him professionally, because it is most valuable in such professions as an architect, designer, artist, engineer, etc.

Also, working with technology, it is impossible to imagine a clean workplace, without a bit of garbage, so by learning to clean it up every time the work is completed, the guys learn self-discipline.

By creating a new application, the guys express themselves, they are looking for something new and unique, something that will make their craft stand out from others.

They begin to see the beauty of the world better, thereby improving their aesthetic taste.

Doing applique does not mean that in the future the child will become an artist or designer, he will just do what he really likes. Just support him in this, be there.

Applications for 1st grade

For the youngest children in school, so that they quickly adapt to a different mode of work, it is necessary to think through the lessons in a fun and interesting way; this is where technology lessons come to the rescue, where you can make a variety of crafts. For work it is best to use:

  • colored paper;
  • multi-colored cardboard;
  • pencils of different colors;
  • scissors;
  • glue.

If you offer them an interesting topic, they will work hard for a long time to create their work of art.

The most important thing in working with first-graders is to be able to organize them for creativity while completely capturing their attention.

A primary school teacher can make connections between subjects, i.e. In the lesson on the world around them, they get acquainted with the topic “Animals of our region”; you can continue to consolidate the material already at work by inviting them to make an application on this topic.

You can diversify the work as follows, distributing animals among students and initially inviting them to make a craft about the character they got.

For the next lesson, they can be asked to prepare an interesting story about an animal, thus preparing a presentation of their work.

Seven-year-old children will perceive this type of creativity well, since they really like to play games and read fairy tales, so they can also be asked to make an application to a work or fairy tale they have studied.

Applications for 2nd grade

Having studied for a year, the children have matured, so when planning lessons it is necessary to take this fact into account. This also applies to labor lessons, where younger students will perform a variety of crafts.

When working with an application, you should complicate the level of execution, otherwise, if it remains at the same level, their interest will quickly fade away, and this cannot be allowed.

To improve children's skills and abilities, you can teach them to make large-scale crafts, starting with the simplest ones.

In addition, every year schoolchildren have an increasing need to understand the world around them; they should be encouraged to show more imagination and try to make their works more beautiful and unique.

And to realize this point, they must read more and study additional literature. That is why you can invite the children to write down important information, in their opinion, in a notebook, making a small note.

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